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Welcome to h+d insights! Each week, we share current trends, discussions, and opportunities in the digital humanities. 

The HyperStudio Team


HyperStudio News
We released Annotation Studio version 2.1.0, with new features including tag filtering, public documents, and branded subdomains.

Digital Humanities News

Visual arts and art history
Laura Carletti speaks about Art Maps, a collaboration between Tate and researchers at University of Nottingham and University of Exeter. The project “allows users to explore artworks in the Tate collection through a map interface which facilitates their analysis in relation to the places, sites, landscapes and environments that informed or led to their geotagging.”

The College Art Association publishes a code to best practices in fair use for the visual arts, providing guidelines for using copyrighted works in analytic writing, art pedagogy, art objects, museums, and archives and special collections.

Eric Hellman writes about why Github is important for book publishing: “Modern software development requires people with different skills to work together. Book publishing is the same.”

Issues in DH
Nishant Shah considers the role of the reader in DH:  “I want to invoke the reader, forced into readership, surprised by sin, and sometimes excluded from the libraries that were created more to guard and save information rather than make it democratic, to think about the critical need to unpack the reader in digital humanities.”

Michael Franklin writes about applying digital humanities methods to documentary filmmaking, a “rich field for the application of digital innovation” both “in the use of new tools to tell engaging, interactive, transmedia stories...and in the evaluation of the impact of such creative work.”

Focus: Projects
The Religious Soundmap Project, a joint project of Michigan State University and the Ohio State University, archives audio recordings representing religious diversity in American Midwestern cities.

Sharon Howard blogs about Locating Lascars, a project in which her students researched using Old Bailey Online and annotated texts using Annotation Studio.


Conferences, Fellowships, + Publications

Applications are now being accepted for the Accessible Future Workshop (Emory University, Atlanta, GA, April 10-11)

Registration is now open for Museums and the Web 2015 (Chicago, April 8-11)

Registration is now open for DPLAfest 2015 (Indianapolis, April 17-18)

Submissions are now being accepted for Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries (Poznan, Poland, September 14-18) 

March 1 is the deadline to apply for Beyond the Digitized Slide Library: A Digital Art History Institute (University of California, Los Angeles, July 5-15)

March 3 is the deadline to apply for the Institute for Community College Digital Humanities (Lane Community College, Eugene, Oregon, July 13-17)

March 8 is the deadline to submit proposals for Digital Classicist London 2015 (London, Summer 2015)

March 9 is the deadline for submissions to DHCommons Journal’s “How did they make that?” section 

March 10 is the deadline to apply for an NEH grant to host an institute for advanced topics in the digital humanities

March 13 is the deadline to apply for the Postdoctoral Fellowship in Digital Public Humanities (Brown University, Providence, RI)

March 15 is the deadline to apply for the Mellon Postdoctoral Research Scholar in Digital Humanities and Community Engagement (Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA)

March 28 is the submission deadline for Metadata and Ubiquitous Access to Culture, Science, and Digital Humanities (Sao Paulo, Brazil, September 1-5)

March 31 is the deadline to submit abstracts to "Historical Network Research" at Sunbelt XXXV (Brighton, UK, June 23-28)

April 3 is the deadline to submit abstracts to Making Humanities Matter, part of the Debates in the Digital Humanities series

May 8 is the deadline to apply for the 9th Workshop on Language Technology for Cultural Heritage, Social Sciences, and Humanities (Beijing, July 30, 2015)

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