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IF's Impact and Activities in China Past – Present
by Taiyi Sun
IF has been conducting a discussion series in China every winter and summer since 201.  Participants range from high school students to teachers, from ordinary Chinese citizens to nationally famous scholars.  In essence, there is always diverse pool of contributors.  Each person shared that the IF discussions are extremely meaningful as societal views and behaviors were ultimately changed.
Seven reports are in the draft stage as they are being translated into Chinese.  At this time, editing is still required before these drafts can be ready for final print.  However, the existing IF reports have worked well when the following conditions are satisfied:  Reports in English and Chinese are available, the participants speak English, and the facilitator is familiar with US and Chinese contexts and he/she is proficient in utilizing the IF method.    
IF discussions have motivated past participants to start their own discussion groups.  . Some former participants have returned to China and organized informal discussions.  Due to the differences in culture and governmental structure, a few participants are interested in starting new sanctuary projects to develop reports that would suit developing/emerging/non-democracies better.  This could be an interesting project as IF considers possibilities under different governmental parameters.

Discussion, Art, and Society at Art Basel

- Daniel I. Cooper 

Since its debut in 1970, Art Basel has become the modern and contemporary art world's premier platform for bringing together artists and their patrons in a way that is both engaging and personal. With annual art shows sited on three continents – Europe, North America, and Asia – Art Basel is the only art show with such global reach. Over 30,000 artists and attendees were registered for the December 2013 Art Basel in Miami, Fl making it a perfect space to hold a discussion about the Future of the Arts and Society Report.(read more)



IF International:
Fellows Train Faculty from Eastern Europe and Central Asia 

- Ieva Notturno

IF activities and interactions do not end at the U.S. border. Since the very beginning Jay Stern had a project in Hungary. IF’s strongest foray into the international arena was made by Fellows Mark Notturno and Ieva Notturno when they developed a 50 Hour Training Course in the IF Discussion Process for use in Student Centered Discussion Courses.
For three years in a row, and twice in collaboration with George Washington University, Mark and Ieva trained faculty members from Eastern Europe and Central Asia who were studying in the U.S. under the auspices of the State Department’s Junior Faculty Development Program and the Open Society Institute’s Faculty Development Fellowship Program how to use IF’s student-centered discussion teaching methods. These faculty members came from several different disciplines—political science, economics, law, and various business fields—and several different countries, including Albania, Armenia, China, Croatia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Russia, Serbia, and Tajikistan. (read more) 
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New Reports Have Been Released

Three new reports have been released for public discussion. Please feel free to follow the links listed below:
  1. Shaping our Towns and Cities
  2. The Future of Family
  3. Crime and Punishment

We are now a quarterly newsletter! 

Our June Issue will feature
  • Highlights of the civil rights report
  • A description of the upcoming report on Water
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