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                                                                                                 June 2021

School News
PoppyWe've had some great dogs come our way for homestays. One even found a new home!  Poppy, a miniature Bulldog found a home in our neighbourhood, per chance.  There are two more dogs that need rehoming. See below. 

Yippe!! We are now using a great scheduling software making your life easier when you want to reschedule your appointments. Registering for our class is paid on registration, no longer email reminders going into the spam box!

All homestay request will not change though. We still need to make sure that dogs that stay with us will get on with Max, our dog, and other homestay dogs. You get the personal touch! 
Life Skills Class

Our Life Skills Class saw some puppies achieve what the big dogs were still learning - paying attention to their owner. Wait until the puppies become teenagers :) 

Older and Wiser: Why Adopt a Senior

Let’s admit it: We have a youth bias. Puppies and young dogs up to about three years of age are the first to be adopted in shelters up and down the country. Meanwhile dogs older than seven—or as young as five—are overlooked, which means they are often the first to be euthanised when space runs out. For many potential adopters, it’s an obvious choice. Who wouldn’t want as much of a dog’s lifetime as you could get? Nobody looks forward to the inevitable physical decline and eventual loss of a loved companion, and it makes sense to postpone that heartbreak as long as possible. But these considerations, while certainly valid, leave out a great deal of important information.

These two dogs (10 years old LabX) need a new home. Can you help? More info here

Older dogs, for example, are often easier to live with than their younger counterparts. They are usually house-trained, may have learned polite manners, rarely require daily marathon exercise sessions, and have left most youthful follies behind, which means they won’t chew up the living room rug or pull shoulders out of sockets when walked. Senior dogs are low-maintenance dogs. By contrast, puppies and teenage dogs require round-the-clock monitoring and attention—and they’re blank slates. What does “no” mean? When is it okay to plant muddy paws on clean pants? Oh, never? They have no idea and must be patiently taught everything. What’s more, maturity in a dog equals predictability. Size, personality, grooming requirements; it’s all there in plain view. Not so for puppies.

For all these reasons, it’s odd that the bias for adopting young dogs is so pronounced. Surely many prospective dog guardians, if they thought about it, would love to live with a well-behaved dog that quickly adapts to the household routine and is content with a half-hour stroll every day. Finally, there’s the inside story shared by those who have adopted senior dogs: Older dogs are just plain grateful. They got a second chance at happiness and they seem to know it. So for every remaining day of their lives, they adore their new human family with quiet, heart-stealing intensity. 

Doggie Links
Self Help book for Dogs

(photo by Off the Leash Daily Cartoons)

Christchurch City Council spending $40K on dog bark analysis

In February, the city council began using a programme that can analyse the audio taken from bark recording devices to determine if it is loud enough and long enough to take action.
The devices have been used for 10 years, recording the extent of the barking when a complaint has been made.

‘Dog coronavirus found in humans’ – why you shouldn’t worry

Sciecoronavirus in dogsntists have known about canine coronaviruses for almost 50 years. These viruses have existed in relative obscurity over most of this period, being of interest only to veterinary virologists and occasional dog owners. There are no previous reports of these viruses infecting people. But the sudden international spotlight on all coronaviruses is finding coronaviruses in places we haven’t looked before.

Non-Doggie Links
The 5 types of mentors you need in your life Here’s how to assemble your personal dream team, with tips

Animal Group Names: 250+ Collective Nouns for Animals
Did you know...
  • What is a group of turkeys called? flock of turkeys, a rafter of turkeys
  • What is a group of owls called? A parliament of owls, a stare of owls
  • What is a group of crows called? A murder of crows, a hover of crows, a muster of crows, a parcel of crows
"In ancient times they had no statistics so they had to fall back on lies."
--Stephen Leacock
The Last larf !

Politicians and nappies (diapers) have one thing in common: They should both be changed regularly, and for the same reason.


After 50 years of wondering why he didn't look like his younger sister or brother, the man finally got up the nerve to ask his mother if he was adopted.

"Yes, you were son," his mother said as she started to cry softly. "but it didn't work out and they brought you back."


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Homestay Dogs of the Month
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You dont need a FB page to look at ours.
Pixel, our corgi, came to stay with us and luckily played with Poppy for the second time around. Video of them running around on our FB page.
Max and Spooky
Max and Spooky- waiting to get to the Porthills!
Harley having a sniff
Harley- beautiful colours on her! 
Missy walking up the Porthills. Had a great walk with awesome views!
Missy just in the right time for a selfie!
The Porthills Walk.
Max, Missy, Poppy
watering hole
Our watering hole in the Red Zone!
Spooky, not Poppy! 
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