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Redlands Tea Party Patriots


In this issue:
*A 4th of July Tea Party In the Park.
*Redlands Tea Party Patriots July 7 meeting with Trevor Loudon.
*Thanks to our Dedicated Patriots, the RTPP Spring Canvassing Program was a Great Success.
*Notable June 7 Election Results.

*Important Elections Before November 8.
*Good News for the Cause of America, Liberty and Self Government.
*Winning the Culture War.
*Redlands Tea Party Patriots Online.

A 4th of July Tea Party in the Park

Join us 9:00-2:00 at Sylvan Park in Redlands for a "4th of July Tea Party in the Park."  We will celebrate the founding of America and spread the Tea Party message of Personal Freedom with Constitutionally Limited Government; Economic Freedom with Opportunity for All and Favoritism for None; and A Debt Free Future through Fiscal Responsibility Today.  Stop by and even better join us in volunteering at our booth, even for an hour or two will be much appreciated.  

We will have the Declaration of Independence to sign with a genuine quill Sharpie.

The Redlands Tea Party Patriots wishes everyone a Happy 4th of July, but let's remember the reason for the holiday.  

From the Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776:

**“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. --That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

**“And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.”

How many Americans are willing to make this pledge today?

Sheriff David Clarke's 4th of July message:
**"As you enjoy your Independence Day, remember what the Founders wanted...self determination minus big gov intrusion."

Redlands Tea Party Patriots July 7 meeting
Speakers and topics:
**TREVOR LOUDON "Saving America from the Enemies within."
**JOHN HILLMAN, personal and family protection.
**Redlands updates.
**The most fun conservatives can have with their clothes on.

The Redlands Tea Party Patriots is pleased and honored to welcome back TREVOR LOUDON, a great American patriot with a very southern accent (as in from New Zealand)  #EnemiesWithin

Trevor Loudon wrote the book on the American Left/Communist movement: "The Enemies Within" and will soon release the movie version.  You can see the trailer and support his effort.

Trevor is a rousing speaker and wowed the audience at the 3rd annual Unite IE Conservative Conference this year.

Our meetings are free and open to the public.  

And, Mill Creek Cattle Co. is a great place for dinner, great food at reasonable prices with great service.

Please share and invite your friends to this great meeting.

Upcoming speakers:
*August 4, Robert Spencer, a great leader in the counter jihad movement to defend liberty and Western Civilization.

Tea Party Principles:
--Personal freedom with constitutionally limited government.
--Economic freedom with opportunity for all and favoritism for none.
--A debt free future through fiscal responsibility today.

Thanks to our Dedicated Patriots, the RTPP Spring Canvassing Program Was A Great Success!!!
Notwithstanding the Internet and Facebook, door to door canvassing is still the most important way to get out our voters.  John Berry reports that because of Donald Trump, new Patriots are canvassing, and thanks to our Patriot members and supporters, our spring canvassing program exceeded our "stretch" goal of 3000 voter contacts!!!  We had to order more materials.  Our Patriot volunteers made more than 5000 voter contacts.  Thank you to all of the Patriot activists devoting their valuable time to this important project.

This fall we have our work cut out for us to help our candidates including Donald Trump, Paul Chabot, Mike Morrell and Marc Steinorth.

Notable June 7 Election Results.

Rep turnout may have been down because the presidential race was decided and the senate race was not competitive for the Reps.

Donald Trump won the California primary and will be the Rep nominee.  We recognize many of our members strongly supported Ted Cruz.  Whether we like it or not, the next president will be Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.  As Trevor Loudon will explain, America is on the line in this election like never before.  All rational Patriots must support Donald Trump.  By way of just one example, if Hillary Clinton appoints the next Supreme Court justice, there will be five votes to "interpret" the Second Amendment out of existence.  #NeverHillary

Paul Chabot [CD31]: Paul Chabot made it through to the November election despite nominal Rep Sean Flynn spending $500,000 (much of it contributed by Dems).  Paul believes in the Tea Party principles, is a dedicated Patriot, a veteran and man of integrity.  

