You Are a Super Hero(ine) ... Discover your Mythic Journey!
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You Are a Super Hero(ine)!
A fantastic blockbuster spread for a special Summer reading.

As the summer blockbuster season concludes, we thought we should remind you that every one of us is a hero or heroine in our own life journey.

Use this unique Tarosophy method to see the story-board of your mythic life, underneath all the distractions of every day. Claim your super power, take the journey, rescue your life and return with the reward!

[ILLUS. The New Palladini Tarot, US Games Systems, 1996]

You will need to take any deck and split it into three piles; the 16 Court cards (COU in the spread), the 50 Minors (MIN) and the 22 Majors (MAJ).

Shuffle each pile separately and then lay out 8 cards, selecting from each pile as indicated in the diagram - choosing yourself which of the three piles to use for card positions 1 & 5. 

This cycle is your heroic life in a mythic sense, and constantly cycles in our lives as we learn one lesson after another.

If you have been repeating the same old mistake for a long time, this spread will often show you what you need to learn - and do - at a deeper level.

We look forward to your discovery and perhaps you would like to discuss it with others in our friendly and supportive Facebook group? When you look at your storyboard, what would be the name of your mythic film?

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