Constipation and Colon Health

A condition in which there is difficulty in emptying the bowels.

When you feel good inside, you feel good everywhere!!

July 2011Healthy Bliss

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Don't Worry, Be Happy!

Seven days without laughter makes one weak. 
-Joel Goodman


Raw Food Snack
Sesame seeds are a great natural source of calcium!
Sesame Balls

Sesame LoveIn a mini food processor, first blend/grind:

½ cup organic white sesame seeds
Then add 3-4 Tablespoons Raw honey (or agave nectar) and blend again.

Mixture should be moist enough to roll into small balls (about the size of a walnut).

Place a handful of whole sesame seeds on a plate and roll each ball on seeds to coat the ball with sesame for a nice, appetizing look.  Can decorate with goji berries, raisins or dried mulberries.

Serve and enjoy!

Affirmation for the Month Ahead: 'I accept myself for where I am on my journey knowing that just being on the path is a good thing!'


Top 10 Surprising Causes of Constipation  

'Insufficient bowel function results in a variety of chronic and degenerative diseases. Cleansing and rebuilding the bowel should be one of the most important goals of anyone who has become health conscious. When the bowel functions optimally, then and only then can the liver and every other organ have the ability to also function optimally.'

- Dr. Richard Anderson

Unhappy Colon1. Under-Active Thyroid
2. Painkillers
3. Fast Food

4. Supplements (Iron & Calcium)

5. Laxative Overuse

6. Too much Dairy

7. Anti-depressants

8. Depression

9. Antacids

10. Blood pressure, Allergy medicines & Anti-histamines

When your colon is healthy, you should be having at least one bowel movement per day. It should be soft and easy to pass.  Constipation can make a person feel irritable, uncomfortable, tired, weak and toxic.  Over time, it can lead to a condition known as 'auto-intoxication' where the feces can start to re-infect the body.  Yuck!

It's important to know some of the lesser known contributors to a slow-moving colon.  Many medications have constipation as a side effect.  A slower metabolism (thyroid) can slow bowel function.  Dairy products act like 'glue' in an already sluggish colon.  Depression can slow down metabolism and therefore contribute to the problem.  Some vitamins and mineral supplements, especially iron and calcium, will slow down bowel movements. If used for long periods of time, stimulant laxatives can lead to dependence, meaning your body simply won’t function properly without them.
Fast food is high in fat, sugar and calories but low in fiber. Eating too much fast food will cause chronic constipation. Low-fiber fast foods include hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken nuggets, fried chicken, fried fish, french fries, pizza, tacos, milkshakes and mozzarella sticks.

Clean Colon = Good Health

Colon LoveFocusing on getting your colon moving is an investment in good health for life.  Anyone who has ever taken antibiotics or eaten refined sugars, pesticides, processed foods, artificial flavor enhancers, preservatives, color additives, fried foods or free radicals is an excellent candidate for a good colon cleanse.  One should clean their colon at least once a year.  Ideally, every six months is best.

In between cleansing, eat a diet high in fiber and low in processed, refined and fried foods.  Drink plenty of water.  

Consider taking probiotics to re-balance the natural balance of good bacteria in the gut (especially after antibiotics).  Exercise to get the metabolism moving.  Love your colon and it will love you!

It’s that easy!

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Featured Superfood 
High-Quality Organic is a 'must' with Superfoods
Vitamineral GreensDid you know that low quality superfoods can legally use cheap 'fillers' and low quality ingredients?   Especially when buying Superfoods, beware of low quality green food products.  Watch for cheap ingredients and filler such as apple pectin, barley malt, large amounts of lecithin, added sugar.  This is an example of when 100% organic really does make a difference.  Be sure your superfood is 100% organic!

I recommend Health Force Nutritionals Vitamineral Green as an all-over high-mineral high-quality superfood to add to your Green Smoothies.  The quality is superb - 100% TruGanic (beyond organic), 100% pure Super foods.  Nothing added, No fillers, not Diluted.  No synthetics.   Just like we like it!  You don’t have to be Raw or Vegan to experience the benefits of this product.  

Some people even claim to have a reduction in sugar cravings when adding high-mineral green powder blend to their diet.  Read this testimonial:

'I have used this product with great results.  After one week using 1 tablespoon per day, I noticed a huge drop in cravings.  I didn't crave sweets or junk.  I was just simply not hungry.  This can probably be attributed to high mineral content within the product.  I have read that constant food cravings are related to mineral deficiencies.  Maybe its mind over matter.  Either way it works.' 

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