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Redlands Tea Party Patriots


We couldn't help but notice how Petulant Pete Aguilar sneered like a child at Paul Chabot when Paul discussed his Iraq combat tour and quoted Ronald Reagan during the Oct 20 debate at the University of Redlands.

We're not surprised because that is who Pete Aguilar always was. We've always known him as an extreme leftist and tax lover who has no clue how the real world -- much less the military -- really works. (What else would you expect from a guy who thinks the military should be used to fight global warming? Really, we're not making that up.) But we can now add "immature" to the many labels that disqualifies Pete Aguilar for Congress, much less any elected office.

Throughout the evening, Pete reinforced the idea he has no grasp on basic economics much less family values or common sense. This was lost on the rowdy Kool-Aiders in the audience, but we also expected that. Pete did reinforced what we always suspected: He would march in lock-step with every wish Obama wanted -- no matter how silly or obsequious.

Time for a political reality check: Any half-decent Democrat would have won Congressional District 31 in 2012 because of its massive Democrat voter advantage. (Pete loves to whine that he lost in 2012 because of his no name, no money competition, but Mike Morrell won his recent election for state senate with 62 percent of the vote in a field of five candidates. It's called "campaigning.") Congressional District 31 is the same in 2014 as it was in 2012, and Pete managed to finish second in the top two in June by just 209 votes despite massive advantages in special interest money. In 2014, any quarter-decent Democrat would win that district in a landslide...


...a recent poll shows Chabot is within 4 points of Aguilar! And that gap is well within the poll's 5 percent margin of error. See for yourself:

What this poll means to us is we can beat Pete through the ground game. We must knock on doors, plant yard signs, contribute $20, attend rallies, and most of all, VOTE! Paul could win this election if we turn out our base because Democrats are too depressed about Obama's tanking poll numbers to vote. Chabot's winning would make local Democrats a laughingstock on a national scale.

On Wednesday, Redlands Tea Party cabinet member Greg Brittain saw a reporter from the Spanish-language network Telemundo interview Paul Chabot on October 22.  Paul did a great job and in particular regarding the sensitive and emotional issue of immigration.  On expressing sympathy and understanding why people in Mexico and Central America would want to come to America, and expressing desire to help the people reform the country so they can live and prosper there, Paul had the courage and conviction to tell the reporter that he believes in the rule of law and would not vote for amnesty.

(FYI, the Obama administration put out a request for 34 MILLION IDs for new immigrants and amnestied illegal immigrants, 9 MILLION per year

(Oh! We should also compliment Redlands Daily Facts editor Toni Momberger for her well-balanced performance during the debate. Overall, the Facts has been surprisingly objective to conservative concerns this election cycle. Yes, Toni is clearly a liberal, but no matter how 2014 turns out for us, we can't say our news and views weren't represented in the Redlands Daily Facts this election cycle.)

Speaking of Toni Momberger, we couldn't help but notice that she twice admonished the liberal thugs in the audience who were acting like, well, thugs.

During the debate, Paul Chabot also attacked Pete Aguilar for refusing to sign the petition we circulated last year to repeal AB 1266, the co-ed bathroom law, possibly the most immoral and indefensible legislation to ever come out of Sacramento. (For the record, Pete said he was okay with the law during a Coffee with the Council in 2013.)

In addition to Paul, fellow Redlands City Council members Jon Harrison, Paul Foster, as well as Redlands Unified School Board member Patty Holohan, also refused to sign. The only elected official up this cycle who signed was school board member Donna West. Please remember them when you cast your ballot (for the record, Redlands City Council candidate Neil Derry did sign the petition).

