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Redlands Tea Party Patriots

We are Global Warming!


Cool summers are engulfing much of the United States, but not in Redlands thanks to the Tea Party Patriots! We aren't just sizzling going into August -- we're heating things up for the fall as well!  Congress goes on vacation in August, but we don't! We have a full plate of events to announce in this newsletter.

But first, we want to thank the 67 people who graduated from our Citizen Ninja training at the Mill Creek Cattle Co. on July 19! This wildly popular training has taught people to become fearless and effective warriors in the cause of saving California and America. Like last year, when 68 people attended our Activist 101 training from the Leadership Institute, we were pleasantly surprised by the interest in the program. We anticipate holding similar training sessions in the years to come.  Citizen Ninja motto: “A Citizen Ninja understands that principles and truth supersede fear.”  The Pledge of Allegiance is the Citizen Ninja oath of office.

We have three meetings at Mill Creek on Thursday, Aug. 7. Two meetings in the afternoon will be focusing on ways to ramp up efforts to address specific issues.  We The People activists Ly Kou and Robin Hvidston and tea party activist James Baca are leading the fight against amnesty.  Their meeting begins at 3pm.

The second meeting begins at 4pm with Fletch and Cheryl Birge, Lake Arrowhead Tea Party Patriots, who are leading the group in the Inland Empire called "Run Ben Run," a local effort to encourage Dr. Ben Carson to run for president.  It is awesome to see the number of patriots everywhere getting more and more involved in the cause to save our country.

Our regular monthly meeting begin at 7 p.m., August 7. We will feature Paul Chabot, Republican candidate for US Congress 31st district.  There will be an extended Q&A period to give voters an opportunity to get better acquainted with Paul, let him know what is important to them and what they expect of him if he is their voice in Congress.  We will also have a follow-up on the Citizen Ninja training with demonstrations on how to recognize and counteract false arguments used by libs.  We will also have a report from Robin Hvidston and Ly Kou on rallies they have been holding in the Inland Empire with very successful results, especially the immigration rallies in Murrieta.

A victory for citizens who stood up for their country!  Thank you to all of the patriots who called, faxed or e-mailed Congress to stop the Boehner border bill that would have funded Obama’s open border policy without solving the problem.  That bill would have passed but for patriots from around the country melting the phone lines to Congress.  Please see: “It Wasn’t Pretty But It Worked, How the Right Won the Summer Immigration Skirmish”
This again shows “The most important political office is that of the private citizen.”

The US House did pass a subsequent and much more favorable measure Friday before going on its August break. The final bill -- which we doubt will ever get past Harry Reid's US Senate or Obama's desk -- never would have happened without patriotic citizens tearing up the phone lines.

More about Paul Chabot: He is courageously running in a district in which Democrats enjoy at 7%  majority.  In political terms, 7% is a huge advantage. Normally, almost any candidate with that big of an advantage would win without a sweat.  Paul can win this majority Democrat district if we get all like-minded conservatives, libertarians and independents to vote in November. It's entirely doable, but it's going to take every one of us to do everything we can.
To learn more about Paul, please see: and his impressive bio at
Even if you preferred Lesli Gooch to Paul Chabot, Paul is a good man who served his country well.  Conservatives have no rational choice but to close ranks and fully back Paul against far left Pete Aguilar who will vote lockstep with Obama and Pelosi.  Aguilar is so far left, he even supports California’s loony co-ed bathroom and locker room law for school children. Aguilar is also on record for slashing defense spending for more domestic social programs -- all at a time when extreme (even too extreme for Al Qaida) ISIS is in the process of retaking Iraq.
Paul also has a fund raiser on Sunday (sorry for the late notice).  See details in the calendar.

Most people in Redlands are conservative, but our city council tilts decidedly to the left of the people.  There are three Redlands City Council seats up for election this November so we have a good chance to correct this.  There are good conservatives considering running (if you know them, please encourage them).  Stay tuned for more information.

(If you are conservative who believes in Tea Party principles considering running for the Redlands City Council, we are prepared to fully back you in your race.)

Patriots -- our  numbers are growing...and fast! John Berry, a Redlands Tea Party Patriots cabinet member and a California state coordinator, has helped to stand up formal Tea Party Patriots chapters in Lake Arrowhead, Banning, Beaumont, Whittier, Hancock Park, Orange County, and the High Desert (other formal chapters could soon be forming in Chino, Moreno Valley, and Riverside).

We are also growing in social media. Redlands Tea Party Patriots cabinet member Greg Brittain has taken over our Twitter account, and largely because of his efforts, we will soon reach 1,100 followers. Meanwhile, our Facebook membership is almost 800 and our number of newsletter subscribers could exceed 1,700 followers with this issue.   If you have a Twitter account, please follow us @RedlandsTParty  Please retweet our tweets to extend our reach though social media. Our Facebook page is at  Join our Facebook page and join in the often lively discussion.  You too can help spread the Tea Party message through social media.

Patriots -- the energy and enthusiasm, not to mention the creativity and dedication, is growing among all conservatives of all stripes throughout the Inland Empire. We have a chance this election, if everyone does his and her part, to turn a wave election into a tsunami.

Stay tuned! Stay active!

