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August 2017 Issue

Escape Route

The Brave Adventure Academy

Aims to create the next generation of female adventure guides in South Africa. Girls between 14 – 18 years of age from under privileged communities train alongside Escape+Explore guides and clients, working together to learn practical life skills at the cutting edge of African Adventure.
ROCK GIRLS: Inspired in 2010 by girls from Manenberg who wanted to make their gang-ridden Cape Town community safer and cleaner. Rock Girl has partnered with artists, designers and government to amongst other things install 55 Safe Space public benches around South Africa.
“We are creating a sisterhood, one that supports girls in our community, but that also advocates for girls in our city, in our country, and across the continent.  We are proud that our voices are being heard across the world.  Escape+Explore is helping us share our messages and giving us the confidence not only to speak out, but to climb mountains, surf waves, and explore our own country!" – Miche Williams, One of the Founding Members, Rock Girls
OBJECTIVES: Provide opportunities for under-served local girls to reach their true potential. Confidence and resilience will develop as the girls explore and experience life’s adventures, giving the chance to use physical, mental and emotional skills to cope with any challenge that comes their way.
I am incredibly inspired by these girls and so passionate about growing this academy and creating a guiding pool that will showcase the very best of The Cape for generations to come – Ingram Casey
MEET OUR FIRST INTERN: Lee-anne Jenkins, a 17-year-old girl from Manenberg, is one of the founding members of Rock Girl (  Eight years ago, along with other grade five girls, Lee-anne started a Safe Spaces campaign at her school that has inspired a city-wide campaign, in partnership with the art and design and travel industries. She interns with Escape+Explore, conducting tours of Rock Girl benches and other unexplored areas of Cape Town. Lee-anne loves meeting new people and sharing the beauty of her country with them. Additionally, she regularly writes for The Cape Times as a Rock Girl Reporter and speaks on various platforms about their work.
GET INVOLVED: Click here to book the unique opportunity of having a Rock Girl guide in training on tour with your clients. This gives them the opportunity to engage and get to know this highly resilient, optimistic young girl with the fee being donated directly to The Rock Girls.
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