Modernising Technology in Healthcare

Healthcare organisations, like many rapidly transforming industries today, face increasing pressure to leverage technology. Rising expectations and changing demographics are driving significant growth in the demand for healthcare services in Australia - with new healthcare innovations putting intense pressures on IT organisations. People are now accustomed to conveniences and speed as a result of smart phones and apps.


While healthcare CIOs and IT professionals seek innovative ways to meet end user needs, they must simultaneously keep costs under control. There’s a realisation that technology can greatly impact positive patient outcomes, while addressing increasing quality and safety concerns, and ensuring more personalised care. But with huge investments in ageing legacy systems, many are finding their IT goals difficult to obtain.


Healthcare organisations have much to gain with a cloud computing approach to service delivery. However, they must first gain confidence that the promised benefits of increased operational efficiencies and productivity can be achieved without compromising the organisation’s core requirements and institutional goals.


Download this white paper to learn more about:

  • How Nutanix enables healthcare organisations to transform static and complex IT environments into more dynamic and easily managed data centres
  • How to bring a cloud-like experience to IT in healthcare
  • Several ways that healthcare organisations can achieve operational efficiencies
  • A holistic approach to security, disaster recovery and data protection


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