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                                                                                              June 2017

School News
Blair, Jo Rosie, Nando, Natalie
Queens Birthday Weekend saw the New Zealand Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDTNZ) Conference welcome two speakers from the UK to the Auckland. Husband and wife Nando Brown and Jo Rosie Haffenden (The School of Canine Science... and famed TV Show Rescue Dogs To Super Dogs) were this year's keynote speakers. It was attended by a record 100 delegates, including ten from Christchurch.
CHECK our FACEBOOK page for photos, and videos

The program included the latest science-based thinking and practice on a wide range of training specialities, Touch, Out, Predatory Recall and Resource Guarding were covered in detail and demonstrated in practice. Nando's earnest and honest experience (he has a Malinois and three other house dogs) led to some really exciting fringe thinking around canine intelligence and new training concepts that resonate with us. Multi-dog households was certainly talked about!

If we get sufficient interest we will work to get him back for a South Island based Dog Camp. We will be integrating plenty of "Canine Science" into our school's classes and consults without a doubt. 

Kelly Daniel (NZ based) is the first NA Certificate Canine Fitness Trainer. More demonstrations on her work on our FB page.
Next Classes

Life Skills Classes 
For puppies and older dogs. Learn how to teach and instil manners in your dog in a relax and fun atmosphere. Small classes. Indoors.
Dogs don't meet and greet.
We want your dog to pay you attention! 
Wed June 7, 14, 21, 28  7pm-8pm in Merivale
Wed July 5, 12, 19, 26   7pm-8pm in Merivale
More information and Registration

Hide & Scent "Detection" Class
Get your dog working for you! Have you lost your keys? Your dog can find them with a bit of training. Come and have some fun!  Your chance to win $10K
Our NEXT class: Aug 2, 9, 16, 23, 30  8pm-9pm in Merivale
More Info and Registration
Hide & Scent Class
Check out the Facebook page for our Life Skills Photos
Newsletter Article

Picking Healthy Dog Treats
Treats are an essential part of doggie life—ask any dog. Not only great for every teachable moment and training session, treats can help you build a positive reaction in your dog to something new or scary.

But some treats can undermine your dog’s healthy diet. By definition, treats are delicious and desirable, and treat makers often achieve this with extra fat, salt, and sugar. Here are some easy rules of thumb to keep in mind:
First, only buy commercially made dog treats that don’t contain preservatives or artificial colour but do contain named meats (e.g. “chicken” or “chicken meal,” not simply “meat” or “meal”) and vegetables. If grains appear on the ingredients panel, make sure they’re whole.

KiwiPeak dog treatsLook for whole-food ingredients such as carrots, blueberries, beef, and whole wheat. Some preservatives are necessary, especially in chewy treats, so opt for natural ones like vitamins C and E and avoid BHA, BHT, ethoxyquin, sodium nitrate, and other chemicals. Finally, don’t forget that many dogs consider a cube of cheddar or a bit of leftover chicken a big treat, and there, you know exactly what you’re dishing out.

(We have NOT been paid to advertise Ziwipeak- we just know it's a good healthy treat) A treat can be a slice of carrot, or apple! 
Going on Holiday?  
Be in quick to see if we have room for your dog! 

We don't accept every dog.
They need to pass our social test. 
Doggie Links

Dog BreedsGenetic analysis reveals origins of dog breeds  "I've always wondered where German shepherds originated," said Ostrander. "This research gives us information about how they were formed."

Are animals born with the ability to count?
Some scientists say yes, and point to examples where pigeons, dolphins and monkeys have learned to use symbols that represent quantities. And some neuroscientists believe an understanding of numbers is hardwired into animal brains, including humans, chickens and fish.

How Smart is a Dog Really? (May 11 2017 in
Dogs can count. Dogs can read human faces. Dog can excel at object permanence--understanding that when an object is out of sight, it has not vanished from existence. It takes children around 3- 4 years to get that one.

Why Losing a Dog Can Be Even More Painful Than the Death of a Loved One Do your non-dog friends understand? 
Did you know?
Did you know that the greyhound is the fastest dog and can reach speeds of up to 72kph or 20 metres per second.

McKenzie Country, in fact that the whole district, is named after a sheep rustler!

Edvard Moser, a neuroscientist who won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2014, was born on an island off the west of Norway that had only 500 people.

The easiest way for your children to learn about money is for you not to have any. -- Katharine Whitehorn

Robert Brault:
 • It's a mistake, when life hands you a tough lesson, to think that you can get back at life by not learning it.
 • You need a friend who won't lie to you.  I mean, besides a friend who will.
Homestay Dogs of the Month of May
(more picture on our Facebook page)
Roofu stayed with us until May 2, so he snuck into our newsletter!
Rufoo and Buster at Porritt Park, our favourite park
Roofu and Buster at Porritt Park, our favourite park!
Basil and Flynn - taking my couch!
Guapo is deaf. Getting his attention then giving a good sign language was necessary to communicate.
Lui was a pleasure to have. Very inquisitive.
Hemi out sniffing along the Avon River. But deep down, he's looking for a tennis ball! 
Mercedes was lucky enough to come with us to our bach.
What a view. Buster and Mercedes couldn't get enough of running -- freedom! 
Guapo resting, on the coolest part of the house, after a good day! 
Like they say....
A good dog
is a tired dog!
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