This newsletter may be difficult for some of you to read and accept, but we are on the verge of great change in this world, and it's time you know the truth. Please have an open mind and hear what I have to say about the 'beloved' Wholefoods Market chain. Then, decide for yourself what foods are best for you. I hope you make the right choice.
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'Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.'
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

What's Wrong with WholeFoods?
It's not easy to be the messenger of bad news when so many people love and revere WholeFoods. Well, I love them too...and there are things that I do buy there which I will mention later. But as the title to this newsletter states, I do not buy 90% of their food. And today I'm going to tell you why.

Now of course WholeFoods does sell meat, dairy and cooked right away, I'm wouldn't buy those. But I know a lot of you do, and you mistakenly believe that if you buy food at WholeFoods, that it's organic, non-GMO and chemical-free. That is simply NOT true. While some foods at WholeFoods are certified organic, most are not. And even the organic foods contain suspicious additives.

I'm going to show you what to look for and what to avoid.  

If I only I had a dollar for every time someone said to me, 'I don't eat MSG because I buy everything from WholeFoods' or 'I only buy organic because I shop at WholeFoods,' well, I would already be retired by now! It amazes me how strongly people are influenced by a good logo, 'clean and green' marketing and nice lighting and music in a store. Did I mention how many clients I've helped recover from migraines, insomnia, itchy rashes, anxiety, digestive disorders, hot flashes (in men and women), dizzy spells, vertigo, adult acne and chronic inflammation by going through a detailed list of what they eat from WholeFoods and getting the offending foods out of their diet? Often times people are resistant to believe me. They can't imagine that their organic Annie crackers are causing their troubles. Or their Earth Balance or Smart Balance 'Butter'. They sometimes yell at me and call me a liar. Well, I am taking the crack away from the I know I will meet resistance (yes, these chemical additives are chemically addictive). Over time, if they do change, they come to accept what I have told them and when they take the suspicious food out, their skin clears, they sleep for the first time in years, they no longer feel depressed, their migraines are gone forever...and then the Thank You emails roll in. I've been teaching this stuff for 6 years, and I know what I am talking about. If you partner of child is exceptionally irritable and suffers from any of the symptoms above, your salad from the salad bar at WholeFoods could be causing the problem.

If you want to have good health, you have to check all food labels and you have to be responsible for what you put in your mouth.

As an interesting side note, I checked the WholeFoods website before writing this post and I found a very funny article titled, "Myths and Misconceptions: MSG." In the article, a WholeFoods representative discusses the 'Myth: There's Hidden MSG lurking in our aisles.' He states, "We draw a clear line between natural glutamate-containing foods, which we allow, and highly concentrated MSG, which we don't.." I actually laughed out loud when I read that, because I see Monosodium Glutamate on the salad bar ingredients in WholeFoods ALL THE TIME! Right there for the world to see! Well, I am usually the annoying one who is reading every label and holding up the salad bar line, and maybe even sneaking out my camera for a photo!  (By the way, an example of a 'natural glutamate containing food' is pure tomato paste or parmesan cheese, NOT spicy barbeque flavored Kettle Chips!!) 
The other part of the article tries to state that other forms on MSG are not really MSG, but for people who are sensitive, it is clearly written on the labels so they will know what they are buying. Well, how many people really know that legally the word 'spices' or 'natural flavors' can contain MSG already, and the label can still read ''No MSG' or No Added MSG?' And how many people know that even if a product is labeled certified organic, it can still contain these other ingredients that have MSG in them already, like 'onion powder' or the new one I am seeing lately, 'rosemary extract'? So your 'organic' product with 'No Added MSG' can still be causing your migraines? YES!!

This is food label trickery at its finest folks!

The food industry has billions of dollars to research and develop new chemical food additives, and the government simply does not have the money to keep up with their technology (assuming the government was really interested in people's health and not funded back-handedly by the food and pharmaceutical industry of course!) In short, there is TONS of hidden MSG at WholeFoods, and this is the main reason that I would not buy 90% of their food. 

Let's start looking at a few labels.

MSG at WholeFoods
Let's start with the obvious offender: Monosodium Glutamate, or MSG. What did Wholefoods say about having a no-MSG policy??

Kettle Crap
Oh, the beloved Kettle Chip. The only good thing I can say about Kettle is that there are very savy with their packaging. So many organic non-GMO bells and whistles! But it doesn't stop me from seeing the offenders: Yeast Extract, Garlic Powder, and Jalapeno Powder. Why not use real garlic and jalapeno? Because the powders can legally hide MSG and they do not have to disclose that on the labeling. Maybe they are 'safe' because they are organic, but the Yeast Extract is a big NO-NO. That is always MSG in disguise.

Organic My Axxx
Another example of a tainted organic food. This is the WholeFoods brand, and from I've gathered, they seem to hide their MSG under the term 'Natural Flavor.' Yes, legally that can have MSG in it. It is an easy way to hide MSG in food. And since WholeFoods claims that their brand is MSG-free, they don't seem to want to use the classic Yeast Extract ingredient. Any time I see 'Natural Flavors,' I do NOT buy. 

