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Real-time patient information
in the palm of your hand

Providing exceptional patient care is a priority for health organisations, but admin delays, outdated and unreliable information and siloed communication channels can disrupt a smooth patient and clinician experience.

Drs App from Telstra Health is the modern mobile patient management solution that hospitals, their doctors and visiting specialists have been looking for. 

Easily installed on a clinician’s smartphone, Drs App provides secure access to real-time patient information at the touch of a button, wherever the clinician is – be that in theatre, in the hospital wards, or in their specialist rooms. This removes the need to chase information at multiple checkpoints and helps to eliminate some of the most common and time-consuming frustrations of clinicians, supporting them to make timely and confident decisions.
Click here to see a video on how St John of God hospital in Perth are benefitting from using the Drs App

Patient details, test results and more - all in one place

With the volumes of information and different medical professionals performing diverse roles within the healthcare provider ecosystem, it can be difficult to provide access to up-to-date patient information in an organised, efficient and secure manner.
With the Drs App, clinicians can access patient admission details, allergy information, contact details, and nominated general practitioner information all at their fingertips for every one of their patients within your hospital or clinic. Patient location - which can change several times after admission - is also readily viewable via the app, allowing doctors to see exactly where their patients are and spend less time asking hospital staff for directions or walking from ward to ward, and more time focusing on delivering timely care.
As soon as a patient’s pathology and radiology results are available, they are automatically delivered to Drs App. The doctor can then acknowledge and add comments to the results which other doctors linked to the patient can see through the app. Having the most up-to-date results on hand removes the hassle of chasing paperwork and reduces the potential for complications that could arise when results are delayed, allowing for timely clinical decision-making.
With the Drs App, staying organised when it comes to theatre scheduling is made easier for visiting specialists with the ability to review all of their theatre room bookings including information such as time and location, procedure details, anaesthetist, MBS code,

How can your clinicians benefit?
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