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shine in Markham

Weston Consulting’s skills at working out a deal that is positive for both sides came into play with a successful settlement with the City of Markham at the OMB.

Senior Associate Jim Levac represented a client at the OMB after a proposed amendment to a zoning bylaw failed to be enacted. The proposed amendment would have allowed for the rezoning of properties in order to develop ten single-family dwellings along with a private condominium road, an environmental buffer block and a valley land block. The appeal was complicated by a lack of decision on the proposed plans of subdivision and condominium.

Jim’s expert testimony, which provided the history of the application and noted that there had been extensive community consultation, showed that the proposed amendment was consistent with the objectives of all relevant governmental plans. Both sides agreed on a settlement in favour of nine single-family detached dwellings, a workable compromise.

Whitchurch-Stouffville downtown
Whitchurch-Stouffville downtown streetscape. 

Watching Whitchurch-Stouffville manage growth

New homebuyers have been flocking to Whitchurch-Stouffville, prompting the Town to offer residents a chance to choose from a few options for a Growth Management Strategy. 
With the Town's population swelling by 47 per cent from 2006 to 2011 and anticipated to grow to 60,600 by 2031, the strategy comes none too soon.  Residents were presented with four options to guide development and direct population and employment growth to 2031.
  • Option one envisioned future residential growth following a pattern of low-density development in greenfield areas without much intensification.
  • Option two looked at a better use of greenfields through compact development and moderate intensification, with a greater share of higher density housing.
  • Option three looked at accommodating growth through more intensification.
  • Option four contemplated accommodating growth through remaining Phase 2 lands, requiring most residential growth in the form of medium and high-density development.
After much consultation, the public chose option two, using available greenfields and more high density housing. 
The next step is the preparation of an amendment to the Stouffville Secondary Plan. Weston Consulting continues to monitor progress on behalf of a number of landowners in the Town.

inZone logo

inZone will implement Liveable Oakville Plan

inZone is the catchy name for the Town of Oakville's zoning by-law review. Currently in the consultation and adoption phase, inZone's first draft (version 1.0) is available on the Town website and is being refined as public and stakeholder feedback continues. A series of open houses continuing into June this year will gather more feedback which will inform the next draft of the Zoning by-law scheduled for release in fall 2013. 
Weston Consulting has engaged in discussions with Town staff and is monitoring progress on the inZone project on a continuous basis. Please contact David Capper or Ashlee Rivet in our Oakville office for more information on inZone.
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news from

Weston Consulting's plan for a healthy live/work community just south of Regina in the Rural Municipality of Sherwood is getting extensive media coverage in Saskatchewan. Client Great Prairie Development Corporation announced their intention to create the community, Wascana Village, at a media-packed news conference May 30. Regina recently stated in the media that its objective is to annex sections of land within the RM of Sherwood. Stay tuned as it is possible that this issue may require resolution by the Province of Saskatchewan.

North Oakville Zoning by-law

A proposed amendment to the North Oakville Zoning By-law, if approved, will restructure the existing by-law to result in a more user-friendly document. The Amendment will be presented by Town of Oakville Planning staff to the Planning and Development Committee meeting on Monday, June 10, 2013 at 7 p.m. in the Council Chambers at Oakville Town Hall, 1225 Trafalgar Road. Please contact David Capper or Ashlee Rivet in our Oakville office for more information on the proposed amendments.

Message from the President

Weston Consulting. Number 1 in planning and Number 9 in... lobbying?

Mark Emery, President

A recent Toronto Star article entitled "Breaking down the city lobby boom" outlined the 10 most active "lobbyists" in the City of Toronto. Weston Consulting ranked number 9 with 13 "issues".  It is not often realized by our clients that under the City of Toronto By-law, Planners, proponents and anybody else must register with the Office of the Lobbyist Registrar in order to meet with any City-elected official. Failure to register is considered a Provincial offence. Accordingly, not only is it a requirement to register, but good practice to consult with Councillors regarding pending or active development applications occurring in their wards. Given that this is the law, we are abiding by our obligations as professionals by registering each instance where a meeting is conducted. Perhaps being ranked number 9 in the City of Toronto is not so bad. For more information about the City of Toronto's Lobbyist Registry, visit
 Mark Emery, President, Weston Consulting

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