Connect with Paul at:

Tim Donnelly [CD 8]:  In the greatest disappointment of this election, Paul Cook's globalist, crony capitalist supporters' $1 million defeated our great Patriot, activist and friend Tim Donnelly.  [As you may have heard, Paul Cook served America in Vietnam, but in Congress, he serves his donors and is a reliable vote for the EstRep leadership and Obama.]

We wish Tim Donnelly "God Speed."  I suspect we have not seen the last of Tim Donnelly.

Donna Munoz [SB County Sup. 3rd District]:  Donna said "James Ramos wants the title; I want the job."  Unfortunately, because of his huge advantage in money, Democrat James Ramos is going to keep the title.  Thank you Donna for taking on this challenge.  

Mike Morrell [State Sen. Dist. 23].  Mike advanced to the November election with ~55% of the vote.  Good, but we cannot be complacent.  Mike has a 100% rating from the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association.

Jay Obernolte [Assembly Dist 33]:  Jay advanced to the November election with ~60% of the vote. 100% rating from the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association.  

Marc Steinorth [Assembly Dist 40]:  Marc came in second with 48.5% of the vote.  Marc has a 97% rating from the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association.  Marc is in a marginal district, and the alternative is much worse on every issue. We need to do everything possible to help Marc win in November.

Tom Del Beccaro [US Senate]:  Because immigration stacked the voting deck in California for the Dems, and because the Reps could not agree on a single candidate, no Rep will be on the ballot for US Senate in November.

Reps and conservatives should not vote for the slightly less lefter Dem.  If Loretta Sanchez wants Rep and conservative votes, she needs to make it worth our while.

It is still vital the Reps and conservatives turnout to vote for other good candidates like those above.

Important Elections Before November 8

**Paul Nehlen vs. Paul Ryan, August 9.
All Donald Trump supporters should support Paul Nehlen's primary challenge against Paul Ryan because Paul Ryan will be an obstacle to electing Donald Trump and after Donald Trump is elected to most of what President Trump wants to accomplish.

Apart from Donald Trump, there are so many reasons to replace Paul Ryan, including the Ryan-Peloisi budget, the Ryan-Murray budget, the new Fed Ed law, amnesty and open borders, ObamaTrade, waiving the debt ceiling for the balance of Obama's term, and Ryan even supports Obama's "criminal justice reform" to put more criminals on the street.

Paul Nehlen is running against open border zealot, Paul Ryan.  Here is one of Paul Nehlen's recent videos.

How bad is Paul Ryan?  Paul Ryan said:

"We want to have a system where people can come here and work– go back and forth if they want to…

SO THAT WE HAVE AN OPEN DOOR [Ryan's words, he wants an "open door" immigration policy]

to the people who want to come and contribute to our country, who want to come and make a difference in their families’ lives, and our economy… That’s why we have all of these various principles that we agree work if we put this together… and that’s why it’s very encouraging to see Republicans and Democrats coming together on this issue." (Emphasis added)

Please also see:
** [And this applies even more to Paul Ryan because Paul Cook is just a rank and file "go along to get along" member.]

Here is Paul Nehlen's website.
Please send Paul Nehlen $10 (or more).
We can also phone bank for Paul Nehlen.
#DumpRyan #UniteWithNehlen #MAGA

**Kelli Ward vs. John McCain, August 30.
What more needs to be said about amnesty supporting, TPP supporting RINO's RINO John McCain?  We can support Dr. Kelli Ward with $10 (or more).

