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We’re sending along this interesting alumni profile that reflects the positives born of the Charter Oak experience and the College’s efforts to help its adult students successfully achieve their career goals. We hope you enjoy John DeCarlo’s story.

John DeCarlo

Chief John DeCarlo, Ph.D.

John DeCarlo, Ph.D.
Chief of Police, Branford, CT

How many chiefs of police do you know who sport a “Ph.D.” after their names?

John DeCarlo is the Number One cop on the Branford, CT police force. Chief DeCarlo has also achieved status as a Number One supporter of his alma mater.  A member of Charter Oak’s class of 2004, he went on to earn a pair of master’s degrees and, recently, a Ph.D. in Criminal Justice/Criminology.

It wasn’t easy for John to be totally attentive to both his law enforcement  and study responsibilities, but his dedication,  drive and  desire to succeed in both areas earned him the dual ‘Chief ‘ and ‘Doc’ monikers. Today, he connects with Charter Oak in two areas – as a member of the College’s online faculty and as a member of the board of the Charter Oak Alumni Association.

“I have an amazing amount of respect for non-traditional students who somehow carve time out of their lives, often in spite of other important commitments, to return to school,” says John. “A very special energy runs though the College, and although we’re a virtual community, almost without exception we alumni feel strong bonds and deep loyalty to Charter Oak for the many opportunities it has provided us.”

John is actively involved in research on policing methodologies and is currently working on a National Science Foundation-funded project on eyewitness psychology. He’ll be presenting papers at criminology conferences during the coming year, has had a number of journal articles published, has begun working on an edited book that focuses on predictive policing and was recently named an assistant professor in the University of New Haven’s Criminal Justice Department.

“I’m not entirely sure what I want to be when I grow up,” John says, tongue in cheek, “but in my spare time I’m enjoying teaching, flying, sailing and the equestrian experience.

To my fellow Charter Oak alums and the College’s current students, I would suggest: don’t get too caught up in the destination, enjoy the journey, stay curious and stay in constructive touch with the institution that has provided you opportunity for a successful future.”

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