We are waiving our subscription fee for our telehealth platform until

Mid-June 2020

Healthcare providers are dealing with unprecedented events and challenging situations with the COVID-19 pandemic. Utilising technology to better communicate and service customers is of growing importance for business continuity. The reliance in healthcare software, especially telehealth has never been so necessary.
We at Global Health, one of Australia’s longest established and experienced developers of software applications in healthcare, want to support the industry how we can. Therefore we are offering our telehealth platform, HotHealth to new HotHealth clients for free. The usual subscription fee of $30 per month for the basic package, or $60 per month for pro will be waived. Stripe and usage will still apply.

We want to make a positive impact in this difficult time
Telehealth services is one of the main tools to help overcome this pandemic
Mitigates contamination
Real-time support
Patient & provider convenience
Engaging features
Continued patient care
Medicare benefits
Your Telehealth Solution For Continued Business
At a time when businesses are not operating in their usual manner, and BAU is changing daily, HotHealth is a safe and secure solution to engage with customers.
The HotHealth platform has an abundance of capabilities and features for businesses to:
Build an online presence
Gain trust and credibility
Engage customers

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COVID-19 Telehealth MBS items
To mitigate further contamination in Australia, multiple new MBS items have been added for GPs, Allied Health professionals, Psychologists and more, enabling them to conduct telephone and video consultations, and allowing those who meet the criteria to claim reimbursement.

Check out MBS Online for more information.
Take advantage of your free subscription
COVID-19 is forcing us to explore alternative options to face-to-face appointment and triaging in-practice visits. Now is the time for GPs and other healthcare providers to boost the adoption of telehealth as now digital really is the doorway to healthcare.
Start using telehealth