Good News for the Cause of America, Liberty and Self Government
The array of globalist and leftist business and political interests dedicated to "fundamentally transforming the United States of America" is vast, well-funded and powerful.  Hardly a day goes by without bad news for the cause of America, liberty and self-government.  But here is some good news:
**Brexit.  Britain voted for liberty and self government by voting to leave the "regional government on steroids" EU.
**MSM and EstRep reports of Donald Trump's political demise were, as Mark Twain said "greatly exaggerated" and wishful thinking.  Rasmussen has Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton by 4%.  The most recent Quinnipiac has Trump down 2%. The most recent Fox News poll has Trump down 6% b/c only 74% of Reps support him.  Even 6% at this stage of the race is hardly cause for the gloom and doom defeatism many Reps are expressing.  If that was 94% like it should be, Donald Trump would be leading in that poll.
**Capitulation: UC Irvine Permanently Reinstates College Republicans Following Breitbart Coverage.
**Senator Richard Shelby bottled up nominations to the crony capitalist Ex-Im Bank so it cannot approve a transaction for more than $10 million.
**"Randy Forbes, GOP establishment stalwart and longtime Obamatrade supporter from Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District, will soon be unemployed. Voters rejected him in favor of his primary opponent Scott Taylor, who stridently opposed Obamatrade."
**Poll: Americans Increasing Want Safeguards Against Islamic Sharia Law
It is as important to share the good news as the bad news.

Winning the "Culture War"
The Target boycott -- a reaction to its new, nutty and immoral policy of allowing men and boys to use women's and girls' restrooms and changing rooms --has already reached one million signatures! You can join by not shopping at the store as well as signing the petition.  A great cartoon on the issue is here.

As Andrew Breitbart observed: "culture is upstream of politics."  Through their control of our cultural and educational institutions, liberals have been winning the culture war.  To preserve the culture and moral principles that support our freedom, republic and prosperity through the free enterprise system, it is vitally important that conservatives and Christians put their wallets, purses and remote controls in service of the cause.  A great place for information is  2nd Vote rates companies from 1 (most liberal) to 4 (neutral) to 7 (most conservative) 2nd Vote has apps for smart phones.  

Instead hypocritically liberal Google, try as a search engine.  It works pretty well.  Use Google as a backup if you cannot find what you want on  

To save America and the Constitution from their enemies, foreign and domestic, Patriots need to use every resource at our disposal including our wallets, purses and remote controls.

Redlands Tea Party Patriots Online
In addition to our already robust online and social media platforms, we added a Facebook organization page.  This gives the ability to boost posts and run ads.  We can post more information than on our group discussion page.  

Please view and like our new Facebook organization page.

Have you explored our website lately? You should! Cabinet member Henry Vanderleest has been doing wonders adding more and more content so you can understand local issues. Under Henry's direction, our website and newsletter have become the leading sources of local conservative news.

 Signup for Facebook group discussion page and join the lively discussion with your fellow patriots!  We have 1140 members!  We welcome actual people who want to share news and information relating to conservative causes.

  Check out our great websites maintained by Redlands Tea Party Patriots IT Director,
Henry Vanderleest: and
There are continually new articles about important issues.

Henry is still recuperating so please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

· Please also follow us on Twitter@RedlandsTParty  See our recent Tweets at

Thanks to Sam & Bei Wong, our meeting videos are posted on the Redlands Tea Party Patriots YouTube channel.

 Instagram: redlands_tea_party_patriots


“The most important political office is that of the private citizen.”  Justice Louis D. Brandeis

“We must have the courage to do what we know is morally right."  Ronald Reagan

“I never worry about action, but only inaction.”  Winston Churchill

“If there is something about government you don’t like, get together and do something about it." Howard Jarvis

“It is always too soon to give up.”  Pastor Jack Hibbs

"Dear Conservatives...Forget your resolutions. Develop battle plans." Sonnie Johnson

Patriotic events:

7/4: 4th of July Tea Party in the Park,
9:00-2:00, Sylvan Park, Redlands. We will celebrate the founding of America and spread the Tea Party message of Personal Freedom with Constitutionally Limited Government; Economic Freedom with Opportunity for All and Favoritism for None; and A Debt Free Future through Fiscal Responsibility Today.  Stop by and even better join us in volunteering at our booth, even for an hour or two will be much appreciated.

We will have the Declaration of Independence to sign with a genuine quill Sharpie.

7/6: Oath Keepers Inland Empire meeting,

6:30, Bob's Big Boy, 540 Sandalwood Drive, Calimesa, CA 92320.

