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Hello All...
Thankfully, the ice and snow are gone and yes, soon the daffodils will be peeking thru the ground. We have lots of new goodies and classes to tempt your stitching pleasure as we anticipate the arrival of Spring.

New Books at The Nimble Needle

"Painted Canvas Embellishment"
by Carol H. Lake & Michael E. Boren

This book is organized by Effects, i.e. clothing, snow
and by Use, i.e. backgrounds and borders.

The facial explanation sections including techniques for eyes,
noses, hair, eyebrows, and beards are very helpful.

"Bead Embroidery" by Shelley Cox
The Royal School of Needlework

A bevy of stitches which can incorporate beads.
Can't wait to try the fringe ideas!

"The Bargello Book" by Frances Salter

The stitch diagrams are clear and easy to follow with lovely color illustrations.
For large areas these can be effective backgrounds.
Bargello stitches are timeless and classic.

New Threads at The Nimble Needle

DMC Floche - 100% cotton

A pleasure to stitch with in 94 fabulous colors.
Great for backgrounds. Good clear whites!
For full coverage use 2 ply on 18 count or 3 ply on 13 count.
Use 1 ply for light stitching.

Vineyard 100% Merino Wool

224 luscious colors
Soft in your hand and easy to stitch with when
you are looking for durability and a matte finish.
Use 1 ply on 13 count or 18 count.

Rainbow Linen by Rainbow Gallery

30 perfect colors.
This thread is great for buildings, Santa's Bag, animal fur or landscapes.

Gloriana Silk Floss

While this is not a new thread to the Shop we have expanded the colors to 141.
Nothing beats the subtle shading and sheen of a Gloriana Silk Floss!

New Accessories at The Nimble Needle

Magnetic Needle Threaders by Puffin

Finally! An attractive Needle Threader that can attach to your canvas.

Counting Pins by Puffin

Handy, handy Counting Pins are super
when you are trying to carry and count a stitch over a design area.

Walker Bags

Fun and colorful Mesh stitching bags.
New laying tool holder and large project bags.
You'll want more than one!

Sticky Bead Mat by Beadsmith

New from Beadsmith... the Sticky Bead Mat.
Not sticky like the Tacky Bob.
It can be placed on your canvas at a 45 degree angle while stitching with beads.
The sticky surface is refreshed by rinsing in cool water.

Classes at The Nimble Needle

Jan's Frame Weight 411

Friday, April 11, 2014 and Saturday, April 12, 2014
9AM to 2PM

This is a 2-part class.
Create your very own Frame Weight in the color palette
of your choice personalized with your initial.
This little frame weight is your future stitch "Directory Assistance."
Not sure what stitch to use... just look at your handy Frame Weight for examples.

You will learn 25 stitches and use 13 different threads.

The canvases shown are just a few examples
of the endless color combinations available.
Let us help you select the colors that best reflect you!

Call today to Reserve your spot by March 21, 2014.
April 11 & 12, 2014 at The Nimble Needle
Call us at (404) 843-8687

Needlepoint 101 with Jan Rogers

Saturday, March 8, 2014 and Saturday, March 15, 2014
10AM to 1PM

Needlepoint 101:
This is a 2-part class.
Learn the Basketweave stitch along with 9 novelty stitches using 8 different threads.
The canvas is a custom painted sampler personalized with an initial in the center.
This is a fun and instructional canvas that can be finished into a pillow,
a framed picture, or attached to a tote bag.

Call today to Reserve your spot by February 28, 2014.
March 8 & March 15, 2014 at The Nimble Needle
Call us at (404) 843-8687

Needlepoint 202 with Jan Rogers

Friday, March 7, 2014 and Friday, March 14, 2014
9AM to 1PM

Needlepoint 202:
This is a 2-part class.
Under Jan's patient tutelage you will explore the world of open stitches,
compound stitches, beading, turkey work and more.
Discover how to use designer threads to add
texture and dimension to your work.

This class is limited to 4 students.
Call to sign up by February 28, 2014.

March 7 & March 14, 2014 at The Nimble Needle
Call us at (404) 843-8687

Needlepoint Finishing with Elizabeth Talledo

Wednesday, April 16, 2014
10AM to 2PM

Learn how to finish your own ornament at The Nimble Needle.

Elizabeth's Finishing Classes:
Bring your completed ornament and suitable backing fabric
(not dress weight or upholstery weight).
Elizabeth will walk you through the step-by-step process
to create your very own completed ornament.

Call today to Reserve your spot by April 12, 2014.
April 16, 2014 at The Nimble Needle
Call us at (404) 843-8687

The Robin King report

What a wonderful and inspirational 3 days we had with Robin!
The time just flew by as she graciously orchestrated the stitching plans for 14 canvases.

Saturday with Robin at The Nimble Needle

Sunday with Robin at The Nimble Needle

Monday with Robin at The Nimble Needle

Oh, my... Buttonhole flowers, Original Helen's Lace, and Russian Interlaced Border
are just a few of the creative stitch ideas from Robin.

Russian Interlaced Border as seen on Eleanor D.'s canvas

Renie W. stopped in to share her completed "Fruit Compote" by Colors of Praise
stitched with Robin's inventive Stitch Guide.
What a fabulous study in color, thread effects, pattern and spatial relations.
Love the contrast of the open stitches & the full covered choices; the bugle beads vs the seed beads.

