Spring has sprung, the grass has rizz (?), check out the bees and business happenings below, hopefully you get inspired and ready to share your story, remember; Bravo Charlie
Welcome to Bravo Charlie
This is the genesis of a recent presentation to a team of business advisers, take a look!

The video above helps business

Recorded to capture the essence of a recent presentation to a group of business advisers, this short piece explains on how business can use IT, the web, remarkable content and 'social media' to drive customer interaction and sales.  Feedback from the advisers was that it is valuable content and their clients need it!  Maybe you and yours do to?
Findjosephine mural artist

Findjosephine.com Mural artist
Timelapse mural creation short for award winning artist Josephine Bradley Scott,
audio by Carly Fern and the Humicorn.

What have we Bee-n up to?

Also we started creating landing pages to populate the entries to our social media systems care of Unbounce, plus how to track visitors using heat maps care of Clicktale.

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Another seven videos completed for Jame Forbes

Jamé Forbes rides again

Five more covers, an original track and a bit of behind the scenes for our resident YouTube star; If Bob Marley, Musical Youth, Flight of the Conchords, Daley or Roger Miller is your thing, have a listen.  

We would like to help

..but not after Tuesday 4 pm (tomorrow) - until next week!  Bravo Charlie will be in Moulamein NSW doing preperation for the New Year Confest as part of the Critical Incident Team; a controlled fire burn, vehicle, equipment and personnel prep.  Check out the videos here and here and the one for the CIT if you don't know what this is all about.
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