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Redlands Tea Party Patriots

Passion! Fire! Energy! Enthusiasm! Common Sense!
(Not Bad for a Saturday)


The Redlands Tea Party Patriots and other conservative groups from the Inland Empire made a strong showing Saturday at the Tea Party California Caucus at the Marriott LAX. We heard from PJTV host Bill Whittle, who spoke to Redlands Townhall earlier this year, as well as Woody Woodrum, who spoke to the RTPP earlier this year as well.

As always, Whittle was on target with his humor, wit, and inspiration. He compared conservatives in California to salmon -- we have to be strong in spirit and body to swim upstream while liberal deadwood just floats whichever way the current takes them.  

Of course, Whittle got a standing ovation!  See more  at

Saturday was a good day to network at the California Republican Party convention. You could go for free if you wanted to attend the Tea Party meetings.

While there, we picked up materials for No on 45 (another make-lawyers-wealthy-ballot measure) which we will include in our canvassing materials. This is in addition to the No on 46 materials we got last week.  Props 45 and 46 will help the lawyers while increasing healthcare costs for everyone else.

Speaking of canvassing: Paul Chabot should be opening an office in Redlands soon! That will give us opportunities for canvassing and phone banking. Details TBA.  Paul Chabot is a good, strong conservative who can win in the No. 1 target for Democrats in all 435 US House races. (The national Democrats were humiliated by losing that majority Democrat district to two Republicans in 2012.) More info at

We are also working with Marc Steinorth, another good, strong conservative who can win in November.  This race is one of four state assembly races that will determine whether the liberals get their two-thirds supermajority in the California assembly. Please see

About our meeting with Neel Kashkari: First, we are flattered that he wanted a meeting with the Redlands Tea Party Patriots. Until his field representative sent us an email, who knew Kashkari even knew we existed?

As expected, there were significant differences aired between the 18 people in the room from the RTPP as well as the Unite IE coalition. Disagreements ranged from gay marriage and illegal alien drivers licenses to common core and the TARP bailout. We agreed on a few things; namely, the killing of Jerry Brown's nutty bullet train as well as his wanting to cut regulations and provide tax breaks to bring manufacturing jobs back to the (now tarnished) Golden State.

Kashkari may not have won all our votes, and the RTPP still has "no recommendation" on our voters guide for governor, but Mr. Kashkari did win our respect. He pulled no punches and did not pander to us and neither did we to him. It was a class move on his part to reach out to us. 

As expected, we did get some grief from our fellow conservatives about meeting with Kashkari. First, we find no harm in meeting with anyone. We are open to anyone who is interested in winning our votes and support. 

Further, we don't have to be in 100% agreement with candidates and causes in order to support them.  We could be more demanding if we were living in deep-red states like Utah and Texas, but we still live in deep-blue California, a land where no Republican has won a state-wide office since 2006. (We’ve heard that in San Francisco, conservatives are being rounded up and sent to reeducation camps.  Fortunately, it’s not that bad in the IE...yet.)  

We agree with Ronald Reagan: "The person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally — not a 20 percent traitor.”  Neel Kashkari is not an “80 percenter.”  Every conservative should research Neel Kashkari’s campaign statements and his record and decide for him or herself whether Mr. Kashkari is better than Brown and deserves your vote.  As a starting point, his website is  

HOWEVER, whatever you decide about voting for Kashkari or neither candidate for governor, IT IS VERY, VERY, VERY IMPORTANT THAT ALL CONSERVATIVES VOTE THIS NOVEMBER.  There are many good conservative candidates to vote for and Democrat and leftist propositions to vote against. (Hint: It's critical that you vote in November!)

And kudos to the Redlands Daily Facts for writing a ”fair and balanced” story about the event! 

Other news: There's so much news! Check out the ever-expanding adjoining Patriotic events column. We've got stuff going into February. Our goal with this new-and-improved column is to help our conservative allies in their causes and events.  Conservatives must unite or America will be “fundamentally transformed.”

A fan of ours from the Redlands Republican Women Federated gave the RTPP a $100 check for all the hard work we're doing. This is the second $100 check she has given us this year. She wanted her name kept out of this newsletter, but from the bottom of our volunteer hearts, we appreciate every cent!  Contributing money and contributing time are both ways to serve the cause. 

And don't forget: A High Desert group is helping to sponsor and promote "Unfair: Exposing the IRS," a new movie hitting movie theaters nationwide on Oct. 14 (only one day), including Redlands. The two-hour movie is showing in 700 theaters on that night only. He is a link to a most powerful and most awesome movie trailer:

Curt Hagman, state assemblyman and candidate for San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors, will be our Oct. 2 speaker. Hagman also leads the San Bernardino County GOP Central Committee. He will be speaking about the importance of voting and participating in local elections. We want to work with the Reps as much as we can without compromising our principles or independence.  Our second headliner is a Candidates Forum.  We invited candidates for local races such as school board and city council as well for state and national offices.  Meet and Greet hour will begin at 6:00 p.m.

