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School of the NakedDog

                                                                                               July 2017

School News

Successful rehome: Remember Buster? Our dog that we had to rehome. He's gone to a great family and is now living in Ashburton. He's adjusting well, and they just adore him.

Filming crewCamera, Action !   We were recommended to contribute to the NZ Broadcasting School to talk to us about dog laws, dog behaviour, the Red Zone, and what best practice looks like. 

We'll let you know when they've finished editing and where you can view  We thank our class for contributing the best behaviour to showcase 

We are SPCA APPROVED for our homestay for dogs. They were so SPCAimpressed that they will refer people to us. It's always nice to be recognised. 
Our Life Skills  Class:  We had more dogs than usual, but the class worked so well. Everyone kept their dog's attention!
Life Skills Class
Check Facebook for more pics, and BIGGER pictures! 
Newsletter Article

Dog Bites Safer than Slippers 
by Blair Anderson

It is some time since we last saw the stock photo of the threatening Dog. Most recently we have seen one that was just a Dog expressing itself where media intended it to scare the bejeezuz. So just how serious is the bite issue?  Yes, children get bitten. And it is a public health burden. But might that be all it is? The numbers are interesting.

Christchurch is the Dog City of New Zealand. Yet bite data doesn't show a proportional incidence or severity outside of the occasional variation, within the margin of error, for all NZ. [or suffer the scrutiny of ever-watchful media]. 

It should not surprise anyone that the 80:20 Rule applies to mild vs treat and release injury. SO what about the serious bites requiring hospitalisation? It is less than .01%.  So how does that compare to other risks? 

Consider:  "Injuries caused by shoes and socks (not counting sports shoes) are almost 4 times more likely to require hospitalisation than dog bites."  quote link

It appears 96% of the problem isn't a problem, So is exceptionalism feeding a jurisprudence based criminalisation process sending the right signal? Is 'threat of legal consequence' an appropriate model to reduce bite risks?

Good Game, Bad Game

Bad game: Throw the ball!’ Dog pushes his ball at you, staring intently, ordering you to "throw the ball" and then snatches it just as you reach for it. When he does allow you to throw the ball, he dances around, teasing you with it instead of delivering it to you. What does it teach your dog ... that he can give you orders

Good game: ‘Fetch’ You bring out the ball and invite a controlled game of ‘fetch’ - the game becomes a training session: ‘sit’ ‘wait’ ‘get it’ ‘bring it’ ‘out’ and you put the ball away until the next game! We get to decide when and what the rules are and when the game ends. Always stop when the dog would like to play longer. Leave him wanting more!

(c) Diamonds in the Ruff 
A tired puppy is a good puppy. 
Brain games are just as tiring as physical activity
Doggies Links

Balcony Pets Pet doors for apartments, homes and travelling pets

12 Underwater Photos of Dogs Fetching Their Ball

A Hierarchy of Dog Needs: Abraham Maslow Meets the Mutts

Snuffle mats - You can make your own! When you have finished – give the mat to your dog and sprinkle some dry food over the top.
Dog Book
Doggy Do's and Dont's
by John Phillips
Doggy Dos and Donts
Some dogs are cute - some dogs are sweet -
Some dogs like to sniff your feet!    
But be careful what you do - cos some dogs get GRUMPY too!
Read or sing along to this doggy ditty and learn some Do’s and Don’ts that will help to keep you safe!
Leadership. Tell me what song to play!

"Leadership is service to others." The author of this quote started a UKULELE group and found out that most people wanted to be told what songs to play. Not to be constantly asked what they WANTED to play.

 He goes on to say "What I learned is that leadership is a very personal journey. It’s a mirror for your own limiting beliefs, low self-esteem, self-doubt and fears."

THIS has RELEVANCE to you as a DOG OWNER. Being a leader to your dog. Your dog isn't any different than the person that just wants to be told what song to play!
Next Classes

Life Skills Classes 
For puppies and older dogs. Learn how to teach manners in your dog in a relax and fun atmosphere. Small classes. Indoors. Dogs don't meet and greet, they pay you attention! 

July class - FULL
August 3rd start for 5 wks from 7-8pm
More information and Registration

Scent Detection Class 
Your chance for your dog to win 20K !!
Get your dog working for you! Have you lost your keys?
All dogs welcome.
All level welcome.
No failures!

(5 weeks) 
More Info and Registration
Homestay Dogs of the Month
Check out our Facebook Page for more Homestay pictures!
Flossie, the 14 yr English Springer Spaniel has been with us for a month. She enjoys paddling for that stick in the river! 
If it weren't for the dogs, we wouldn't have gone to the beach in this miserable weather! 
Jack is an immigrant! He's from Singapore (I hope I got this right!) and knows his commands in French.  I didn't think that a dog could make me practice my French!
Lottie- some dogs just come with the most comfortable bed! 
Flossie in the morning chill at the Bach. More amazing pics on Facebook
Max with a hedgehog
Our Max with a hedgehog. This behaviour is called 'parading'. The best thing about carrying a hedgehog in your mouth is letting it go! 
Rusty and Max
Rusty, Max and Buster
After a long day of walking, Rusty has finally found the most comfortable pillow! 
While Dougal's mum worked 24 hours (and more) at the hospital, Dougie found some fun and a beagle friend, Baz!
Hemi stayed with us too... I didn't get a photo. He'll be back in July!
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