BBQ crap
I really have no idea who would go to WholeFoods to buy BBQ Chicken Wings, but who are we kidding here? This is NOT a healthy version! Note the 'Spice Extractives,' 'Natural Grill and Smoke Flavor,' 'Spices,' 'Yeast Extract,' 'Natural Flavor,' 'Yeast Protein.' I think I'm going to be sick. 

Soup Slop
Seems like a good idea...a nice warm filling soup. but read that label! 'Soybean and Corn Protein,' Yeast Extract,' 'Carrot Powder,' 'Pumpkin Stock.' All MSG in disguise. 

Sushi Shite
Nothing is sacred anymore. They even managed to ruin this dish by adding 'Natural Flavor,' 'Soy and Wheat Protein,' 'Yeast Extract.' You must start reading labels and if you see these ingredients, do not eat!

Oh, the food industry is so good at food label trickery! Made with Goodness! Doesn't fool me. Read 'Yeast Extract,' 'Natural Cheese Flavor,' 'Paprika Extract' and suddenly this so-called healthy organic food is no longer an edible item in my book.  Yes, they can legally use this ingredients with hidden additives, and since they did not add anything themselves, they can label their product with 'No Artficial Flavors.' Never believe the marketing schtick on the front or side of a box. Always check the ingredients. 

Think you're doing your kids a favor by buying organic Mac and Cheese? Does it still take 2 hours for them to calm down and sleep at night and are they cranky, irritable and fighting all evening? It's probably from the MSG in disguise: 'Yeast Extract.' Kids go bonkers when they eat MSG. Their bodies are much smaller than an adult. Take out MSG and you will have a happy, well behaved child that sleeps through the night.  For breast-feeding moms, the MSG is passed through your breastmilk, so if your baby is colicky and doesn't sleep, try eliminating all MSG foods. You'll be amazed.

All I can really say about this one is: Watch this space. I saw A LOT of 'Rosemary Extract' in foods at Wholefoods, and I have not seen it used so much before. It wouldn't surprise me if the food industry is reinventing MSG once again now that we are onto the whole Yeast Extract, Spices and Natural Flavors thing. Anytime you see a vegetable with the word 'extract' after it, be very suspicious (unless it is Vanilla Extract, which is ok becuase it is not a salty deritive). I will personally avoid all foods with 'Rosemary Extract' until someone starts doing some explaining.

Bulk Bull
Bulk does not make a healthier option. You have to read all labels, always and forever. Here we have 'Corn and Soy Protein,' 'Natural Smoke Flavor,' 'Yeast Extract,' 'Natural Flavor.' Ever wonder why these ingredients are always in salty, savory foods and not in sweets and cakes? Because MSG is a salty, savory flavor enhancer. It makes salty foods taste even more savory and it is chemically addictive.

Green Goop
Looks so healthy, proclaiming to 'eat your vegetables.' You should be an expert by now: 'Natural Flavor,' 'Onion Powder,' 'Garlic Powder.' Other flavors of this brand also have 'Yeast Extract.' Note this is Sea Salt flavor!

So what I do buy at WholeFoods?

Wholefoods Raw Foods
If the WholeFoods has a juice and smoothie bar, I'm so there! I also buy fresh fruits and veggies, preferably organic and on sale.

WholeFoods Superfoods
I like to check out the 100% raw and organic Superfood section.

Seeds and Apple Cider Vinegar
I look for organic flax and hemp seeds, bulk organic raw pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds, raw apple cider vinegar and a raw granola, as a treat.

Salad Bar
At the Salad Bar, I choose RAW FRESH VEGGIES only. I do NOT trust the pre-made salads or the pre-made salad dressings. I use olive oil, apple cider vinegar or fresh lemon juice as a dressing. 

To learn more about hidden terms for MSG on food labels, go to
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Q: How about exercise? Do you exercise? What is your daily exercise regiment?

Jennifer: Usually I either walk 5km, run 5km, swim for 40 minutes or do stretching and weights for 40 minutes. I try to exercise every day.

Q: What warning would you give to people that do not choose organic?

Jennifer: Long-term you could be setting yourself up for mineral deficiencies.

Q: Do you recommend people make a diet change cold turkey, or do you recommend they take it at a slow pace? I have heard that changing from a Standard American Diet (SAD) to a raw, plant-based diet should be handled as people treat any other addiction. Please comment on that.

Jennifer: When you change your diet, your lifestyle also has to change. So be prepared for that. Everyone is different with his or her approach to change – I believe in taking a person one step above where he is at, not forcing anyone into cold turkey, but I also support them if that is what they choose. You didn’t get to where you are overnight; so don’t expect to get out of it overnight either. Usually all or nothing takes people back to all or nothing.

Q: Is there anything else that you might want to mention?

Jennifer: Yes! As Fred Bisci says, ‘ Don’t talk about food all the time – it’s boring!’ I love that quote, because it reminds me to have balance in my life. It is just as important to make time for friends, family and love as much as it is to eat well, so remember to keep it all in perspective. Healing has to occur on every level and when you go to all levels, the rewards is…well, healthy bliss!

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