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Announcing the release of Greytness v2.1, the latest version of our extremely popular FREE DNN skin.

Greytness v2.1 Logo

New Midnight Theme

In keeping with the sleek and clean style of Greytness 2.0, we have added a new Midnight Theme and 6 new containers adding style and flexibility to your darker themed DNN portals.

And of course we've kept the Standard and Winter Themes which have become instant classics in the DNN community.

About Greytness 2.1

Greytness 2.1 is a simple install/upgrade for DNN 5. This latest version drops support for DNN 4. However, you can still download version 2.0 with DNN 4 compatibility on the Demo Site.

View the Demo siteView the Demo Site

Change Log

Custom DNN Skins

We specialize in custom DNN skins. For your next DNN project consider a custom skin and ensure your website gets the attention it deserves.

Contact us if you need any additional information or have any questions. If you enjoy Greytness, please comment on our blog and forward this email to your friends.

And don't forget to check out the latest version of Elemento our most popular commercial DNN skin.


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