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Welcome one and all to the April edition of Agfest Antics.

Well, Agfest is almost upon us and, with only a few weeks to go until we open those gates on Wednesday 5 May, I cannot thank everyone enough for getting us to where we are now.


As my second year as Chairman, it is pretty exciting to be leading an amazing and hardworking group of young, dedicated committee members and volunteers into my first paddock event.

Thank you also to all the exhibitors and patrons who have contacted us offering their support to the campaign to raise daily attendee numbers from 10,000 to 15,000 per day. Rural Youth and the Agfest Committee have been working very hard behind the scenes with our politicians and the Department of Health to lobby for this change. While at the time of writing this column the cap remains at 10,000 people per day, we are very appreciative of all your passion, letter writing, social media shares and approaches to politicians to call for this change.

A huge thank you to Angela Cresswell, a farmer from Oaks and the owner of Clayfield Homestead, for starting the social media campaign, which had almost 200 shares in the first 24 hours!

The Agfest Committee remains steadfast in its belief that we can run a compliant, safe and successful event to stimulate the Tasmanian economy with 15,000 people on site each day.

As of the 31 March, our Covid Safe Plan was officially approved. This has enabled us to progress full steam ahead for us with plenty of things – both on-site and off – being actioned. It also meant exhibitors and patrons could finally see all our joint hard work paying off knowing that we will be back in the paddock for four amazing days from 5 – 8 May and in the cloud from 8 – 15 May.

Over the last part of March and into April, we have had countless working bees and tackled a forever growing jobs list, including line marking to make sure the site is still in good shape for marquees, sorting through traffic signs ready to be displayed before the event, clearing out shelter belts and whipper snipping so Quercus Park is 100 per cent ready for Agfest to open.

Safety management continues to be very high on our radar, making sure everything is running smoothly and that our members understand the right safety protocols both during the lead up to and during the event.

We also held our final Agfest meeting prior to the event, which was a very positive meeting with coordinators adding the final touches to their plans on their focus areas. Volunteer applications closed on 9 April and we now have more than 100 new and old volunteers signed up and ready to pull off the largest event since the global pandemic struck.

Well, that’s it from me. A huge thank you again to all the extended Agfest family, from our hard-working staff and Rural Youth volunteers to our exhibitors and sponsors and to our media partners and all attendees. I can’t wait to see you all at Agfest back in the paddock between 5 – 8 May and in the cloud from 8 – 15 May. Please remember to download the Check in TAS app prior to arrival, have your online tickets available for scanning, stay socially distanced at all times, support all our exhibitors as much as possible and ensure you enjoy every moment of Agfest 2021!


Ethan Williams
Agfest 2021 Chairman

Location of Company: Statewide

Two-sentence description of the group’s vision, membership and goals: Australian owned company founded in 1975. Supplying premium 4WD products and accessories from bullbars and protection equipment to snorkels and canopies as well as camping gear.

Number of years exhibited at Agfest: Ever since it was held at Quercus Park in 1987.

What three words would you use to describe Agfest: Busy, community, worthwhile

Why do you choose to exhibit at Agfest: It is a great place to sell and display our products and it showcases what we and Tassie has to offer.  

Describe your most memorable Agfest moment: Having so many people in our marquee that you could not move sideways (pre-Covid of course)!

Describe your planned site for Agfest 2021, focusing on any new products/services/additions to your site: We are in the Fine Food Shed this year so will have the whole site undercover. We have a whole new display and we are excited to offer never before seen products for camping as well as new Barwork and Canopies etc for new vehicles like Ranger, Hilux, DMAX and BT-50.

If you could deliver one message to the Rural Youth Volunteers that organise Agfest, what would it be: Thanks for all your hard work and getting this event happening this year. It is a credit to Rural Youth to even be having Agfest going ahead when so many other shows have been cancelled. Keep up the great work.

Brief description of your Committee role: I’m the go-to person for all volunteers on site before during and after the event, for jobs, advice, for help, organising rooms etc. I’m the guy to see when you need something 😊

Share a snapshot of your Agfest/Rural Youth history: Since joining RY I've done a number of roles within the organisation, Southern Regional President, Sorell Club President, State Council representative and Agfest exec member. 

Why did you decide to join Rural Youth? Running into an old school friend, Kate Birch, at a rodeo one night we got to chatting about what she had been up to in the years since school. She told me she was an Agfest chairwoman and encouraged me to join the fun of Rural Youth and Agfest, the rest is history!! My only wish is I joined sooner!! 

What are the key skills you have gained from your involvement in Agfest? Financial skills, chairing meetings, the ability to speak publicly and probably the most important skill I have learnt is confidence!! 

Describe the most hilarious moment so far of your involvement in the field days: Oogabooga!!! If you know you know 😉

Three words that best describe you: Menace, fun, friendly.

Share a description of any other jobs/voluntary positions you hold: Assistant store manager of CSR Gyprock Hobart / 3rd Officer Orielton Fire Brigade. 

Describe the three activities you love to do on the weekend: Hang out with mate, shooting, drinking

Favourite movie: The Lion King (the original).

Favourite food: Chinese.

Favourite book: What is a book? 🤷‍♂️😂

If you could invite any three people to join you for a dinner party, who would they be: The Queen, my Pop and my old dog Lilly.

If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be: Equality for all.

Location of Group: Guide Units are situated throughout the State.

Two-sentence description of the history, products and/or services provided: Aspiring to be Australia’s leading organisation for girls and young women in leadership and personal development. Girl Guides is open to all girls and women from 5 years to 105 years.

Number of years exhibited at Agfest: Girls Guides Tasmania has been looking after lost children since Agfest relocated to Quercus Park.

Describe the preparation involved to participate in Agfest: Organising the roster as all members are volunteers. Organising delivery of Girl Guide Biscuits and setting up the site.
Describe your site and what you deliver at Agfest: We are situated in Main Street under the giant speakers – so we are easily found by children and parents who become separated. We will be caring for lost children, talking about Girl Guides and selling Guide Biscuits.
Overview of what difference the proceeds you make at Agfest has made to your group: The sale of Girl Guide Biscuits is Girl Guides Tasmania principal fundraiser. Proceeds are used to support both youth and adult members and grow Guiding in the State.
Share one memorable Agfest moment: Reuniting distressed children – especially young children and their parents.
In your words, how important is Agfest to Tasmania: Agfest is a vital part of the Tasmanian community – a showcase for rural Tasmania to our city counterparts and interstate and an important gathering place for the community. I love Agfest and was devastated when it was cancelled in 2020.

Staying connected at Quercus Park is key for us all and this year, we welcome the Telstra team, a debut sponsor of Agfest.


Recently, Telstra GO Repeaters were installed in the Pavilion building and Head Office, providing improved mobile coverage nearby and all year round.
So swing by the Telstra tent at Agfest this year and let them know if you need help with better mobile coverage wherever you live, work or travel. They’ll have a Telstra GO Repeater offer at their site and happy to help out.
Thanks also to Telstra staff being legends and helping customers buy tickets online when in their selected stores.

Rural Youth Office

A. 62 York Street Launceston, TAS 7250 
M. PO Box 322 Launceston, TAS 7250

P. (03) 6331 6154


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