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Hudson Strait Expedition Cruise

While the snow may be mostly gone in southern Manitoba the polar bears are still happily hunting on the frozen Hudson Bay in northern Manitoba... and that's a good thing as our friend Martha Stewart would say. We hope that in this edition of News from the North you will find inspiration for your next Authentic Arctic Experience.


The wait is over! The dates for our 2011 Bowhead Whales & Walrus of Foxe Basin departure have been confirmed. Join us July 2nd to 8th, 2011 for this thrilling arctic adventure. In addition to boat excursions in Foxe Basin waters in search of walrus, bowhead whales and even polar bears we will also explore Igloolik Island discovering the many Dorset and Thule archeological sites. Through our Inuit hosts we will have the opportunity to learn about the customs and culture of Inuit life. To explore more, visit us online.
Kayak Beluga


Summer is a wonderful time to visit the Arctic. The snow that blankets the arctic in the winter is gone uncovering a world of things to be discovered. In summer the Tundra is alive with colorful plants and wildlife is abundant in the water as well as on the land. We offer several trips to destinations throughout the Arctic and Sub-Arctic during July and August. Snorkel or kayak with beluga whales in Churchill. Hike to the top of Mount Elu in search of prehistoric-looking musk oxen, or spend your days boating among sea ice in search of walrus and bowhead whales. Find out more about these and other arctic adventures on our website. Or call one of our Adventure Planners toll-free at 1-800-663-9832 or locally / internationally at 204-949-2050 to find the trip that is just right for you.

Photo by: Mike Macri.
Polar Bear

Our Adventurer trips to Churchill to see polar bears are such a hit that we've added an extra date. We expect this one will sell out fast. This two-night Adventurer Churchill Town and Tundra program takes place November 12 to 16th, 2011. Visit us online to learn more. This newly added departure is tour #66. Photo by: Daniel Cox


Frontiers North Adventures and Polar Bears International (PBI) have enjoyed a long-standing partnership and after years of working together we figured it was time to make it official. Earlier this year John Gunter, General Manager, Frontiers North Adventures and Krista Wright, Vice-President and COO, PBI signed a memorandum of understanding making our partnership official! Over the years PBI species experts have joined Frontiers North's trips and shared their incredible knowledge and insights about polar bears with our guests. We’re proud to be a Platinum Sponsor of PBI. We've supported a number of their initiatives in Churchill like PBI's Leadership Camps and Tundra Connections that ignite a passion for polar bear conservation. As well we converted Tundra Buggy One into a mobile research station for PBI to use during polar bear season. Learn more about Buggy One. It has been a pleasure to share with our guests the incredible work of PBI. We look forward to many more years of our continued partnership.

In the photo, Krista Wright and John Gunter.


Congratulations to our own John Gunter, General Manager of Frontiers North Adventures who has been invited to speak at the 5th International Conference on Responsible Tourism in Destinations (RTD5) being held in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada June 27-29, 2011.

Responsible tourism is about creating more meaningful experiences for travellers by connecting them to the local culture and the natural beauty of host communities around the world. "Responsible tourism is about creating better places for people to live in and better places for people to visit," says Laura McGowan, director of the ICRT Canada, "and the RTD5 is an opportunity to discuss solutions to the major issues affecting the tourism industry and to share best practices – including managing the social, economic and environmental impacts of tourism on our communities, climate and ecosystems – so we can build healthy and vibrant communities and healthy and vibrant destinations." John will be on the panel discussing Polar Tourism. Visit for more information.


If you're in Ottawa, Canada or get the chance to go, be sure to take in Arctic Kaleidoscope... The People, Wildlife and Ever-Changing Landscape photography exhibition by Michelle Valberg, at the Canadian Museum of Nature from March 11th - May 29th, 2011. The exhibition features pictures she captured while traveling throughout Canada's Arctic. Michelle joined us in Churchill a couple of times and some of the images she took are in the exhibit.

Check out her promo video below: We're proud supporters of, an initiative Michelle started to enhance and improve the lives of children in Canada's North.

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Polar Bear Taking a dip Polar Bear Taking a dip Polar Bear Taking a dip

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