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Finally!  The opportunity you've been waiting for is here!  It's a New Year and time for a new beginning.  This is your year to achieve your goals for better health. 

Love to you!Even if you don't have the chance for a cleanse on Samui this year, you can still start making positive change at home.  Remember, you are ultimately responsible for your health and life.

'A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.'  Now is the time for you to start your journey.     

I'm in Koh Samui, Thailand through February and March and I look forward to seeing you when you are here for your next cleanse!  In April, I plan to be at the Bali Spirit Festival in Ubud, Bali doing Iridology Assessments and Crystal Readings.  In May-June 2010 look for me in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing, China.  Follow the latest news and inspiration on my new website -

My wish for you is for complete healing on all levels of consciousness.  Thank you for the love and inspiration you share with me!

contact me to book your session for Iridology, Crystal Healing, Healthy Habits talks, Green Smoothie class or my NEW raw food cooking class!  

Quick Affirmation

Health Goal Yes!Health Yes!

'I am whole,
perfect, strong,
powerful, loving,
harmonious and happy.'

Visualize Your Goals for Better Health

SilenceRealize on your journey that you don't have to be perfect.  Love yourself for who you are now, not who you think you should be.  If you don't love yourself, how can anyone else love you?  When you think about yourself, bring in loving thoughts of full acceptance for who you are.  When you think about where you would like to be, give yourself every opportunity to visualize the best in life for yourself because you deserve only the very best!

Every day, try to spend 10 minutes in silence as a gift to your spirit and as a time to open this love for yourself.  Visualize your goals and give yourself the feeling that you have already achieved everything you aspire for in life.  How does it feel being that person?  Close your eyes and imagine you are already there.  

Thank your Divine Source for guiding and protecting you along your journey.  Understand that every situation in life offers a lesson and an opportunity for you to understand yourself better.  Feel how blessed you are to have this life on earth and fill your heart with gratitude and love for it all!

Feed the Mind
Be here and now.
Be non-possessive.
Cultivate trust.
Be honest & vulnerable.
Practice awareness, acceptance & affirmation.
Be grateful.

-From What is Love, by Frank Vilaasa  

Green Smoothie Inspiration

New healthy habit for 2010: Drink one Green Smoothie every day.  No more excuses.  Time to experience the Green Smoothie Power!  

Green Smoothie PowerGeneral recommendations for Green Smoothies:

Blend 60% fruit to 40% greens.

Use 2 varieties of fruit and up to 2 types of greens.

Blend different fruits and greens every day.


    1 bunch fresh parsley

    3 bananas

    ½ fresh pineapple

    ½ lime squeezed

    ½ cup water

Fiber Blend Smoothie:

    5-6 leaves large kale

    ½ bunch parsley

    1 Tbsp. cold-pressed hemp oil

    1 Tbsp. ground hemp protein

    2 Tbsp. ground flax seed

    1 red apple

    2 cups red grapes

    ½ lemon squeezed

    ½ cup water

Quick Cleanse Smoothie:

    1 bunch celery leaves

    ½ bunch parsley

    2 cups fresh papaya

    2 cups fresh pineapple

    ½ cup water

Green Bliss Smoothie:

    2 Large handfuls of kale

    2 lemons, squeezed

    1 avocado

    ¼ cup water

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Enjoy these wonderful creations made from the healing foods of Mother Earth and blended especially with love!

Jennifer in Koh Samui

Jennifer Thompson Look for me at Kamalaya Resort, The Four Seasons Koh Samui and at Absolute Sanctuary Resort on Koh Samui, Thailand.  

Healthy Habits Talk - Every Sunday at 5:30pm at Absolute Sanctuary Resort

Green Smoothie Classes - 90 minutes of Fresh Green Love, every Wednesday and Saturday at 5:30pm in Lamai. 

Crystal Healing is a powerful energy treatment that can assist your body in re-balancing energy chakras during your detox.
An Iridology Session can help personalize your plan for continued success after your cleanse. 

Contact me by email at or by phone at (+66) (0) 801412702 to schedule your appointment today!

Jennifer featured in Samui C-Holiday Magazine...

Samui Holiday Magazine



Jennifer Thompson: Looking through the windows to your health

Someone said that the iris is the living image of what the eye has been, what it is today, and even what it can become. "The iris is like a chalkboard which does not get erased."

Iridology (pronounced eye-ri-dol'-ogy) is the science of studying the iris or the coloured portion of the eye. Based on empirical observations, made by medical doctors and other researchers over the last 300 years, which suggest that certain dysfunctional states in the body are indicated by different textures and colour properties within the iris. It is useful for preventative health because these imbalances in the body can be detected early on, giving time for adjustments to be made using natural therapies.

Jennifer Thompson is one such practitioner, and the visions she sees dancing through the windows to your health can be quite awakening.

Originally, Jennifer was trained and schooled as an Environmental Systems Engineer, and left the American corporate arena in 2001 to discover the meaning behind life, and who she really was as an individual. She always wanted to be a Park Ranger. So she became one. She had an impulse to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in the times when it was not common for women to undertake such a task, and she reached the peak of her desire. Then it was a 6-month bike trip across the U.S.A., from Georgia to Maine along the Appalachian Trail. Little did she know that her life was beginning to reach the parallels of her healing journey.

New Zealand tasted her sweat, and then in Australia this hard-core extremist fell ill. It was here that she first witnessed the insight that can come from Iridology. She visited a practitioner, who discovered that her eyes were two completely different colours for a reason. Jennifer knew that she was ill, the rashes, lack of sleep and 2 ½ years of discomfort had stopped her from vanquishing the physical challenges of the planet. It was the reason why, that she could not master.

You have that look in your eye...

Jennifer’s encounter with Iridology saved her from a long and drawn out life of misery. She wasn’t in any danger of dying from her illness; she was in danger of being conquered by the fear of it. Now she has taken a different approach to life by becoming a Comprehensive Certified Iridologist CCI, through the International Iridology Practitioner’s Association IIPA. Today Jennifer changes other people’s lives working on the isle of paradise as a Motivational Speaker, teaching workshops and retreats, focusing on personal detox, raw food coaching, runs green smoothie classes and holds private Iridology sessions. 

She makes it clear that her work does not confirm, discover nor treat disease, but it is a scientific means of discovering what your body needs to recover, and what it is missing that is essential to your health. She makes her clients focus on what they need to do when they get home and are away from the comforts of a holiday rest period, as well as how they can prioritise on things that are realistic to achieve.

Jennifer is more than just another health-nut or witch-doctor practicing holistic medicine on Koh Samui. Her observances are what your body is telling you, and as she looks into your eyes you might find yourself surprised at what she sees, and what she brings back from the windows to your health may be things that you somehow already knew.

-by Glenn Wallis, February 2010 Issue Samui C-Holiday Magazine

Jennifer Online!

IridologyOnline Iridology Readings are now available via skype and email! 

Get started on the NEW YOU today - book an 
online Iridology session and invest in your health and happiness.  Your body needs it!  Your health is your biggest asset!! 

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Next month...Focus, Focus, Focus!

The time to start is NOW.  Today is the beginning of the rest of your life!  Create the life that you want, be the best person you can be, love without fear, reclaim your health and take back the strength of your soul!

Thanks for being part of my journey, and I wish you all the very best in your journey!Love

Until next time...                                                                                                  

Gratitude, Blessings & Green Smoothie Love,

Jennifer Betesh: Iridologist, Health Coach, Author, Consultant and Organic Farmer.

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