Enhance your clinical career by learning from the best.
Whether it’s an intensive workshop or longer-term course, further study is an important step in a clinical career – so you want to know you’re learning from the best.

The University of Melbourne’s clinical courses are led by people at the height of their professions – such as Professor Jill Klein.


After teaching marketing and leadership at some of the world’s top business schools, Prof. Klein realised her expertise could meet a need for resilience training in medicine.


As leader of the Specialist Certificate in Clinical Leadership, Prof. Klein translates her knowledge into the clinical context.


“The research I am doing connects with my teaching on resilience for clinicians,” she says. “Working in a high-stakes environment such as healthcare can be extremely demanding in terms of the consequences for error, and I am impressed by the courage of healthcare workers to take on this challenge every day.”


She coordinates an expert team: “In the course, we bring in experts in organisational leadership and change, strategies for influencing others and creating more efficient and lean processes in healthcare.”


The University’s suite of professional development courses for clinicians is one of the most comprehensive in Australia – covering clinical education, research and leadership. As a student, you can be confident you are learning from experts of the highest calibre.

“Being taught by leading researchers means that you are exposed to state-of-the-art knowledge and practices,” says Prof. Klein. “This can allow you to develop creative and innovative approaches in your work environment.”
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