Marc Steinorth has done such an awesome and aggressive job campaigning this year that Democrat Kathleen Henry has failed to even make a respectable appearance this campaign cycle because she can't raise money from her fellow liberals (notice how Democrats are paying for her mailers). She did manage a recent mailer that was as hysterically abysmal as it was funny. We enjoy the entertainment, but Marc is a candidate worth defending. Marc Steinorth, a living recruiting poster for the GOP, is a candidate we can see running for statewide office or Congress one day. For the record, Marc is making substantial noise about our upcoming global warming gas tax increase. We expect him to keep attacking the gas tax when he stomps Kathleen Henry on Election Day and is sworn in inside Sacramento.  Like Aguilar, Kathleen Henry is totally dependent on liberal and union money and would be their wholly-owned subsidiary if elected.

There are many election-related events popping up in Redlands, but the one must-attend event is our Nov. 3 rally in downtown Redlands. Our plan is to motivate conservatives to vote by holding a rally brimming with American flags, candidate signs, funny posters. We have several surprises on tap. We are hearing "George Washington" may attend. Rally starts at 4 p.m.

"Border States of America" documentary. The Tea Party Patriots produced an explosive documentary about the ongoing border crisis. The movie focuses on humanitarian and national-security threats from illegal immigration and Obama’s wide open border. Go to to watch for free and forward the link to this important movie to everyone you can. This film is yet one more reason why we need to support the Tea Party Patriots. We can show our gratitude for all the work they do for us by sending them $25 a year.

OK, we have lots of info to help you pick those down-ballot races. We've been fielding many questions about candidates and races, so we're rerunning a lot of into from our last newsletter because it was as informative as it was awesome.

FIRST, MIDDLE AND LAST, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU VOTE AND DO WHAT YOU CAN TO ENCOURAGE YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS TO VOTE!!!  [We’re conservatives and patriots so only vote once.]  Even if you are not satisfied with the one or more of your choices, e.g. for governor, it is still vital you vote for other candidates and the propositions.  You can leave the governor spot on your ballot blank.

Please see all Redlands Tea Party Patriots recommendations at: Please forward or give our recommendations to everyone you can.
How else can you help the cause?

  • Canvass with the Redlands Tea Party Patriots or one of the candidates.  Come to our Oct. 30 meeting to learn how to volunteer..
  • Make calls for the candidates.
  • Support the events Sara Hector organized for Paul Chabot. [Please the “right” column.]
  • Put candidate signs in your yard.
  • Support the Election Integrity Project.  [Please the “right” column.]
  • Attend our election eve get out the vote rally on November 3, 4:00.
  • Write a letter to the editor,
  • Forward our newsletters, website posts, Facebook posts and Tweets to people in your circle of influence.
  • Talk to your family, friends, neighbors and coworkers.  If like the overwhelming majority of people, they believe America is on the wrong track and their children will be worse off than they are, they should DO something starting with voting.
  • Contribute money, as much or as little as you can.  Even $20 contributions add up.

You can volunteer and/or contribute on the following websites: 
www. The liberals are outspending Paul 4-1 because they want the district and they know Pete Aguilar needs a lot of help as a candidate.

In addition,
As our top out of state race, we recommend:
If you have questions about how you can help, please feel free to e-mail us at and we will connect you with the volunteer opportunity “right” for you.

Also, we want to give you a link to a neato and helpful site from the San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters. It's called the "District Look Up Tool." Go the site, type in your address, the map zooms to your house and shows you all the districts you will be voting on this election. In addition, by clicking the magnifying glass next to the district, you can find the number of voters broken down by party and percentage of voters within that particular voting district, e.g., in race for the Redlands City Council, registered Republicans number 15,668, or almost 42 percent of the voters in the city. Here's the link:

Marshall Tuck and Tom Torlakson running for State Superintendent are both Dems and they both support Common Core. The difference is Marshall Tuck supports the recent Los Angeles County judicial ruling holding California’s teacher tenure and dismissal law is unconstitutional because it protects bad teachers at the expense of children’s education. Torlakson is a wholly owned subsidiary of the teacher unions and puts the unions’ interests ahead of our children. The Redlands Tea Party Patriots has no recommendation for this race but you may want to consider these facts when you decide which to vote for, if either... 