7/7: Redlands Tea Party Patriots meeting,
Mill Creek Cattle Co., 1874 Mentone Blvd., Mentone.  Doors open at 5:30 pm with and-host dinner. Meeting 7 p.m.-9 p.m. Meeting is free and open to the public.
Speakers and topics:
**TREVOR LOUDON "Saving America from the Enemies within."
**JOHN HILLMAN, personal and family protection.
**Redlands updates.

**The most fun conservatives can have with their clothes on.

7/5: Banning-Beaumont Cherry Valley Tea Party Patriots,

Breakfast meeting this coming Tuesday July 5 at the Farm House, 6261 Joshua Palmer Parkway, Restaurant in Banning.  (Just off the I-10) Meeting starts at 8 a.m.

7/5&19: Redlands City Council meeting,
Regular City Council meetings are held on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. at the Redlands City Council Chambers, 35 Cajon Street. Please join Sam, Greg, Vicky and other Patriots in speaking in public comments about issues in Redlands. Recent concerns include: the 45% [or 55%] water rate increase, the crazy train to San Bernardino, high density, low income housing, the Agenda 21 "sustainable" general plan, and your other concerns regarding Redlands. [Public comments come at the start of the meeting so you do not have to stay for the entire meeting.]

We are not just speaking to the City Council and those attending the meeting, but also to those viewing the meeting on TV or Internet video.

7/9: Chino Tea Party meeting,
9:00 am, Centro Basco Restaurant, 13432 S. Central Avenue, Chino, CA 91710.  Speaker: Robin Hvidston, director of we the people rising and California Director of the Remembrance Project that produces the Stolen Lives Quilt memorializing Americans killed by illegal immigrants.  All interested people invited. $12 charge for a continental breakfast. For further information: Carol 951-415-4507 or Toni at (909) 438-0370.

7/9: ACT for America, Corona Chapter,
New Hope Family Worship Center, 804 South Lincoln Avenue, Corona, 6:30 pm.  Program: renowned counter terrorism expert Dr. Sebastian Gorka, author of "Defeating Jihad, The Winnable War" [video of his June 16 presentation in Riverside].  .

7/9: Constitution Association Anniversary Dinner,
5-8:00 p.m., Trevor Loudon will speak at the Constitution Association Anniversary Dinner, Miller Mills at The Farm in Wildomar on 33379B Millpond Drive, along with Douglas V. Gibbs, G.R. Mobley, Alan Myers, John L. Hancock, and Janette Chun.  Tickets $35.

7/13: Oath Keepers Inland Empire meeting,
6:30, Bob's Big Boy, 540 Sandalwood Drive, Calimesa, CA 92320.

7/14: Banning-Beaumont-Cherry Valley Tea Party Patriots,
Meeting starts at 5 p.m. at The Farmhouse, 6261 Joshua Palmer Parkway, Banning (Just off the I-10).  Speaker State Senator Mike Morrell.

7/21: Freedom Tea Party Patriots meeting,
6:00 pm (social), 7:00 (meeting), Logan's Road House, 13480 Baseline, Fontana.  Speaker: Douglas Gibbs on the Constitution.  Kathy Ponce has the Freedom Tea Party Patriots back in business and she is kicking "you know what."

7/16: Coffee with the Redlands City Council,
9-10:30 a.m. Olive Market, 530 West Olive Street. Redlands City Council members will continue their Coffee with the Council community meetings in 2016. The informal meetings are held from 9 to 10:30 a.m. on the third Saturday of each month, rotating among three local restaurants – Olive Avenue Market, 530 W. Olive Ave; Cuca’s Mexican Food, 1752 E. Lugonia Ave.; and Stell Coffee & Tea Company, 1580 Barton Road, Suite A. Council members rotate attendance, with no more than two members at each meeting.  This is a great opportunity for citizens of Redlands to influence your city government.

7/22: Opening of Dinesh D'Souza's movie "Hillary's America, The Secret History of the Democrat Party,"
Dinesh D'Souza is determined to show the Obama (In)Justice Department made to right decision (from their perspective) to prosecute him for violating a law that no one else was ever prosecuted for.  Dinesh D'Souza's latest effort is the book and movie "Hillary's America, The Secret History of the Democrat Party." Here is the trailer
Dinesh D'Souza was only half joking when he said this film could get him life in prison.

