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Greytness 2.5 Released

With more and more people running Greytness on DNN 6, this release adds native DNN 6 containers and fixes some minor z-index bugs.

Download from our Demo Site

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Changes to 2.5


Native DNN 6 Containers

We've updated the containers to support the new DNN 6 "Manage" button.

Don't worry, they maintain full DNN 5 compatiblity too!


Updated h1-h6 Styles

We've updated the header (h1-h6) sytles to better handle wrapping module titles.


z-index Bug Fixes

DNN 6 introduced some minor z-index bugs which we've fixed in this new release.


And more...

Check out the Greytness demo site to view a full list of features.


About Greytness

Greytness is a FREE DNN skin that includes 5 themes (Charcool, Charcool Breadcrumb, Standard, Midnight, and Winter) and 30 containers that can be arranged with great flexibility within 21 panes. Greytness is written in valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional, valid CSS 3 code, and does not contain any tables.

Greytness 2.5 is a simple install/upgrade for DNN 5 and DNN 6.



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