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The long days of Summer are upon us.
Grab an iced beverage and read What's New... at The Nimble Needle.

Summer Market means New Things are

coming to The Nimble Needle.

We have NEW Books in stock.
Get Ready for some Library Enhancement.

Ruth Schmuff's newest book is filled
with new stitches and variations of old favorites.
The stitch diagrams are giant and very easy to follow.
Stitches • Volume Three is a "must have" for your library.

The trio of Quick Stitch Reference books are perfectly sized for travel.
They are written by Julie Sackett and personalized for "The Nimble Needle."
Each book is chock full of new stitches and guidance
on how to morph a stitch by adding
a second thread, color or by changing direction.

Lastly, Sandy Arthur's newest book,
Shapes of Needlepoint • Series IV, is due out in August.
Her shape-inspired books are invaluable for finding
the perfectly counted triangle, star or heart!

This new book features Diagonals, Horizontals, and Verticals. 
Pre-order your copy today! 
Call us at (404) 843-8687. 


NEW Beading Thread

The Nimble Needle has new Beading Thread.
Meet Superlon... a nylon parallel-fiber thread that is strong and super durable.
This begs the question which Beading Thread should I use... Fireline or Superlon?

Superlon works for all seed bead applications.
Sometimes it is nice to have a matching thread
especially if you are using a clear bead or want to change
the color of a bead by using a different color thread.

Superlon is offered in 36 colors versus the 2 in Fireline, crystal or grey.
It does work for Swarovski application in a piece that is
not going to get hard wear, i.e. ornaments or framed pieces.
However, if possible when using Swarovski crystals, we really prefer
Fireline as the edges of the crystals can be sharp.  
Isn't it nice having options! 


NEW from Kreinik

The Nimble Needle is now carrying "Facets" from Kreinik.
If you are a fan of Hot Wire and love the look of beads,
this new thread is for you. Think Garland on a Christmas tree
or wild cork screw Witches hair. The possibilities are endless.

Facets at The Nimble Needle


NEW from Colors of Praise

Look at our new "Open/Closed" sign.
Custom designed by Marie Barber of "Colors of Praise."
Marie has 4 different Alphabets, each with different Font and
background styles to create your very own custom piece...
or let Marie design one for you.

A name pillow for a child's room or a single word such as "Relax" or "Peace"
would be fun to stitch as they are begging for novelty treatments!
Come in and see for yourself.


Robin King is returning to The Nimble Needle

Saturday, October 26, 2013
Sunday, October 27, 2013
Monday, October 28, 2013

Sign up for one - two - or three days with Robin.
Class project or personalized canvas enhancement. 
You can do it all.

"Lotus Squared" canvas by Zecca

Lotus Squared by Zecca (ZE 134)
Saturday, October 26, 2013
9AM - 5PM
This 6" x 6" canvas on 13 mesh is fast to stitch...
especially with Robin's fresh inventive approach.
Learn fun Buttonhole, Memory Thread, Ribbons, and Beads Techniques.

Call today to Reserve your spot.
Call us at (404) 843-8687.

Enhancement Classes with Robin

Canvas Enhancement Class - Day One
Sunday, October 27, 2013
9AM - 5PM

Canvas Enhancement Class - Day Two
Monday, October 28, 2013
9AM - 5PM

Let Robin's creative vision enhance your canvas.
Stitch and thread suggestions will be given.

Color copy of your canvas is needed by August 15, 2013
for Robin to percolate her creative thoughts.

Seating is limited.
Call today to Reserve your spot.
Call us at (404) 843-8687.

Speaking of Robin's classes...

Blue Bird • Maggie M-1488

Penny Boswinkle participated in Robin's April Enhancement Class,
and expertly stitched this Maggie and Co. canvas using Robin's guide.
Now that's a fabulous collaboration!
Everywhere you look there are stitching nuances to explore.
Robin's perfectly written guide balances and enhances the design elements,
as she always reminds us..."Who's the Star of the Show"

Needlepoint Classes with Jan Rogers... 

Now you can sync your schedule with ours:

Needlepoint 101:
Saturday, August 17, 2013
Saturday, August 24, 2013

Thursday, September 19, 2013
Thursday, September 26, 2013

Call today to Reserve your spot.
Call us at (404) 843-8687.

 Julia's Needleworks "Judaic Trunk Show"

20% Savings for The Nimble Needle customers
beginning next Thursday, August 1, 2013

Featuring Julia's Tallis bags, Tefillen Bags and Kippahs. 