I never worry about action, but only inaction.”  Winston Churchill

Patriotic events:

8/3: Fund Raiser for Paul Chabot,

Dr. Dale and Susan Broome, as well as Dr. Robert Torrey, will be hosting a fund raiser for Congressional candidate Paul Chabot. Event is at the scenic home of Dr. Dale Broome, 503 East Mariposa (near the Redlands County Club), 3 p.m. - 5 p.m. RSVP to Brenda Chabot at 909-559-9095 or

8/5: "Blood Feud" book tour,
Richard Nixon Presidential Library, 18001 Yorba Linda Blvd., Yorba Linda. The author of "Blood Feud, the Clintons v. the Obamas," will join conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt at the Richard Nixon library in Yorba Linda. Event includes live radio show from Hugh Hewitt as well as Q&A with Edward Klein on book that examines the Clinton v. Obama rivalry. Book autograph session follows show.  Tickets range $19 to general admission to VIP couple for $99. For tickets and information:

8/7: Ben Carson and Fighting Amnesty,
Two separate mid-afternoon meetings are scheduled for the Mill Creek Cattle Co. on the same day as our general meeting. The first, at 3 p.m., focuses on immigration issues. Ly Kou Robin Hvidston and James Baca will lead those meetings. After that, Fletch and Cheryl Birge from the Lake Arrowhead Tea Party Patriots will host a "Run Ben Run" meeting aimed to encourage Dr. Ben Carson to run for president. Both meeting are at the Mill Creek Cattle Co., 1874 Mentone Blvd., Mentone.

8/7: General meeting
7 p.m. - 9 p.m. Mill Creek Cattle Co., 1874 Mentone Blvd., Mentone. Meeting is free and open to the public. Paul Chabot, candidate for the 31st congressional district, is the featured speaker.

8/9: Monthly meeting of ACT for America, Corona Chapter,
Monthly meeting of ACT for America, Corona Chapter, August 9, 6:00 check in, 6:30 program
Special screening of the movie CAIR tried to stop from being shown, “The Honor Diaries.” The New Hope Worship Center, 804 S. Lincoln Ave, Corona.  Trailer at:  Please RSVP to: 

8/21: Banning-Beaumont Tea Party Patriots,
At the Farm House in Banning, 6261 Joshua Palmer Way, Banning. Contact Glenn Stull for more info.

8/23: Trevor Loundon returns to Redlands.
Trevor Loundon, author of "The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the US Congress," will again present his research findings. Locations and details TBD. Sponsored by Redlands Townhall.

8/28: Redlands Townhall,
American Legion Hall, Colton Ave., Redlands. Fall kick-off meeting for Redlands Townhall. Details TBD.

9/10: Benghazi Rally
Ed Hales Park, downtown Redlands (park unavailable on 9/11 because of Market Night). Sponsored by Redlands Townhall. Details TBD.

9/16: Monthly Meeting of the Lake Arrowhead Tea Party Patriots,
San Bernardino County fire station 91, 301 South State Highway 173, Lake Arrowhead, beginning at 7 p.m. (the meeting is just across the highway from the 7-Eleven). Patriot and author Lawrence Hebron from the American Eagle Alliance is the guest speaker. 

Tune in to AM 590 The Answer for Phillip Naman on The Firing Line (1pm Saturdays) to hear Phil discuss guns and the Second Amendment.

Also Tune into AM 590 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 each Saturday, or 10 p.m. that evening,  for "Unite IE," a radio show dedicated to turning conservatives into patriot activists in the cause to save America. We are co-hosts on the show and members of the Unite IE coalition. You can listen to previous shows at

To keep this valuable program on the air, the Redlands Tea Party Patriots agreed to share ¼ of the cost for the second half hour and in return we will receive the corresponding share of the commercials. This will further enhance our ability to spread our message of personal freedom, economic freedom and a debt-free future, publicize the good work of our patriot members, and recruit more members. Thank you to our generous patriot members for making this possible.

Be sure to check our website calendar for even more events. - click the calendar & events tab.


The Redlands Tea Party Patriots is an all-volunteer organization of dedicated patriots. Together, we are making a significant impact on local and regional politics.

We want your ideas, comments, criticisms and, of course, your help. You can email the entire Redlands Tea Party cabinet at If you can help the cause, please provide your name and a contact phone number as well as what you would like to do. You can also sign up at our monthly general meetings.


Mill Creek Cattle Company
Mill Creek generously allows us to use their facility to meet each month. We ask you to come early to our meeting and enjoy a no-host meal to help us show our appreciation.

Adrian Asencio graciously shares his time, energy and sound equipment with us at each meeting and most of our events. Should you have sound needs or music for a High School reunion or a party, please contact him directly at:, 909-794-7496 or

AM 590 The Answer for supporting our events as well as many other conservatives throughout the Inland Empire.

Ed Hoffman, president of the Wholesale Capital Corporation, for sponsoring the Unite IE radio show.

AllStar Collission Repair and Auto Painting, 522 Railroad Street, Corona, 951-279-9161, is now sponsoring the second half of our the Unite IE radio show. Please use his business.

Cherry Valley Realty for sponsoring the Unite IE radio show.

Our willingness to support those with common goals and interests will make the difference in our community and the nation as a whole.


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