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Hi there, without a doubt the Agfest committee has been tested over the last two years. The global COVID-19 outbreak has certainly made the world reset, as it has forced upon it many challenges.


That said, the Agfest committee has made the tough decision to postpone Agfest 2022 and move to later on in the year. We will kick off the event in the Paddock from the 24th to the 27th of August with the Cloud to follow on from the 27th of August to the 2nd of September.

Many factors were considered in reaching this decision - most notably the safety of our patrons and exhibitors, along with the Agfest committee. With the current limitations under the State Government’s Events Framework limiting crowds to 5,000 plus event staff and exhibitors, a May event increased the financial risk to exhibitors.

Another factor taken into consideration was the Government and Public Health modelling once the borders reopen on the 15th of December. This modelling highlighted the potential impacts on the community and health system once COVID-19 was in the community. Putting at risk the running of a safe and successful Agfest 2022.

After surveying our exhibitors and the event stakeholders the consensus was to postpone until later in the year. The conversations with many stakeholders attached to Agfest have been overwhelming in the support of this decision. They understand why we chose to move to August. However, we are positive and can’t wait to open the gates in August.

I would like to take the time to say how proud I am of the team, the Agfest committee, Rural Youth Board, and fantastic Rural Youth support staff. I can’t underestimate the work that goes into planning our event; a 12-month commitment that historically has seen over 600 exhibitors, 60,000 patrons and a volunteer committee made up of well over 130 Rural Youth volunteers.

I also want to take the time to thank you all. Our exhibitors and event stakeholders are the reason why we put on this great event. The uncertainty of the ever-changing landscape exerts pressure on us all, so thank you again for your ongoing support!

For those who aren’t aware Selena Flanagan, our events and sponsorship manager, is leaving us after 11 years at Rural Youth and Agfest. Selena has put her heart and soul into Agfest; helping us shape and grow the event. As she moves on to her next chapter, I’d just like to wish her the very best! Good luck Sal.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and look forward to picking up where we left off in the new year.


Caine Evans
Agfest 2022 Chairman

Location of company:

• 219 Main Road, Derwent Park, Hobart
• 485 Hobart Road, Youngtown, Launceston
• 48-50 Bass Highway, Cooee, Burnie

Two-sentence or more description of the history, products and/or services provided: Our three stores across Tasmania specialise in Vehicle Protection, On & Off-Road Accessories, Camping Equipment, Electrics & Performance, Suspension Solutions and Roof Rack Solutions. Our Launceston store also supplies Krail Fencing through Tasmec and the Burnie store are distributors and service centre for CF Moto ATVs & UTVs.

Number of years exhibited at Agfest: The Leighton side of our business has been exhibiting at Agfest since its inception with the TJM side for the past ten years.

Why do you choose to exhibit at Agfest? We not only find Agfest a great way to keep in touch with our customers but an excellent way to support Rural Youth.

What three words would you use to describe Agfest? Fantastic Tassie event.

Describe why you are most excited about being a part of Agfest for 2022: We are looking forward to once again being a part of Agfest 2022 to catch up and chat with the people of Tasmania.

What will your feature include for Agfest 2022? There are new TJM products in the pipeline and we look forward to showcasing them at Agfest.

Describe your planned site for Agfest 2022, focusing on any new products/services/additions to your site: Our new products are under wraps at the moment so “watch this space”.

If you could deliver one message to the Rural Youth volunteers that organise Agfest, what would it be? Thank you for your huge efforts each and every year, your organisation is a valuable part of Tasmania and a credit to each and every member.

Selena Flanagan, our Event and Sponsorship Manager, is leaving us on 17 December heading off to new pastures.


Selena said, “I have really enjoyed my journey at RYT which started back in February 2010. I have had so many opportunities to grow and develop over the last 11 years and have made many lifelong friendships which I will cherish for years to come. I would like to personally thank all of the wonderful sponsors and exhibitors over the years. I have enjoyed working with you all - getting to know your businesses, products and your staff, this is one of the best parts of the job. As a patron, I will be excited to see the continued growth of the organisation, its brand and people.”

Linda and Luci will head our event administration and the email address will remain the same, Shaun Cooper will now be looking after the organisations sponsorship role and can be contacted via

We would like to wish Selena well in her new chosen profession and thank her for her commitment to the organisation, its members and the event.

Brief description of your Committee role: I am a Leadership team Representative for Rural Youth Tasmania. My role within the organisation is State President. Enabling me to provide information from the Leadership team and in supporting other members in roles across the event. My responsibilities entail organising and design of the Rural Youth Feature Tent. This is an opportunity to showcase all things Rural Youth at our amazing event!

Share a snapshot of your Agfest/Rural Youth history: I joined Rural Youth at the end of 2015 and have been heavily involved at all levels since. This spans across three clubs – King Island, Western Tiers and Tamar. I have held roles at all levels including Club Executive, regional roles and state level. Finally landing me in my current position as Rural Youth State President.

I have had the great fortune of participating in each Agfest since I joined. Beginning in Carparks, working my way through the Media and Safety roles. Most recently in 2021, I was the Quercus Tastes Co-ordinator, and I look forward to what the 2022 event provides.

Why did you decide to join Rural Youth? Moving from New South Wales with my young family, I heard about Rural Youth on ABC Radio one day in the tractor, and I thought this would be a great way to get involved in the community and to meet new people, so I set about re-establishing the King Island Rural Youth Club. As a result, I have made lifelong friendships formed with Rural Youth members across Tasmania!

What are the key skills you have gained from your involvement in Agfest? Communication and social skills are something learnt very quickly when engaging with the Agfest Exhibitors and patrons. I’ve learnt to manage budgets and to be creative when looking at cost savings. I have been given the opportunity for all sorts of formal training, an ATV certification to Traffic Management, and plenty more!

Describe the most hilarious moment so far of your involvement in the field days: Before arriving at my first Agfest there was a bit of banter around directing traffic in the carparks, I piped up and said a Barbie would work just as well as a traffic wand. Sure, enough when I arrived on-site and received my welcome pack, there she was in all her glory, Barbie, pink and sparkly. I directed traffic for the three days proudly with her, getting plenty of funny looks, laughs and I’m sure I made many of the young patrons proud!

Three words that best describe you: Fun, Genuine, Honest, Reliable, Gullible, Stud.

Share a description of any other jobs/voluntary positions you hold: I began my adult career path in hospitality, working for several restaurants and resorts, eventually following back the Paddock to Plate path and returned to my grassroots in dairy farming, finding a passion for animal health. I have worked on several dairy farms, from King Island to Elizabeth Town, eventually transitioning to Livestock Transportation and have recently moved to the Sales Merchandise space with Nutrien Ag Solutions.

Describe the three activities you love to do on the weekend: Hangout with my kids, explore our great state, catch up with my RY mates!

Favourite movie: Law Abiding Citizen

Favourite food: Asian food!

Favourite book: St. John Australian First Aid – because you know, KIDS..

If you could invite any three people to join you for a dinner party, who would they be? Bob Hawke, Steve Irwin, Heston Blumenthal.

If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be? Hunger, no person should have to go without food.

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