Julia's Needleworks has offered The Nimble Needle special savings
on a Collection of Judaic designs and we are delighted
to pass the savings on to you!

Trunk Show starts Thursday, August 1, 2013.
All canvases will be 20% off.

Come in and select your next heirloom.


Holiday Finishing Dates for 2013
"It's time to start stitching with
Hot Needles and Burning Thread! " -- Anne Barron


Speaking of Finishing...

Learn how to finish ornaments yourself at The Nimble Needle.

Here are the dates for Elizabeth's Finishing Classes:

Wednesday, August 29, 2013
Wednesday, September 11, 2103
Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Class is from 10AM to 2PM

Call today to Reserve your spot.
Call us at (404) 843-8687.
Customer Gallery

Enjoy and get inspiration.
The Nimble Needle is very proud of its customers.

"In my Curio"
Anne Greenberger was one of our first long distance
customers to complete this Raymond Crawford Hannukkiyah
using The Nimble Needle Stitch Guide. 
Anne wanted us to see it in her Curio!
Smile, Anne. We see you, too.

Anne did a perfect job following the guide and the results shows!

Quilt Pillows stitched by Robin Johnson

Is this great or what... 10 Susan Roberts quilt patterns adorning her sofa.
Love the impact and pattern combinations.
As you can see Robin's stitch of choice is Basketweave
and she does a beautiful job!

Stitched by Renie Weinstein

Renie Weinstein stitched this Custom painted design painted by Nancy Keating
for her friend's granddaughter's upcoming Bat Mitzvah.
Don't you love the textural contrast between the Criss-cross Hungarian frame
and the Skip Tent inside the floral vine heart!

The leaves were stitched with Painter's Thread
and the butterfly is fully beaded.
An heirloom is born.

Betty Street's darling 3D Bear Bell personalized for Henry.
This is one of 20, yes, you heard me right, 20 (!) ornaments
that Betty stitched for her lucky family this year.
She always adds decorative stitches and threads to make each gift unique!
Canvas by Susan Roberts.

Beautifully stitched by Sue Haines.
Love her perspective;
notice the flowers and sand in the foreground vs. the distance.
Brilliant stitch for the Dog's coat.
Can you feel the gentle breeze?
Canvas by Cooper Oaks.

Jane Aronoff stitched a Chuppah for her daughter's wedding.
It is an Adam Rhine design;
custom painted to a 36" square by Pamela Rishfeld Designs.
What a lovely family heirloom!

Mary Ellen Fishbourne brought the Good Night Moon
story alive for her 2 grandchildren.
Her use of novelty stitches beautifully
enhances the canvases by Silver Needle.

A Masterpiece by Sandra Gilmore, stitched by Anna Capelouto
with stitch guide by The Nimble Needle
Anna's attention to detail is superb.

Everywhere you look there are subtle touches of texture...
from the books lining the library shelves to the bullion fringe on the ottoman.

Deborah Lyn took advantage of our dede Trunk Show in February
and purchased this happy Sun canvas.
Her thread selection and masterful basketweave brought the canvas to life.

Picture Frames are wonderful additions to the home and make timeless gifts.

This trio of elegant frames were stitched by (from left to right):
Anna Capelouto • canvas by Gayla Elliott
Pamela Marcus • canvas by Julie Mar
Robyn Bernstein • canvas by Colors of Praise.
(Robyn's was a baby gift for a dear friend.)

Helen Alston modified this "Princess and Me" ornament
as a gift for the manager of the original
Chic-fil-A Dwarf House in Hapeville, GA (outside of Atlanta).
It all started in 1946 and the rest is history!

Here is Anne Hauerland's "Butterfly" by Juli Poitras.
Notice the use of positive and negative stitches as seen
in the Pavilion Diamonds on the right contrasted
against the open Lattice Diamonds on the left.
Anne and her stitching buddy, Eleanor Day, came up with a
variation of Skip Tent (on 13 count canvas) for the Butterfly Panel background.
Notice that every other row is 12 ply Splendor vs. 6 ply.

Martha Huffman beautifully stitched these 3 Jean Smith flowers
each worked in simple and beautiful Basketweave. 
Love the impact and the freshness of the Cosmos, Mexican Daisy, and Poppy.


Stitch this... Pavilion Lozenges.



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Thank you very much.
Stacy, Jan, Henrietta, Vance, and Susan

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