Social media and serving the cause online. If you have a Twitter account, please follow us @RedlandsTParty  Please retweet our tweets to extend our reach though social media. Our Facebook page is at  Join our Facebook page and join in the often lively discussion.  You too can help spread the Tea Party message through social media (and surprise and impress your children and grandchildren). 
Please also check out our website,, with continuing new content and new features all thanks to our IT Director, and “techno stud” Henry Vanderleest.  We now have a page for more conservative news and events called, "The Informed American." The page is still in development, but here's a preview:  Thanks to Henry, out Twitter feed  is on our website too

Our website, Facebook and Twitter serve the following purposes: (1) inform our members regarding RTPP’s and our allies” events and successes; (2) inform our members regarding issues and candidates; (3) entertain and amuse our members and visitors with cartoons that also make a point; (4) on Facebook and Twitter, to provide forums for discussion and debate: (5) provide you with the information to influence the so-called "persuadeables" in your circles of influence and to engage in the information battle space; (6) provide you with the information to at least annoy the committed liberals within your circles of influence.  (After all, if you want to anger or annoy conservatives, lie to them.  If you want to anger or annoy liberals, tell them the truth.)

If you write a letter to the editor, published or not, please post it on our Facebook page and e-mail it to for inclusion in our “Patriot Voices” section.  If it is published, please include the link.  If you comment on articles online, e.g. the Redlands Daily Fax or PE, share a link to the article on our Facebook page and invite other conservatives to comment. This tactic is a quick way to spread our influence through social media.

These are some of the ways you can also serve the cause in the information battle space online.
Two recent articles you may find of interest:
“Business and Preserving Freedom, Democracy and the Free Enterprise System,”
“Thoughts on Faith, Freedom and Culture,”

Historic opportunity for liberty.  Patriots! We  have a historical chance this election to advance the cause of liberty and opportunity by electing conservatives including state-wide offices because the liberals are in such a deep funk! (And do you blame them? Their “messiah,” Barack Obama, is polling under 50% popularity in deepest of deep blue California!) The libs are unusually sour-faced this fall because they have nothing to vote for. They failed to get a statewide marijuana measure on the ballot. And they're stuck with “For Pete’s Sake” Aguilar as a congressional candidate in Redlands. Not even Oprah could help out of their funk. (And, by the way, why won't “For Pete’s Sake” Aguilar debate Paul Chabot?)

So what is our point of discussing those liberal Debby Downers in our newsletter?

Liberals are political creatures of emotion. If they're not excited, their low-informed voters just don't bother to vote. That means we conservatives -- as demonstrated at the Tea Party California Caucus on Saturday -- have an opportunity this fall to turn the coming wave election into a tsunami election if we all just do a little more to win over voters and get them to the polls. That means canvassing, phone banking, bumper stickers, yard signs, $20 contributions, as well as letters to the editors and social media.   

“If not us, who? And if not now, when?”  Ronald Reagan

“Everyone can do something.”  Tim Donnelly


Patriotic events:

9/21: Marc Steinorth fundraiser at State Street Winery,
404 East State Street in downtown Redlands, 2 p.m. - 5 p.m., $75 per person, which includes a take-home bottle of wine with Marc's logo. RSVP by calling 909-353-0499.

9/22: Mountain View Republican Club election meeting,
St. Ambrose Episcopal Church, 830 W. Bonita Ave., Claremont, 91711. RSVP to Lorri Wild, 909-305-3717. Social starts at 5:30 p.m. and meeting starts at 6:45 p.m. $15 per person, which includes dinner. Guest speaker is Linda Paine, director of the Voter Integrity Project.


9/23: Trevor Loudon returns to Redlands Townhall,
Trevor Loundon, author of "The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the US Congress," will again present his research findings. American Legion Hall, 814 W. Colton Ave., Redlands, doors open 6:00 p.m., program 6:30 p.m., $5 donation requested. This is a repeat performance; large crowd expected. Local campaign signs will also be made available.

9/23: Redlands City Council televised forum,
Begins 7 p.m. at City Hall and televised on Time Warner Cable and Verizon Fios. All six candidates on the November ballot expected to attend.

9/24: Paul Chabot fundraiser,
With special guest Congressman Ed Royce, chairman of the US House committee on foreign affairs. Meeting at home of US Navy Commander who is retired. 6 p.m.-8 p.m. RSVP required. Contact Brenda Chabot at 909-315-3007 or

9/25: Neil Derry for Redlands City Council fundraiser,
Royal Falconer, 106 Orange Street, Redlands. 6 p.m. Individual is $99. RSVP to Caitlin Schenck at 909-680-4011.

9/25: Don Dix speaks to SB County GOP Women,
Donald Dix, 590 KTIE Unite IE radio host and leader of the ACT! for America national security group, will be the featured speaker. Don Dix is quickly gaining national recognition for his influence and expertise unearthing Muslim extremism. Meeting is with the SB County Republican Women Federated, Country Blub at Shandin Hillls Golf Club, 3380 Little Mountain Drive., San Bernardino. Lunch $18. RSVP required. Call Carolyn Thompson at 760-245-0075

9/26 Market Night Yucaipa,
Yucaipa Blvd., 5:00-9:00 pm. Hosts – Joann and Richard Marshall.

