News / January 30th agenda.
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City Council
Work session 4 p.m.
Meeting 7 p.m.
See agenda below

Millcreek is seeking the services of an Administrative Hearing Officer. More information can be found here.

Please park in the rear lot if you arrive before 5:30 p.m. for a meeting at City offices.

Send us your photos of Millcreek to use in this newsletter and on the website.




Reverse 911 Available in Millcreek

SALT LAKE VALLEY.  Millcreek residents have access to a regional notification system that will text, telephone, or email messages about emergencies, disasters and other critical public safety issues. Everyone's land line number has been automatically added to the system.  If you want to be contacted by alternate means, like your cell phone or your email account, you can sign up at This service is provided by the Salt Lake Valley Emergency Communications Center.  


Granite School District's Long-term Planning and Finance Plans

Granite School District is holding a series of public meetings to inform the community of the long-term planning and financing options it is considering.  The District has determined that its current financing model does not raise sufficient funds to meet updating, renovation and rebuilding needs. Plan to attend a meeting on Monday, January 30th at 6:30 p.m. at Skyline.  There will be another meeting on Thursday, February 23rd at 6:30 p.m. at Olympus High School. Other meeting locations and dates, and additional information, can be found at


Many residents have had issues with snowplowing this winter. Because of the amount of snow that has fallen, there have been delays from time to time in clearing both major and side streets. A particularly difficult problem occurs when snow from the roads is pushed onto sidewalks, creating glaciers that adjacent property owners simply cannot clear. Streets have priority, but, while it may take a few days, the crews generally go around to clear sidewalks of such glaciers. We are working on solutions. If you have issues, please contact the County's 24/7 line at 385-468-6101.

On a very positive note, Mayor Silvestrini received the following email from a constituent:
"Just a shoutout to our County Snow Removal crews!!! This year has been a brutal snow year, especially for residents on hilly narrow streets. I wanted to say: "thank you so very much!!" to our snow removal cews who have worked 24/7 to keep our neighborhoods as clear as possible. And, kudos to the code enforcement  division for helping to remove [an obstruction] that was parked on our street, creating a hazard for cars and pedestrians.They coordinated with the UPD and acted quickly." -- Millcreek resident

The Mayor forwarded this to the supervisors of the plow drivers, the UPD and code enforcement, requesting that they let their people know how much we appreciate them giving up their holidays to work for the residents of Millcreek rather than being with their families  We know they hear about problems, so it's nice to let them know we appreciate them when they do a great job!

The County snowplow crew can be contacted 24/7 at 385-468-6101. The Unified Police Department's non-emergency number is 385-468-9620.
VISIT us at
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City Council Agenda

Monday, January 30, 2017
Notice is Hereby Given that the Millcreek City Council shall assemble for a meeting in the Conference Room of the Mt. Olympus Improvement District Offices located at 3932 South 500 East Millcreek, Utah.
4:00 PMWork Session:

        1.   Presentation by Barbara Fitzpatrick and Kathy Holder of the Federal Emergency Management Agency to discuss Millcreek joining the National Flood Insurance Program

        2.   Interview with Karen White regarding becoming a Title V volunteer for Millcreek

        3.   Presentation by Jeff Wankier from Millcreek Pony Baseball

        4.   Discuss and consider Request for Proposal for website design services

        5.   Discuss and consider entering into contract with John Jansen for planning services

        6.   Discuss and consider creating a policy on social media use

        7.   Discuss and consider the purchase of movie screen for Venture Out

        8.   Discuss and consider a job description and salary for future city manager position

        9.   Discuss and consider future employee benefits

       10.   Discussion of form of minutes for Council meetings

       11.   5:00 p.m. scheduled – Ethics training by Utah League of Cities and Towns
6:00 PM - General Meeting / Budget Public Hearing:
  1. Call to Order
          1.1  Pledge 

          1.2  Approval of Minutes            
  1. Public Comment
 Audience members may bring any item to the Mayor and Council’s attention.  Comments are subject to the Public Comment and Policy set forth below.  State Law prohibits the Council from acting on items that do not appear on the agenda. 
  1. Reports
          3.1  Report of the Mayor, reports of City Council members. 
  1. Appointments
           4.1  Discussion and consideration of Resolution No. 17-__ appointing Tim and Rhonda Bachman as coordinators of the Community Emergency Response Team (hyperlink to document). 
  1. Consent Agenda
     6.  Planning Matters 

            6.1  Discussion and consideration of Resolution No. 17-__ appointing a temporary appeal authority (hyperlink to document)

            6.2  Discussion and consideration of Resolution No. 17-__ authorizing the mayor to enter into a contract with John Jansen to provide temporary planning services (hyperlink to document)
  1. Financial Matters
     8.  Other Matters

          8.1   Discussion and consideration of Resolution No. 17-__ authorizing the mayor to issue a Request for Proposal for website design services. The draft RFP is here (hyperlink to both documents)
          8.2   Discussion and consideration of Resolution No. 17-__ recognizing receipt from the mayor of a written statement that the purchase of an outdoor movie screen for use at community events for the amount of $11,999.30 from Open Air Cinema without a request for proposal is in the best interest of Millcreek, and authorizing the mayor to purchase the outdoor movie screen (hyperlink to document)
     9.  New Items for Subsequent Consideration
  1. Calendar of Upcoming Events
                 January 30, 2017 City Council meeting
  1. Closed Session (If Needed)
 The Millcreek Council may temporarily recess the Council meeting to convene in a closed session to discuss the character, professional competence, or physical or mental health of an individual, pending or reasonable imminent litigation, and the purchase, exchange, or lease of real property, as provided by Utah Code Annotated §52-4-205
  1. Adjournment
 In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Millcreek will make reasonable accommodation for participation in the meeting. Request assistance by contacting Leslie Van Frank, 801-541-8838, and provide at least 48 hours advance notice of the meeting.
Public Comment Policy and Procedure: The purpose of public comment is to allow citizens to address items on the agenda. Citizens requesting to address the commission will be asked to complete a written comment form and present it to the acting city recorder. In general, the chair will allow an individual two minutes to address the Council. A spokesperson, recognized as representing a group in attendance, may be allowed up to five minutes. At the conclusion of the citizen comment time, the chair may direct staff to assist the citizen on the issue presented; direct the citizen to the proper administrative department(s); or take no action. This policy also applies to all public hearings. Citizens may also submit written requests (outlining their issue) for an item to be considered at a future council meeting. The chair may place the item on the agenda under citizen comments; direct staff to assist the citizen; direct the citizen to the proper administrative departments; or take no action.
I, Leslie Van Frank, acting City Recorder, certify the foregoing agenda was emailed to at least one a media correspondent, was posted on the Utah State Public Notice website and on Millcreek’s website at, and was posted at the Mt. Olympus Improvement District Offices located at 3932 South 500 East Millcreek, Utah.  Posted and dated this 22nd day of January, 2017.  /s/ Leslie Van Frank, Acting City Recorder

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