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                                                                                                 July 2020

School News
It's Great to be back into our nice, warm hall in St Albans.  We already started our July class in June to make it a 5 week class. We are heading to Queenstown at the end of July and want to give as much instruction as possible. 

Is it time Canterbury Public Transport got a bit 'pet friendly?
Following both Wellington's and Auckland's Dogs on Buses and Trains Buses,  and the public's support for it continuation-- Auckland is now increasing the accessibility to large dogs requiring a muzzle (and leash), and the off-peak access is, notably, for free.

Perhaps Christchurch's ECAN needs a bit of lobbying! Who is with us in increasing the patronage?
I am sure New Brighton would benefit from the beach accessibility bringing a few more friendly people and their companions East to its "Great Dogs Welcome" weekend markets!

MacyRehoming Macy

Macy is looking for a home. She's a Collie/Hunterway, good with kids, dogs, and has great family attributes. We haven't met Macy, but from what the owners tell us, she would be a great family dog. More info here
Dogs & Flatulence
Awkward as the subject is, excessive flatulence in dogs is no joke. Of course, some gas production is perfectly normal, in dogs as well as humans. But too much of it is not just a nuisance for those living with the afflicted pooch, it’s a sign that something isn’t working as it should in the dog’s digestive system. An overproduction of gas can have many different causes, like eating food too quickly, chewing certain toys or chewies, dietary intolerances or outright food allergies, overgrowths of intestinal bacteria (for example following garbage eating), any kind of chronic bowel disorder, as well as other serious conditions.
So, what do you do if your best friend is too gassy? First step is a visit to the vet. Stool checks, bloodwork, X-rays, and ultrasound are standard initial diagnostic tools. If those don’t yield results, an endoscopy or exploratory stomach surgery may be necessary, particularly in acute or rapidly worsening cases. Most often, though, the answer will be something more benign and lifestyle related, like a change of diet or chewies, feeding smaller meals more frequently, or trying probiotics.

with a little Help from my Friends

Need a lift?- here's a few friends to help you out with a surprisingly touching rendition of the Beatles' song. (Thanks Aunt Celeste, tucked up in Arkansas) 

Muppets Sing For You

Doggie Links
Huskies pullingHusky Ancestors Started Hauling Sleds for Humans Nearly 10,000 Years Ago
It appears that DNA evidence shows that huskies, malamutes, and sled dogs descended from Siberian wolves. The genomes of modern Greenland sled dogs were compared to a 9,500-year-old sled dog found in Siberia and a 33,000-year-old Siberian wolf. Curiously, the genomes suggest that sled dogs did not descend from any lineage of American wolves.  
Brain Teaser!

If you laid out all of the blood vessels in your brain end-to-end, they would stretch halfway to the moon (nearly 195,000 km)

Non-Doggie Links
Honey Is Making A Comeback As A Treatment For Wounds. 
Back in ancient times, humans liked to put various things on theirHoney in a bowl open wounds, many of them strange (like moldy bread), if not disgusting (like animal poop). Aside from these things, they also put honey on their wounds, and this sweet substance seems to be making a medical comeback after thousands of years.  Which honey is best?? Yes, Manuka !

Why Birds Can Fly Over Mount Everest
Walter Murch was contemplating bar-headed geese. These geese spend their summers in Kazakhstan or MoBirds flying overngolia, and their winters in India. To migrate, they must fly over the Himalayan Mountains. That's a feat that requires world-class lungs, so Murch decided to write a story for his granddaughter explaining how they work.
But now she loved winter," says L. M. Montgomery. "Winter was beautiful -- almost intolerably beautiful. Days of clear brilliance. Evenings that were like cups of glamour -- the purest vintage of winter's wine. Nights with their fire of stars. Cold, exquisite winter sunrises."

Or, in the words of *Monty Python and the Holy Grail*, I'm not dead yet.

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Remember when the skies were blue?  Maybe this was one of the last walks when we saw the sun :). Sophie loved going up the hill. Yes, we walk. No cars!
Basil and Flynn
Basil and Flynn- twins?
Basil and Flynn
The boys looking up!
Millie walking then decides to...
...get her back scratched!
Poppy up in Victoria Park
Poppy exhausted!
Roofie bringing me my sleepers!
Our dog Max enjoying our backyard
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