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School of the NakedDog

                                                                                              August 2017

School News

Biking outdoorsIt has been a wet and miserable month for us humans, it is a characteristic of winter that we don't spend us much time outdoors as we might like which produces two outcomes we see in our classes and private consultation work. 

Less practice outdoors and perhaps due to both weather and shorter days increased calls for help about boredom displacement behaviors.... but we too would get the clinicians fallacy if we were not out running/exercising all our day stay training and home-stay guest dogs.

It is our opportunity to observe so many others enjoying walking and cycling  the worlds largest off leash dog facility, our very green red zone. It really is a delight seeing folk out in all weather's (and varying degrees of floodwater) 

A great July 'life skills' class, smaller than our usual, made use of the warm and dry dog friendly Social Hall at the Blind Foundation but were still able to usefully grab a few fair weather moments outdoors for loose leash training....
Life Skills Class- July 2017
Are Kiwi Dogs and their Owners Get Smarter?
by Blair Anderson

This past year has seen two Kiwi academic institutions make big advances in bringing our knowledge of Dogs closer to us. Earlier this year Auckland opened its Clever K9 Labs orientated towards discovering and advancing dog intelligence research. More recently Dunedin's Otago  University opened its Darwin Dogs Project, a genomic research project oriented towards the discovery of links to Human mental health/disease markers.

Both of these facilities bring attention, resources and people skills using the latest in offshore research and will complement other work using applied miniaturised GPS and sensor technology to better understand and manage our working and service dogs. 

Offshore science has recently uncovered evidence that the domesticated dog may have evolved from the wolf dog much earlier than we previously thought, and interestingly, in two quite different locations leading to speculation as to how the domestication processmay have occurred.  From a Behaviouralists perspective this is all good, but here we are, culturally stuck with the near mandatory spaying and neutering of all our good dogs.  As guardians of that gene pool, just how smart are we ?
Doggies Links

Lip LickingWhat are Canine Calming Signals and Do They Work? Those lip licks, the whale eyes, holding a paw up...  Data shows that calming signals from a dog can reduce aggression in another dog.

Do you understand your dog? RadioNZ interview with veterinarian and author Paul McGreevy. He says regarding the Dominant Dog Theory-- "The evidence suggests they live in the moment."
There used to be this notion that there were dominant dogs who were trying to dominate their owners. That involves all sorts of cognitive planning and all sorts of strategising to wrestle power off the alpha - and that's been largely debunked."

Review of Pet Camaras
Looking for a Pet Camera?
Want to see what your dog is up to while you are at work. Here's a review of different types of pet cameras available 

Newsletter Article

Assess Your Puppy Readiness
Puppies are great. They spread joy, provide endless entertainment, and most could win cuteness contests all day long just by existing. But puppies are also fast-growing, potentially havoc-wreaking little learning machines. Nature packs in as much information intake as possible in those first few months and if you’re not prepared? Your puppy may learn all the wrong things and you could spend months—or years—playing catch-up or trying to recover from early mistakes.
Are you equipped? Food, bowls, a lead, and a few toys won’t be enough. At a minimum, you will need: A puppy crate. A playpen or baby gate. Kongs and treat balls. An ID tag, a flat collar, and a harness for walks. Long and short leashes. A canine toothbrush and toothpaste, nail clippers, dog shampoo, brushes, and a variety of toys.
Crate Is your home puppy-proof? Set up a confinement area (despite the name this is a cosy den for your puppy) for alone time and housetraining. The area should be easy to clean and easy to close off with a baby gate. Think kitchen, laundry room, or bathroom. Furnish the area with a bed or crate, a water bowl, and several toys.
Are the house rules clear? Decide on set routines and procedures for consistency before you bring your puppy home. If more than one person is responsible for puppy raising, who will be in charge of the house-training routine? Where will the puppy be allowed—on the bed? The couch? Who will walk the puppy? Take the puppy to classes? Practise homework?
Do you have good dog professionals lined up? E.g. veterinarian, groomer, daycare facility, dog walker, pet sitter, and, of course, a top-notch dog trainer and puppy class. We can help you with your puppy or refer you to other certified, positive-reinforcement trainers, depending on your situation and location. The key is to plan well ahead for your puppy’s first year of socialisation and learning. Beyond the wonderful Instagram fodder, puppy time is a one-off opportunity to shape the dog you will live with for many years to come.

One only knows eternity in a grain of sand and one only knows history in the family around the table. -- James Merrill

In the happiest of our childhood memories, our parents were happy, too. -- Robert Brault

When unhappy, one doubts everything; when happy, one doubts nothing. -- Joseph Roux
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The Walk
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Life Skills Classes 
For puppies and older dogs. Learn how to teach and instill manners in your dog in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Small classes. Indoors. Dogs don't meet and greet. We want your dog to pay you attention! 
Sept is 6 a week class
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Scent Detection 6 week Class
Get your dog working for you! Have you lost your keys? Your dog can find them with a bit of training. Come and have some fun!  
Discount for all our clients.
SEPT 6, 13, 20, 27 OCT  4, 11
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