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School of the NakedDog

                                                                                              October 2017

School News

puppy September's Life Skills class has extended into October (a break in tradition, just because we could) so the class hasn't finished yet. (catch the photos on our facebook page later in the week) 

With a 50%  complement of puppies and kids learning these new skills, we are already seeing great loose leash walking and all working with distractions. This last week class is going to be 'fun' with your dog... play & games (er: relationship) as the ticket to enduring behavior.  We cover a lot in just a few hours. 
Regenerate ChristchurchLast week we went to an excellent presentation by Henriette Vamburg of Gehl Architects at CCC. It was refreshing to hear about projects around the world which can influence our thinking and planning. 

Since ChCh is NZ's "Dogs Own City" we just had to ask a dog question about European public transport and dog accessibility in the urban form. The answer was as instructive for what it elucidated. "We haven't really seen many dogs here!" which alludes to the danger of consultation depending on people from somewhere else to be champions of our aspirations. 

Hopefully, Regenerate Christchurch noted the importance of the question and its relationship to healthy and sustainable civic design.
Dog Day Out Festival
Newsletter Article

These Doggie Temperature Facts?
  • Dogs are more sensitive to high temperatures than humans because they rely on breathing out hot air and breathing in cold air to regulate their body temperature. If the air is hot, particularly if it’s close to body temperature, they overheat.
  • Short dogs and dogs with squat faces have an ever-harder time than other dogs regulating their body temperature. They overheat faster in hot weather, enclosed spaces, or during vigorous exercise.
  • Dogs sweat only through their noses and the pads of their feet. Having such a limited area to sweat from also contributes to rapid overheating and potentially fatal heat strokes in hot or humid weather.
Head Underwater: Simple Tips To Achieving A Really Reliable Recall
We went to the Southshore to give our dogs a stretch. We came across a couple trying to get their young pup to come back while he is zooming around in the mud, having fun with our dogs.

The pup came back, and what did they do? END THE FUN. (leash on collar). Do you think that this pup is likely to come back next time?
Doggies Links

Dogs Make Great Exercise Partners - Helpful tips on shaping up with your dog.Man and Dog Running
When the 38 yr old had a heart attack, he weighed 100kg and smoked a pack a day for 27 years.  Now, with the help of his dog, he's run 8 marathons. 

“Dogs don’t care if it’s raining. Dogs don’t care if it’s cold. Dogs don’t have another meeting to be at or some other obligation. Dogs are the best training partners ever. They just want to spend time with you.

If you’ve got to get up and go run, you’ve always got a partner to go with you.” he says

Dog ReflectingDo Dogs Know Themselves? The classic self-recognition test gets a makeover for dogs, using smell not sight
Dogs know individuals. Your dog knows I am not you and you are not me. Your dog knows that Rudy down the block is exceptional at playing, but Spot is not.
If dogs can recognize individuals, and your dog is an individual, might your dog know himself? As an individual? Does he have a sense of “me-ness”?


It seems like the less a statesman amounts to, the more he adores the flag. -- Kin Hubbard

Wrongs are often forgiven, but contempt never is. -- Chesterfield

Another irresistible prose poem by Louis Jenkins, "Lucky":

        All my life I've been lucky. Not that I made money,
        or had a beautiful house or cars. But lucky to have
        had good friends, a wife who loves me, and a good
        son. Lucky that war and famine or disease did not
        come to my doorstep. Lucky that all the wrong
        turns I made, even if they did turn out well, at least
        were not complete disasters. I still have some of my
        original teeth. All that could change, I know, in the
        wink of an eye. And what an eye it is, bright blue
        contrasting with her dark skin and black hair. And
        oh, what long eyelashes! She turns and with a slight
        smile gives me a long slow wink, a wink that says,
        "Come on over here, you lucky boy."
The Uke Corner

Natalie bought her first uke while travelling in Vietnam. Three years later, she is finally getting a bit better. Share the joy with this website.
Uke Burning Man
This is Burning Man where musicians, artists, dancers go every year. This little box is called --"IN CASE: A UKE"... It is an emergency call box but instead of a phone, it had three ukuleles inside! I like what the artist said about it. 
Next Classes

Life Skills Classes 
No class in November
Next class is Dec. Wed from 7-8 pm in St Albans/Merivale

Are you interested in a Tuesday morning class? Minimum is 4. Class to be given in The Red Zone. Come when Called- the test! 
Email us your interest

Scent Detection Class
Your dog will need to find your car keys before you can leave the class !! Come and have some fun! 

SATURDAY morning in December
More Info and Registration
Homestay Dogs of the Month
more on our Facebook Page
Elliott needed an emergency stay. Glad we were able to help! He was lucky to come to one of infrequent Bachstays! 
Basil and Flyyn
Basil and Flynn running on the boardwalk near the South Brighton Community Centre. All dogs got muddy!
Basil on the Avon River. Love the heart tree in the background~
Baxter enjoying the wide open spaces at the Bach
Forrest lazing away.. 
Harvey coming out of his shell!
Max and Hemi
Max and Hemi sitting comfortably together.
Love Piper's colours.
YES -- we had more dogs this month... Look on our Facebook page 
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