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March 2014 <tarot everywhere>
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Restoring the Spiritual Dignity of Tarot.
Hello <<First Name>>, welcome to the March issue of the Lighthouse, guiding you through the depths of Tarot. In this issue we share the worldwide events taking Tarot to a whole new level and audience, and invite you to join us this year at your national TarotCon. These vibrant events are a great way to experience Tarot, make new friends, and meet the world's leading authors, artists and teachers. First, we share a little technique from 1940 ...


Muriel Bruce Hasbrouck (1890 – 1981) was a student of both Paul Foster Case and Aleister Crowley. She dedicated her book to these two men, a lesser-known book entitled Pursuit of Destiny, written in 1941. She also predicted in that book the financial crisis of recent times, and predicted the next cycle for such financial turmoil would be in 2045. We'll keep you updated! We use her work as the basis of the first book in our Tarot Life series, bringing Tarot to everyday life for intense self-discovery. Here are her keywords for the Minor Arcana Suits and Numbers.
Pentacles/Earth Practical Sense
Swords/Air Mentality (Thinking)
Cups/Water Flexibility (Emotions)
Wands/Fire Dynamic Energy (Imagination)
The Ten Numbers/Potentials
Ace Inspiration, Innovation, Originality
Two Initiative, Adaptability, Uncertainty
Three Determination, Intensity, pride
Four Stability, order, restriction.
Five Activity, power, opposition.
Six Ambition, leadership, egocentricity.
Seven Versatility, dominance, fear.
Eight Sagacity, prudence, short-sightedness.
Nine Forcefulness, capability, obstinacy.
Ten Persistence, conservatism, self-will.

Tarot LifeSo, by putting these keywords together, you can see how they create meanings for each of the forty Minor Arcana. If we take the 5 of Pentacles, that would be the "opposition of practical sense", in this case. How about the more fortunate Nine of Cups, here the "capability of flexibility"? What do you think of these keywords - why not share your thoughts with us on our Facebook discussion group?

To experience the best-selling Tarot Life series, start with Book 1 here or buy all twelve as PDF.


Tarot ConventionAustralia ... Melbourne 4th-6th April

Canada ... Toronto 21st-22nd June

UK ... Lake District 20th-21st September

USA ... Dallas DFW 18th-19th October

Europe ... Frankfurt 15th-16th November

For speaker lists, workshop details and to get your ticket before it's too late, head over to

Ticketing for Australia & Special Prices (for UK) or Payment Options (US) are now open!
Keep in touch with events on our Facebook Wall Here.

The Tarot Sanctuary

The Tarot SanctuaryWhy not spend an hour with us in the Tarot Sanctuary, our new free monthly videocast. In our first video, we share some of the secrets of the Waite-Smith Tarot and reveal the prize on offer for the forthcoming launch competition. We also show some of the original research material, including books and magazines dating back to the early 1900's. Future episodes will include insights into the Thoth Tarot and the life and magick of Aleister Crowley, working with the I-Ching and the Tarot, and much more.

Tarot Courses on Demand
Join the thousands of people who have become confident tarot readers through our courses! We now have the Certificate course (suitable for beginners or just-starting tarot readers) and Hekademia course available "on demand" for you to start any time you wish. Watch out for news of the 78-Day Diploma course which will be available on-demand shortly.



Our Hekademia Tarot Course is now available on-demand, for study when and how you want. This two-year course is the world's most comprehensive Tarot course, and offers material you will not find anywhere else. It has taken almost four years to create, and contains 100+ hours of video lessons from Marcus Katz, with guest lectures from Mary K. Greer, Rachel Pollack, Kim Huggens, Barbara Moore, Robert Place and more to follow.

The range of subjects you will cover includes:

The History of Tarot – Tarot & Occultism – Contemporary Tarot – Oracular Traditions – Tarot & Psychology – Tarot & Science – Tarot & Religion – The Anglo-Saxon Oracle – Oracular Practice – I-Ching – Runes – Lenormand – Ifa (Shell) Divination – Symbolism (6 classes) – Numerology (6 classes) – Mythic Journey & Spreads (6 classes) – Tarot & Kabbalah (6 classes) – Tarot & Astrology (6 classes) – Tarot & Alchemy (6 classes) – Practical Reading Skills & Street Tarot (6 classes) – Professional Considerations & Professional Tarot Reading/Marketing (6 classes) – Tarot & Psychology (6 classes) – Developing Your Intuition & Inspiration (6 classes) – Secrets of the Thoth Tarot (6 classes) – Secrets of the Waite-Smith Tarot (6 classes) – Tarot Rites & Rituals/Tarot Magick (6 classes) – Waite-Trinick Tarot – Reversals – Golden Dawn Tarot

You can also purchase individual modules for self-study if you wish. All classes and modules have supporting material written by Marcus Katz specifically for the Hekademia. The course is online, and only requires a browser or iPad, and is supported by a monthly live supervision session for all students, and private social group.

Tarot Magazine Cover
Check out the next edition of Tarosophist International - FREE as a member of the Tarosophy Tarot Association, including all 21 BACK ISSUES! That's 1,200+ pages of quality articles on Tarot for every level and background. Our issue 22 this weekend features Tarot & Poetry, more secrets of the Waite-Smith Tarot, and much more.

We also feature an interview with Luis Aguilar, the creator of the excellent Tarot Vignettes, which teach Tarot at a glance!

In other news, we are fast selling out of copies of the Original Lenormand deck (3rd ed.) and our publication Abiding in the Sanctuary (the rare images of A. E. Waite's second secret Tarot, hidden for a century). These are both limited editions and are selling fast - the Abiding in the Sanctuary book in hardback is sold out already, and the paperback is only available in 250 copies, over half of which have been sold!

We look forward to sharing more news with you over the month, and don;t forget to check out our Free Facebook group for daily exercises, fun and discussions, and the answers to any Tarot question you may have!

May a full deck of possibilities be yours,
Tali Goodwin
Author: Around the Tarot in 78 Days, Tarot Face to Face, Learning Lenormand, Secrets of the Waite-Smith Tarot (Llewellyn, Spring 2014)
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