Have you considered including your patients in clinical research before but found the process too time-consuming?

Do you want the opportunity to offer clinical research as a care option to your patients but don't know where to access trial information quickly and easily? 

It has been consistently communicated that doctors are the most trusted source of information when it comes to receiving medical and healthcare information including clinical trials. A recent study found that 84% of patients surveyed would consider participating in a clinical trial if their doctor recommended it to them. 

However, doctors only refer 0.2% of patients to clinical trials per year. 

Evrima enables doctors to find and provide clinical research as a care option to their patients. We're bridging the gap between researchers, doctors and patients to increase trial awareness, participation and thereby help accelerate medical development. We know you're busy so we designed the process to be quick and simple. 

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GP benefits to participating in research

Benefits for doctors when involved in clinical research

There are a number of direct and indirect benefits to GPs by including clinical trials as a healthcare option for their patients. 

Your patients and the research community need your help (and we do too)

It's a complex process to conduct clinical research and we want to help make sure you get the right information from researchers right around the country.

Right now we're in beta testing and are looking for a select few doctors to participate in our pilot phase. 

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