Sign the petition to demand the movie be shown in local theaters.  Neither the Kerkorian nor the Harkin theaters in Redlands plan to carry "Hillary's America."

Ongoing: Winning the Culture War,
Sign the Boycott Target petition.
Use our wallets and purses for the cause.  See
Try as a search engine before resorting to hypocritically liberal Google.

8/4: Redlands Tea Party Patriots meeting, [with Robert Spencer],
Mill Creek Cattle Co., 1874 Mentone Blvd., Mentone.  Doors open at 5:30 pm with and-host dinner. Meeting 7 p.m.-9 p.m. Meeting is free and open to the public.
Continuing with high level speakers, we are honored to have Robert Spencer as our August speaker.  Robert Spencer is a great leader in the counter jihad movement to defend liberty and Western civilization.  Mr. Spencer operates

8/9: Wisconsin primary, Paul Nehlen vs. Paul Ryan,
Last chance to defeat globalists, amnesty supporting, Obama supporting, Hillary Clinton supporting, open borders zealot, and dedicated opponent of Donald Trump, Paul Ryan.

8/10: An Evening With Dinesh D'Souza Hosted by Larry Elder,
Double Tree Ontario, 222 N. Vineyard Avenue, Ontario, CA 91764.  3:00-6:00, live broadcast of the Larry Elder Show; 5:30-6:30 VIP reception; 7:00 Dinesh D'Souza lecture; 8:00 book signing.
Tickets and info:

8/30: Arizona primary, Kelli Ward vs. John McCain,
Last chance to defeat RINO's RINO, amnesty supporting, and dedicated opponent of Donald Trump, John McCain.

11/8: ELECTION DAY [127 days to save America],
As of July 4, there are 161 days until the November election, 127 days to save America.  Without limitation, this is probably our last chance to elect a government that will secure the border and enforce America's immigration laws.

Please see and download our calendar at

To our Unite IE allies, if you want your event or meeting listed here and in our calendar, send the info to [Date, time, location, speaker (if any), cost, phone.

Keep tuning into AM 590, Saturdays, 4:00-5:00 p.m. for "Unite IE Radio" the show for the most important political office, the private citizen and turning conservatives into patriot activists in the cause to save America.  We are co-hosts on the show and members of the Unite IE coalition.  You can listen to previous shows

And while you're tuned to AM 590 The Answer, listen at 6-7pm, Monday through Friday for the Jen and Don show.  Don Dix is co-host for this show.  The show features commentary on current events of interest to conservatives.

Tune in to AM 590 The Answer for Phillip Naman on The Firing Line (1 pm Saturdays) to hear Phil discuss guns and the Second Amendment.

Other Unite IE allied group meetings:!uie-calendar/cs9a

Be sure to check our website calendar for even more events.

The Redlands Tea Party Patriots is an all volunteer group of dedicated patriots committed to protecting and restoring the freedom and opportunity for you and your children and grandchildren to pursue the American dream through:
∙  Personal Freedom and Constitutionally Limited Government.
∙ Economic Freedom with Opportunity for All and Favoritism for None.
∙ A Debt-Free Future through Fiscal Responsibility Today

We want to hear from you.
We want your ideas, comments, criticisms and, of course, your help.  You can email the entire Redlands Tea Party cabinet at  If you can help the cause, please provide your name and a contact phone number as well as what you would like to do.  You can also sign up at our monthly general meetings.


Mill Creek Cattle Company  Mill Creek generously allows us to use their facility to meet each month.  We ask you to come early to our meeting and enjoy a no-host meal to help us show our appreciation.

AM 590 The Answer for supporting our events as well as many other conservatives throughout the Inland Empire.

Ed Hoffman, president of Wholesale Capital Corporation, for sponsoring Unite IE Radio.  Please use Ed’s business for real estate loans.

All Star Collision Repair and Auto Painting, 522 Railroad Street, Corona, 951-279-9161, is now sponsoring the second half of Unite IE Radio.  Please use his business.

When reasonably possible, support patriotic businesses.


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