Take this Simple Test to See if You are Too Negative!

Positivity is Key to Health!

Do you always see the bad in things, and wonder why you can't make positive change?

Did you know that you can be addicted to saying negative things about others?

It's so important to look at the mental, emotional and spiritual side of your healing journey. After all, can you really call yourself healthy if you are eating an all raw food diet and tapping away mean or undermining comments on your Facebook and Twitter all day?? Or worse, thinking negative thoughts of yourself? Take this simple test to check your negativity and re-calibrate yourself back to positivity and health!

Test yourself for negativity:

The negative person seldom thinks of himself as being negative. He most likely will put up an argument if you even subtly suggest he is negative.
I will give you a very simple test which will tell you, in no uncertain terms, whether your mind leads towards the negative or positive side.
Below are 25 ordinary words. Read these words slowly, noting carefully what mental association goes with each. The association will either be negative or positive. If you find you are negative on most of them – be happy. I say: Be happy, because a great changes about to take place in your life which will give you Health, Wealth and Happiness.
1. Love
2. Crag
3. Money
4. Automobile
5. Food
6. Sex
7. Dark
8. Book
9. Rest
10. Law
11. Water
12. Letter
13. Garden
14. Maid
15. Boss
16. Home
17. Guests
18. Health
19. Animal
20. Father
21. Clothing
22. Music
23. Children
24. Write
25. Tests
Many of these words seem negative and others positive; but below you will find each can either negative or positive. (from the book Grow Rich while you sleep by Ben Sweetland)
Love. The association flashing in the mind of a negative person might be: no one loves me. On the other hand, a mental picture of a loved one might appear in the mind of a positive one.
Crag. The negative one could easily picture dangerous crags on which is clothing could become torn, or he could be hurt in falling against one of them. Crags add beauty to the hillside in the mind of the positive thinker.
Money. Negative: debts, lack of it, etc. Positive: comfort, security, generosity.
Automobile. Negative: lack of one common or condition of present car. Positive: enjoyable trips; fun for the family.
Food. Negative: poor meals, indigestion. Positive: pleasant repast with relatives and friends.
Sex. Negative: resentment is not happy with me, or if unpopular with opposite sex. Positive: reverse of negative.
Dark. Negative: loneliness. Positive: rest, relaxation.
Book. Negative: study, boredom. Positive: enlightenment, pleasant pastime.
Rest. Negative: works too hard; no time for rest. Positive: recuperation, recreation.
Law. Negative: traffic tickets. Positive: order, protection.
Water. Negative: drowning, rain. Positive: swimming, boating, cleanliness.
Letter. Negative: bad news. Positive: good news.
Garden. Negative: work, expense. Positive: beauty.
Maid. Negative: cannot afford one. Positive: makes the wife’s homework more enjoyable.
Boss. Negative: slave driver. Positive: promotion, income.
Home. Negative: fighting, nagging. Positive: companionship with family.
Guests. Negative: extra work and expense. Positive: good fellowship.
Health. Negative: awareness of aches and pains. Positive: a condition worth striving for.
Animal. A nuisance, expense. Positive: loyalty, devotion, companionship.
Father. Negative: strict, never gave one any breaks. Positive: devotion.
Clothing. Negative: scanty wardrobe, cheap clothing. Positive: reverse.
Music. Negative: noise, annoyance. Positive: peace, inspiration.
Children. Negative: pests, expensive. Positive: fulfillment.
Write. Negative: inability to write which causes one to dread writing. Positive: helps one to develop ideas.
Test. Negative: lack of faith in once ability to pass test. Positives: gives one an opportunity to try his skill.
Your reaction to these words maybe entirely different from the illustrations given; but from these illustrations you will be able to determine whether or not your first impressions were negative or positive.
Psychological studies have shown that 95% of all people lean towards the negative side. This figure coincides with the study which revealed that not more than 5% of all people are successful. If you are among the 95% of negative people, undoubtedly your flash reactions to the words were heavily on the negative side. If you find this to be true, as I said earlier: be happy!
This formula is an extremely simple – and effective – way of reeducating your creative mind, making it natural for you to think positively, constructively.
For a full week, say to yourself as often as you can think of it: I CAN be a success! Say before retiring at night; when you first awaken in the morning; several times during the day.
This fixes in your mind the fact that you can be a success. You will agree that unless you know you can succeed, there's little use in trying. Some burn the street into your mind, even if, at first, you do not believe it. After short period of time you will begin rejoicing in the thought that success can be yours.
But, knowing you can be a success is not enough. We all know lots of things we can do, but unless we do something about them, the positive knowledge is of little benefit to us. This brings us to the next phase of the formula: for another full week (you can take longer if you wish), every time you think of it, repeat to yourself: I will be a success. Do this many times from early morning until the time your retire at night.
A great change will begin taking place within that mental reservoir of power of yours. You will experience a pleasant uneasiness. You want to test your new powers. If, for example, if you have yearned for a business of your own, you'll begin preparing yourself for one. If you have no money at all, it doesn’t matter. Your creative mind will guide you to ways and means of obtaining it.
But you're not yet through with your mental exercises. For at least another week, begin telling yourself: I am a success. Do this many times from early morning until you retire at night.
If you have a success consciousness and know that you can be a success, and that you will be a success, you have a fulfillment of your desire.
You may be wondering when I'll be back in Samui for your next detox.....well, I'm not sure! After 6 years in Samui full-time giving my very best, I decided it was time for I'm traveling, researching and exploring new health destinations and having some fun along the way! Thank you to everyone for being part of my journey!! All I can say is STAY TUNED!
Next month....Raw Food & Healthy Tips from the Road..
Peace, Love & Green Smoothie Bliss, Jennifer
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