Stitch Guide available from Robin King

Upcoming dates of classes with Robin King
at The Nimble Needle

Saturday, April 26, 2014 - "Help is on the Way" - sold out
Sunday, April 27, 2014 - Canvas Enhancement - sold out
Monday, April 28, 2014 - Canvas Enhancement - sold out


 ♥  HUGS 

Robin King designed the Hugs stitch guide for
Gayla Elliott/Alice Peterson Co.
and is coming to The Nimble Needle to teach the class.

Saturday, July 19, 2014 and Sunday, July 20, 2014

First, you start with a blank canvas...

and then you select your favorite color threads...

Each colorway will be unique and lovely.

Then Robin shares her design layout...

and teaches Laid Filling, Beading, and composite stitch techniques
with a special Heart Border.

HUGS (GS-11) is 9" x 5.5" on 18 mesh
Nice message for grandchild, student away at college or guest room.
School colors, favorite colors.
Everyone needs a Hug!

Call today to Reserve your spot by May 16, 2014.
HUGS: July 19 & 20, 2014 at The Nimble Needle
Call us at (404) 843-8687

Sync your calender with ours...

Class Dates with Robin King
at The Nimble Needle

Saturday, July 19, 2014 and Sunday, July 20, 2014 - "Hugs"
Monday, July 21, 2014 - "Help is on the Way"

Saturday, October 25, 2014 - "Help is on the Way"
Sunday, October 26, 2014 - Canvas Enhancement
Monday, October 27, 2014 - Canvas Enhancement

Help is on the Way class
This is a wonderful opportunity to work "one on one" with Robin
on an existing project or begin a new one.

Canvas Enhancement class
Let Robin's creative vision enhance your canvas with
written Stitch Guide and thread suggestions.
Actual size color copy of your canvas is required
for Robin to percolate her creative thoughts.

Help is on the Way and Canvas Enhancement classes are limited to
6 students per day to insure quality time with Robin
Call today to Reserve your spot at The Nimble Needle
Call us at (404) 843-8687
Seating is limited.

The early bird gets the class with Robin.


Halloween Village at The Nimble Needle

It is not too late to jump into the construction of
Melissa Shirley's Halloween Village with Robin King.
Six thread kits with detailed stitch guides will be delivered approximately
 every 6 weeks beginning mid-April 2014.

Halloween Village (MSD 1627-C)
 20" x 8.5" on 18 mesh

Robin will create a special Facebook group to show
"behind the scenes" work-in-progress photos.

Have a question or need to see where to begin?
Robin will answer all your questions... and more!

Join the Halloween Village adventure with Robin King;
exclusively offered through The Nimble Needle.
Call us at (404) 843-8687

March 2014 Trunk Show

the brilliant... Sandra Gilmore

 at The Nimble Needle

We are looking forward to this Trunk Show!
Details with photos will follow in the next News Blast.

Customer Gallery

Enjoy these finished pieces from
our customers at The Nimble Needle

Shelly Tribbey's whimsical wink to the holidays.
Festively stitched by Ann H. and finished off with panache by Marlene.

Taffy D. and Henrietta H. stitched these famous
"fishnet" bunnies to add to their collections.
Canvases by Kate Dickerson.
Expertly finished by Cheryl's Finishing.

Exquisitely stitched Challah cover by Karen E.
Love the detail, the delicate lace tablecloth, the Tallit fringe,
the floral arrangement... so much to see.
Canvas by Sandra Gilmore.

Sally M. lovingly stitched this Alexa stocking for her darling Grandson, Eamon.
It sure makes all those stitching hours so worth while
when you see that smiling happy face.
He loves it!

Norma A. beautifully stitched this feminine, yet strong, Tallis bag
by Tonya for her Granddaughter.
Love the richness of the eggplant color background.

Lulu Rose D. stitched this sweet Tea Cup and Mints
by Little Shoppe Canvas Co. as a gift for a friend's annual Valentine's Day Tea Party.
Lucky friend!

Henrietta H. simmered a superlative pot of tasty Chicken Soup from Annie Lane.

Zippy new tropical bag stitched by Kate S.
Canvas by Clara Wells.

Beautifully stitched by Anna C.
Look at those Beaded Ruby Slippers.
Love the Gloriana Silk Floss for the Yellow Brick Road.

Our Susan L. did a great job stitching this "Keep Calm and Love Dogs."
Beaded paw, Dog Bones for the background, and Pearl Hearts... what's not to love!
If you know Susan this saying could not be more appropriate.
She spends hours with Rescue Me GA; volunteering as a board member,
rescuing and fostering dogs in distress.
Canvas by NZ Designs.
Perfectly framed by "Frame Works" in East Cobb.

Judy H. is ready for Spring with this sweet Easter Egg arrangement.
Canvases by Princess and Me.
Delightful finishing by Miss Deborah.

Stitch this...

Original Helen's Lace is a good stitch to know.
Stitch it entirely with one thread color and watch the pattern develop.
Try a pretty Gloriana Silk Floss for the stitches seen in black.
Add a Splendor Silk Floss for the stitches seen in red.

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Thank you very much.
Stacy, Jan, Henrietta, Vance, and Susan

Phone:  (404) 843-8687

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