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Johnny Mason

Johnny Mason

Johnny Mason, ‘08
Web Designer, Graphic Artist, Photographer

“The idea is that I’m trying to capture the visual beauty of a city that most look at as a big, dark, ugly dead end.”

Such was the observation of a Charter Oak grad whose love for the Michigan community in which he grew up has never waned. “Despite the economic challenges we face here in Flint,” says Johnny Mason, “I needed to convey the message to both the city’s residents and those who see us from the outside that beauty still abounds here.”

So, the corporate Web designer and photographer, par excellence, set out to do just that and recently published a book containing 118 images that provide stunning graphic insight into Flint’s hidden appeal. “The theory is that I’m trying to capture the visual beauty of Flint and tie it to the idea of opportunity and hope,” he says.

And how did his Charter Oak connection influence his thinking and career? “Charter Oak had a huge impact on my life. Without my experience there, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to be doing what I now do. I was looking for a way to advance my education and credentials that would fit with my busy lifestyle. I needed a mode of learning that would give me flexibility time-wise, and Charter Oak was the answer.

“The College was a great help to me, and I’m truly grateful for that. I think other online college programs could certainly learn from Charter Oak’s approach. As alumni, I believe we should all promote Charter Oak at every opportunity. If we’re aware of individuals who want to complete their degrees, we should be unhesitating in directing them to our alma mater.”

It’s interesting to note that Johnny intends to share profits derived from the sale of his book, Flint: In The Details – A Photographic Study of Hidden Beauty Located in Flint, Michigan, with a local charity. 

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