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Women's Sexuality Workshops

Each month I host a Women’s Workshop with a different theme.  Each workshop is part educational with information and resources I provide for the group and there is also time for group sharing.   Workshops are limited to 6 participants.  The cost is $25 per workshop.  To reserve your spot, contact me.

Sensuality and Sexuality – Thursday, October 27 7pm-9pm

Sensuality can be a great bridge to sexuality and it can also be practiced on its own.  Tonight we will focus on defining sensuality and identifying ways sensuality can impact your desire and pleasure. 

Sex and Shame – Thursday, December 1 7pm-9pm

Is shame getting in the way of truly enjoying your sexuality?  We’ll talk about shame, where it might come from and ways you can release it so you can reclaim your sexuality and enjoy your sexual experiences fully!

You can find more information about these events here

Goodbye Studio 6
I'm so bummed to announce that KOIN Studio 6 has been canceled.  I have loved being a part of the show and will missing seeing everyone at KOIN.  You can see past segments from the show on my YouTube channel.  I am adding more shows every week!

How can you focus on sex when there is so much sadness in the world?

It seems that everywhere we turn, there is struggling and sadness.  I know so many people who are dealing with loss (of jobs, loved ones and relationships) or hardship.  There is a lot going on on a personal level…and then if you look at things on a global level - the struggling, loss and sadness seems even bigger!
With all of the sadness in the world, how can you focus on sex or your relationship?
You might think to yourself, "In the larger picture, isn’t sex a very small thing?"
When you are sad, struggling, hurting – can you even think about sex?
This summer I wrote a blog post about having conflicting or multiple emotions.  Just because you are happy about something, doesn’t mean you can’t also feel sad.  Just because you are sad about something, doesn’t mean you can’t connect with your sexuality.  Just because you are hurting, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy pleasure.

Sure, there will be times you are too sad for sex.  There will be times that sex is the last thing on your mind.  That is OK.  There are other times that sex might be a welcome distraction.  There are times that sex might even make you feel less sad.
If you feel too sad to connect sexually, you can still have sexual intimacy by talking about sex.  You can also just check in with your partner and share where you are emotionally (connecting emotionally is another form of intimacy).
Notice where you are and don’t judge yourself.  It is OK if you feel too sad to have sex.  It is also OK to have sex even though there is sadness in the world. 
Enjoying your relationship or your sexuality doesn’t make you less conscious of the sadness in the world…but it may make it easier for you to bear it!


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