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Specialist Telehealth

Connecting patients in regional, rural and remote areas with specialist care via video consultation

Specialist Telehealth is a new healthcare model developed by Telstra Health for Hospital and Health Services. The model delivers coordination and clinician capacity management utilising state-of-the-art video conferencing technology.  This enables patients in rural and regional areas access to specialist clinicians.

This innovative solution gives hospitals a scalable, cost efficient way to ensure patients have access to the same level of specialist care they would in more populated areas.

Specialist Telehealth is a comprehensive coordination service designed to ensure telehealth appointments are efficient and effective. The service helps to shorten waiting times to see specialist doctors and ensures a patient receives continuity of care by having the same specialist at each consultation.
As an end-to-end service, Specialist Telehealth includes appointment scheduling, file preparation, real-time monitoring of network connectivity and MBS processing. 
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How it works

Appointments are conducted via a video link. From a consultation room set up with a Telehealth television screen and software, the specialist doctor dials in and makes a patient assessment. An option of the service is to have a junior doctor attend with the patient in-person and follow through on the recommendations made by the specialist. Clinic coordinators manage bookings, administration and client/patient communication. 

Benefits for hospitals and health services 
  • Reduces specialist doctor waiting list numbers and ‘did not attend’ rates. 
  • Complements in-person specialists by connecting you to specialists around Australia. 
  • Flexible and cost-efficient solution to locums.
  • Provides a timely review service for ongoing case management.
  • Junior doctors could benefit from the guidance of specialist doctors. 

Benefits for patients 
  • Increases access to specialist care in regional, rural and remote areas.
  • Reduces long waiting list times to see specialists in-person.
  • Removes the inconvenience and expense of travelling to attend appointments. 
  • Bulk billing is available.
Contact us to discuss how your hospital or healthcare service could benefit from Specialist Telehealth.

Contact Ian Mclachlan on 0400 014 743 or visit website to learn more.
Telstra Health is the largest Australian-based provider of software for healthcare providers and funders. Our vision is to be the leading provider of digital health solutions that shape a connected future for healthcare.

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