10/2 Run Ben Run,
Meeting for volunteers urging Dr. Ben Carson to run for President 2016 will meet at Mill Creek at 4:00 p.m. Mill Creek Cattle Co., 1874 Mentone Blvd., Mentone.

10/2:  Monthly Meeting of the Redlands Tea Party Patriots,
Mill Creek Cattle Co., 1874 Mentone Blvd., Mentone. State Assemblyman Curt Hagman, candidate for the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors, will discuss the importance of voting and participating in local elections. Meeting also includes a Candidate Forum for meeting candidates for local, state, and federal offices. Doors open at 5:30 with no-host dinner. Meet and greet begins at 6 p.m., but our usual two-hour program begins at 7 p.m. Free admission.

10/4: Corona Norco Eastvale Tea Party Patriots,
Carrows restaurant, 493 North Main Street, Corona, 9 a.m. - 11 a.m. This is a new location for the Eastvale Tea Party Patriots. Guest speakers are Kevin Button and Randy Fox, candidates for Corona City Council.

10/7: Signature Verification Training,
Election Integrity Project, Redlands, 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. For more info: Call Dawn Verkaik at 909-754-3798 or or

10/9: Candidate Forum,
Salt & Light Ministry, Immanuel Baptist Church, 28355 Base Line, Highland. Begins 6:30 p.m., 909-425-1777. Candidates for the Inland Empire congressional districts 8 and 31 invited as well as 40th state assembly district.

10/11, 10/15, 10,21, 10,25: Poll Observation Training,
Election Integrity Project, Redlands. For more info: Call Dawn Verkaik at 909-754-3798 or or

10/14: "Unfair: Exposing the IRS," Movie Showing Nationwide,
Krikorian Redlands Cinema 14 also showing. Details TBD.

10/19: Townhall 2014,
Historic Alex Theater in Glendale, 5 p.m., VIP reception at 3:30 p.m. and doors open at 4:30 p.m. Tickets:  Debate includes Dennis Prager, Hugh Hewitt and Michael Medved. Tickets go on sale 9/2 at 9 a.m.

10/30: Monthly Meeting of the Redlands Tea Party Patriots,
Mill Creek Cattle Co., 1874 Mentone Blvd. Mentone. Meeting moved from first Thursday in November to last Thursday in October to coincide with Nov. 4 election. Details TBD.

12/11:  A Tea Party Christmas.  Stay tuned for more info regarding the not to miss the Christmas party of the season.

2/21: Second Annual Unite IE Conservative Conference,
Riverside, Fox Theater for the Performing Arts. Details about speakers expected to be announced soon.

Tune in to AM 590 The Answer for Phillip Naman on The Firing Line (1pm Saturdays) to hear Phil discuss guns and the Second Amendment.

Also Tune into AM 590 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 each Saturday, or 10 p.m. that evening,  for "Unite IE," a radio show dedicated to turning conservatives into patriot activists in the cause to save America. We are co-hosts on the show and members of the Unite IE coalition. You can listen to previous shows at

To keep this valuable program on the air, the Redlands Tea Party Patriots agreed to share ¼ of the cost for the second half hour and in return we will receive the corresponding share of the commercials. This will further enhance our ability to spread our message of personal freedom, economic freedom and a debt-free future, publicize the good work of our patriot members, and recruit more members. Thank you to our generous patriot members for making this possible.

Be sure to check our website calendar for even more events. - click the calendar & events tab.


The Redlands Tea Party Patriots is an all-volunteer organization of dedicated patriots. Together, we are making a significant impact on local and regional politics.

We want your ideas, comments, criticisms and, of course, your help. You can email the entire Redlands Tea Party cabinet at If you can help the cause, please provide your name and a contact phone number as well as what you would like to do. You can also sign up at our monthly general meetings.


Mill Creek Cattle Company
Mill Creek generously allows us to use their facility to meet each month. We ask you to come early to our meeting and enjoy a no-host meal to help us show our appreciation.

Adrian Asencio graciously shares his time, energy and sound equipment with us at each meeting and most of our events. Should you have sound needs or music for a High School reunion or a party, please contact him directly at:, 909-794-7496 or

AM 590 The Answer for supporting our events as well as many other conservatives throughout the Inland Empire.

Ed Hoffman, president of the Wholesale Capital Corporation, for sponsoring the Unite IE radio show.

AllStar Collision Repair and Auto Painting, 522 Railroad Street, Corona, 951-279-9161, is now sponsoring the second half of our the Unite IE radio show. Please use his business.

Cherry Valley Realty for sponsoring the Unite IE radio show.

Our willingness to support those with common goals and interests will make the difference in our community and the nation as a whole.

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