Ashley Swearengin, running for state controller, and Pete Peterson, running for secretary of state, are two Republicans who could win statewide offices. Their backgrounds and solutions to California's economic and election woes are so overwhelming that even the uber-liberal Los Angeles Times has endorsed them! (We're not making that up.) Please encourage all your liberal friends to vote for them because even the liberal megaphone of Southern California has endorsed them.

Judging the judges.  We are hearing people want help with their judicial picks. Here's a good site: It rates judges based on liberal activism. For example, the site opposes the reelections of liberal California Associate Justices Goodwin Liu and Marinano-Florentino Cuellar because they create legislation from the bench. We oppose Kathryn Mickle Werdegar because she was one of the judicial tyrants who subverted the will of people in Prop 8 and created law making homosexual marriage legal.

A reminder about campaign signs: You cannot place campaign signs on city property (that includes the fence). Unlike liberals, we respect laws, even the ones we disagree with. The number to Redlands City Code enforcement is 909-335-4737, ext. 2. Ask for Robert Montaghami.

It's not quite yet Election Day, but it's never too early to wish all conservatives a Merry Christmas! We booked comedian Evan Sayet for our joint Redlands Tea Party -Unite IE Christmas party on Dec. 11! Evan Sayet is a conservative comedian and serious commentator. Entrance is $15, which includes two drinks and appetizers. He spoke at the Unite IE Conservative Conference last May.  Here is a clip.  For more info on Evan please
Register on Eventbrite at  Paper tickets will be available at our meeting on Oct. 30.

Patriots! We landed a big "get" for our Oct. 30 meeting! Steve Frank is all-things conservative and Republican going back 50 years in California (he even worked for Reagan and Nixon)! He is the editor and publisher of California Political News. His talk is titled "The Meaning of the 2014 Elections--for Today and 2016." He is speaking five days before the election. This meeting is in lieu of our November meeting, which would have been held the Thursday after the election if we didn't move the date.

The Redlands Tea Party Patriots on line and social media presence is dynamic, growing and making a big impact.

Reading our information on line is good, and forwarding it to people in your circle of influence is even better and is one more way to serve the cause.

Finally, we want to thank all you patriots for everything you've done -- both big and small -- that could help get our candidates into the winner's circle on Election Day. We implore you to do more, but we want to be clear that we appreciate what you've already done...

...but we will really appreciate you if you come to our Oct. 30 meeting with Steve Frank!

The most important political office is that of the private citizen.” Justice Louis D. Brandeis
We must have the courage to do what we know is morally right.”  Ronald Reagan
If there is something about government you don’t like, get together and do something about it.”  Howard Jarvis
I never worry about action, but only inaction.”  Winston Churchill
It is always too soon to give up.” Pastor Jack Hibbs

Patriotic events:

10/25, Patriotic Rally, Alabama Freeway Overpass,
10:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. Large group needed to stand on sidewalk and wave flags and Paul Chabot signs. (Permit not needed; but we cannot disturb traffic). Info: Sara Hector, 909-714-6282. (All conservative candidates, as well as their supporters, in all races are welcome!)

10/25: (last chance!) Poll Observation Training, Election Integrity Project, Redlands. For more info: Call Dawn Verkaik at 909-754-3798 or or 

10/29, Paul Chabot fundraiser,
Meet and greet Paul Chabot at the Gourmet Pizza Shoppe, 102 State Street, downtown Redlands. Contact Sara Hector at 909-714-6282.

10/30 Run Ben Run,
Meeting for volunteers urging Dr. Ben Carson to run for President 2016 will meet at Mill Creek at 4:00 p.m. Mill Creek Cattle Co., 1874 Mentone Blvd., Mentone.

10/30: Monthly Meeting of the Redlands Tea Party Patriots,
Steve Frank, publisher and editor of California Political News, will discuss the November elections and beyond. Steve is a big "get" for us less than one week before Election Day! Mill Creek Cattle Co., 1874 Mentone Blvd. Mentone. Meeting moved from first Thursday in November to last Thursday in October to coincide with Nov. 4 election. We will have campaign yard signs from many candidates for the taking.

