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The Pleasure Project Starts October 1st!

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30 days of pleasure for only $30!

I'm a firm believer that pleasure is the key to a well lived life. Give yourself the gift of pleasure for 30 days and watch how your life expands!

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I'm back in Paris! Life is good and pleasure is easy!

I'm here with my dear friend, Beth, and our daughters. We're are soaking up the energy with our girls and also planning my Spring Paris Retreat! Just being back in this city feels so good. I know I've written about this many times before. There is something that opens in me when I'm in Paris. I feel more alive. I feel more beautiful. I feel more pleasure!

A lot of that pleasure has to do with context. It's so easy for me to feel pleasure here. The sun is shining. There are still roses in bloom in late September. The pastries, oh the pastries! The cobblestone, the cheese, the wine, the architecture, the fountains, the energy. All of that really speaks to my pleasure center. 

However, there are people in beautiful or luscious places who don't connect to their pleasure. And there are people in dire situations or how've experienced intense trauma who still embrace pleasure.

So pleasure is about more than a place, it's more than context.

Pleasure also is about intention and attitude. 

I choose pleasure over and over again. Sure it is easy here. But I also choose pleasure back at home when I've been up with a sick toddler or I'm cleaning up after my pugs. I choose pleasure even though life has been hard. I choose pleasure even though I am tired. And I don't do it perfectly. Sometimes I'm too grumpy to remember my pleasure. Sometimes I feel to busy. Sometimes I forget.

That's one of the main reasons I come back to Paris again and again. This is the fasted and most dramatic way for me to open to pleasure. It's a reset button for my pleasure.

That's also one of the main reasons I created the Pleasure Project. I wanted to carve out 30 days of pleasure. I want to see what happens when I consciously engage with my pleasure for a month. What would your life look like if you said, "Yes!" to pleasure. Are there experience you would pursue? Are there things you would change? How would you feel?

Pleasure also requires permission. Will you give yourself permission to feel great?

Pleasure is all about what feels good. If you are ready to feel good, if you are ready to choose pleasure; join me for the Pleasure Project.

We start October 1st and you can find more information and register here.

At this moment I nearing the end of my final day in Paris. We started our day with pastries and then spent the morning wandering around the neighborhood of the hotel we chose for my spring retreat (It's gorgeous!!!). After the girls' nap we went  to the Rodin Museum (one of my favorite places for pleasure - the garden, the smooth marble and statues of human bodies wrapped up in embraces are so sensual and ignite my pleasure center).

This trip has been exquisite and I love sharing my pleasure city with Beth and our daughters. And I'm elated to share it with 10 women this spring. I will announce all the delicious details about my Pleasure in Paris Retreat soon!

For now I'm basking in this city for about 14 more hours and then I will bask in the memory of this trip for a while longer. I'm so excited to take all of the delicious pleasure energy and put it into the pleasure project. I'm looking forward to prolonging this lovely energy for another month!

Wishing you warm baguettes, golden sunsets, fragrant flowers, and a romantic evening with candlelight and someone who gazes at you with passion. Wishing you pleasure in whatever form you desire.


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