Green Smoothies for a Healthy Summer!
Summer is the best time to get into healthier habits, with more access to fresh fruits and vegetables and increased daylight hours for exercise and sunshine.

Take advantage, get out your blender and feel the Power of the Greens!!

May 2012 Healthy Bliss

Stronger, Better, Healthier

Every morning I wake I give thanks to the Universal Mind, 
Affirming that only good comes to me
I face my day bravely to whatever comes, 
Because I know, I am part of humanity in Thee.

That is why I say every morning, that each day
I am stronger, better and healthier
Because eventually my mind understands this
And my life turns according & I became wiser.

Our human brain & body works this way, 
What we believe comes to us
Eventually I change according to my belief
The truth will reveal & I stop being what previously I was. 

-LaSoaphia QuXazs 

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“I’ve been drinking Green Smoothies every morning for the past 2 weeks,
and I’ve never felt better.
Not only do I have more energy during the day,
but I can sleep most nights without any sleeping pills.
I just cannot believe the difference in the way I feel. 
Truly miraculous!!” - A. W., Hong Kong

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All you need is a blender and a willingness to change. You CAN improve your health, one Green Smoothie at a time!!

Featured Raw Food Recipe
Jennifer's famous Pumpkin Seed Cheese
Pumpkin Seed CheesePumpkin Seed Cheese Ingredients:
  • 2-3 large garlic cloves
  • 1.5 - 2 cups raw pumpkin seeds
  • juice of 4-5 limes
  • 1 tsp. cayenne pepper
  • 1 tsp. cumin powder (to taste)
  • dash sea salt or Himalayan salt 
    (to taste)

Finally, I am sharing this recipe after so many requests! I made this yesterday for a Memorial Day party, and everyone loved it! The bowl in the photo was full yesterday, luckily I remembered to photograph it before it was all gone!  Pumpkin seeds are naturally high in zinc and are therefore excellent for the glandular system. They are also a good anti-parasitic and anti-fungal food, combine that with the garlic and you have a powerful immune booster!

Pumpkin Seed Cheese Directions:
Grind the dry pumpkin seeds in a mini food processor. Empty and put aside. Then, grind the fresh garlic in the same mini food processor. Add the ground pumpkin seeds again, squeeze in the fresh lime and add the spices to taste. Grind again. The consistency should be moist; if still dry, add more lime juice. This dip tastes best if left to sit overnight, but can also be eaten immediately. Serve with freshly sliced cucumber for a delicious 100% raw food vegan snack!

Please note: I call this a 'seed cheese' because the fresh lime gives it a slightly cheesey flavor, but there is no cheese or dairy in this recipe, it is pure raw food bliss!

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Ten Ways to Make Your Kitchen Healthier
Create a Healthy Living Space for a Healthy You!
Healthy Life = Healthy YouMaking a plan for healthy habits has to include a healthy space to make your creations. Your kitchen should be a comfortable clean inviting place. When the energy is good, you feel happier. The food picks up that vibration and actually becomes healthier for you. It's true!

Take some time this week to get your kitchen ready for all those yummy Green Smoothies and real Healthy Bliss!

1. Clean out your pantry of expired foods. Old foods have a dead energy. Get rid of them! Check the dates on everything periodically.  If there is no date, get rid of it if you have not used it in more than 1 year.

2. Check foods for mold.  Look in any jars or powders in your fridge. If you see mold, get rid of it! Mold can spread through spores in the air; if one food is infected, others will be soon too!

Glass Storage is Best3. Switch to glass containers.  Although glass storage is more expensive than plastic, it's an investment in your health. Especially when storing salads with vinegar, the plastic can be leached into the food. Store dry goods in glass jars. For glass containers, look for store coupons, buy on sale, or check discount stores.

4. Get sharp knives.  Having a good set of sharp knives makes preparing food so much more enjoyable and easier! Is it time to replace a knife, can it be sharpened? Get your kitchen ready for chopping bliss!

5. Store cutting boards dry. When you rinse your cutting boards, be sure they are totally dry before putting away. Stacking wet cutting boards makes a breeding ground for bacteria and mold.

Healthy kitchen!6. Create healthy counter space!  Keep your kitchen in order by only keeping healthy essentials on the counter, like a blender or juicer. When those items are looking at you every day, you are much more likely to use them!

7. Clean out the fridge and defrost the freezer. It's easy to wipe the refrigerator shelves with white vinegar and baking soda. Old remnants of food on shelves is not only unsanitary and but has a stale energy. Your food should be treated and stored like valuable jewelry, in a beautiful clean container!

8. Play music, make the kitchen fun! The happier you are when preparing food, the more likely you are to do it again and again. Take time to be grateful, feel happy, appreciate your health, and give thanks to your food while you prepare your creation. Sing out loud, the more fun the better!

9. Decorate with fresh food.  There's nothing more inviting to a healthy kitchen than a bowl of fresh colorful fruit, a line of tomatoes on the window or a few fresh herbs growing in small containers.  As you rotate foods with the season, your kitchen changes too!

10. Get inspired with new recipes & cookbooks!  Clean out any old cookbooks from your unhealthy past and make way for new recipes and inspiration for the New You! Experimenting with raw food salads, smoothies and recipes keeps life interesting. When your food tastes good and is good for you, healthy bliss comes naturally!
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Small changes really do make a big difference. Why wait another day? A whole new world of health awaits you!

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