10/31: Trick or Treat table supporting Paul Chabot,
On Halloween night, Sara Hector will have a table with Paul Chabot signs and candy at 8th and State streets. Contact Sara at 909-714-6282.

11/1, Patriotic Rally, Alabama Freeway Overpass,
10:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. Large group needed to stand on sidewalk and wave flags and Paul Chabot signs. (Permit not needed; but we cannot disturb traffic). Info: Sara Hector, 909-714-6282.  (All conservative candidates, as well as their supporters, in all races are welcome!)

11/3: Conservative Rally in Downtown Redlands,
Beginning at 4 p.m., we will gather at the four corners of Redlands Boulevard and Orange Street to rally for conservative candidates and causes we support. Bring your signs, flags, humor, creativity. "George Washington" come alive to support our cause.

11/11: Veterans Day Celebration,
Redlands Tea Party Patriots need help for a table at Jennie Davis Park as part of Redlands' Veterans Day celebration. Parade ends at the park about 10:45. See Richard and Joann Marshall during our Oct. 30 monthly meeting.

12/11:  A Tea Party Christmas, 
Comedian Evan Sayet will join our Christmas part at the Mill Creek Cattle Co., 1874 Mill Creek Blvd., Mentone. $15 per person, which includes appetizers and two drinks. This is joined event with Unite IE and the Redlands Tea Party Patriots. More details to be announced at our Oct. 30 meeting.

For more info:  
Please purchase tickets on Eventbrite at   A limited number of paper tickets will be available at our Oct. 30 meeting.

2/21: Second Annual Unite IE Conservative Conference,
Riverside, Fox Theater for the Performing Arts. Details about speakers expected to be announced soon.

Tune in to AM 590 The Answer for Phillip Naman on The Firing Line (1pm Saturdays) to hear Phil discuss
guns and the Second Amendment.

Also Tune into AM 590 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 each Saturday, or 10 p.m. that evening,  for "Unite IE," a radio show
dedicated to turning conservatives into patriot activists in the cause to save America. We are co-hosts on the
show and members of the Unite IE coalition. You can listen to previous shows at

To keep this valuable program on the air, the Redlands Tea Party Patriots agreed to share ¼ of the cost
for the second half hour and in return we will receive the corresponding share of the commercials.
This will further enhance our ability to spread our message of personal freedom, economic freedom
and a debt-free future, publicize the good work of our patriot members, and recruit more members.
Thank you to our generous patriot members for making this possible.

Be sure to check our website calendar for even more events. - click the calendar & events tab.


The Redlands Tea Party Patriots is an all-volunteer organization of dedicated patriots. Together, we are
making a significant impact on local and regional politics.

We want your ideas, comments, criticisms and, of course, your help. You can email the entire
Redlands Tea Party cabinet at If you can help the cause,
please provide your name and a contact phone number as well as what you would like to do.
You can also sign up at our monthly general meetings.


Mill Creek Cattle Company
Mill Creek generously allows us to use their facility to meet each month. We ask you to come early to
our meeting and enjoy a no-host meal to help us show our appreciation.

Adrian Asencio graciously shares his time, energy and sound equipment with us at each meeting and
most of our events. Should you have sound needs or music for a High School reunion or a party,
please contact him directly at:, 909-794-7496 or

AM 590 The Answer for supporting our events as well as many other conservatives throughout
the Inland Empire.

Ed Hoffman, president of the Wholesale Capital Corporation, for sponsoring the Unite IE radio show.

AllStar Collision Repair and Auto Painting, 522 Railroad Street, Corona, 951-279-9161, is now sponsoring
the second half of our the Unite IE radio show. Please use his business.

Cherry Valley Realty for sponsoring the Unite IE radio show.

Our willingness to support those with common goals and interests will make the difference
in our community and the nation as a whole.
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