It's been a while, I know, but here's the catch up and some new year LOVE from me to you!  :-)

Alright 2017, lets do this!

We do live in interesting times, to say the least... I take comfort in creative stuff, books, (staying aware & at arms distance from news & social media)... sharing with people in person--books, ideas, a chocolate shake...a trip to the MET-- really. It helps. 
Tho' 2016 was not always a picnic, I felt blessed in so many are a few of my favorite things from then to now...
  • Got to work w/ Matt Morgan & Yacht Club on their beautiful short in Louisiana playing a local deputy (more deets soon!)
  • The NYC screening of Marc Meyer's HOW HE FELL IN LOVE (which I am in!) click here for Netflix link to film!
  • Wrote/Directed/Edited my first short in Lorrel Manning's Filmmaking for Actors course at The Barrow Group  
  • Last week was in a great reading of Stefanie Zadravec's critically acclaimed Colony Collapse at the Barrow Group and was JUST CAST!!  In Onur Tukel's new untitled project..(can't say too much yet) look out for the NYC Spring release of his latest feature, CATFIGHT, starring Anne Heche/Sandra Oh
I send you all big love and I know that everything is going to be alright. That is my wish for all...and a very happy & healthy new year to you. 
Many thanks for checking this out and your kind support,
Chris  (Please click for new clips of recent work :)