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Dear teachers,

While our cinema is closed, we have put together a selection of films and resources available online to use with your class over the coming months.  Covering all ages and stages, there are titles to mark Deaf Awareness Week, Mental Health Awareness Week, Windrush Day and two great outdoor documentaries to watch during your Activity Week!  All films are available to rent online (Amazon Prime, Google Play or Youtube etc). 

Find out more about In My Blood It Runs, a brilliant documentary for education practitioners looking to decolonise the curriculum. The film has been made available for FREE in the UK. 

We hope these are useful and inspiring.  If you are looking for a film that will enhance your topic or IDL work, get in touch by sending us a message at and we'll see what we can find.

You can also find great resources for pupils interested in a career in film and TV, as well as our EIFF Youth Film Course Showcase which can be now viewed on our Youtube channel ! 

We hope to see you soon,

The Education and Learning Team

While our doors are closed, the Education team recommends films and resources to enhance learning at home or in the classroom! All films are available to rent online. 

Wonderstruck • 1h39min • PG • Suitable P5-P7 • Advisory: mild scary themes, threat • Literacy and English • Health and well-being • Social studies : history 

When Mary Lennox's parents suddenly die, she is sent to live with her uncle, Archibald Craven, on his remote country estate deep in the Yorkshire moors. While exploring, she discovers a hidden magical garden. This latest adaptation puts its own spin to the story while staying faithful to the novel. 

Watch trailer here
Check out this BBC resource and Deaf awareness tips here 




My Life as a Courgette • PG • Suitable for P5-S6 • Available in English or  French with English subtitles • Advisory: mild sex references to traumatic childhood experience • Modern foreign languages: French •  Health and well-being 

A charming French animation about a young boy named Courgette who is sent to live in a children’s home following the death of his mother. Learning to fit in with the other children - each of whom carry scars of their own difficult pasts - the film is a gentle exploration of the thoughts and feelings a young person might have when going through a difficult period.

Watch trailer here
Find Into Film resource here


Love, Simon • 1h50 • 12A • Advisory: Moderate sex references,  infrequent strong language •  Health and well-being •  Modern studies • RSHP • Global citizenship 

Fairly certain that he is the only gay student at his high school, 17 year old Simon keeps his sexuality under wraps from his friends and family. Things get complicated when an anonymous classmate - ‘Blue’ - comes out online. Exchanging messages, a tentative relationship begins to develop between them… but will Simon ever discover Blue’s true identity? A heartfelt and charming exploration of LGBTQ+ teenagers coming out in the modern world.

Watch trailer here
Find Into Film resource here


The Golden Dream • 12A • S3-S6 • Spanish with English subtitles • Advisory: moderate violence, sexual threat, strong language, natural nudity, death of a central character • Modern foreign languages: Spanish • Modern studies • Geography • Social justice •  Global citizenship

This award winning and engaging drama tells the tragic tale of a group of teenagers who flee Guatemala through Mexico in pursuit of the American Dream, and of the many challenges they face getting to America. Full of drama and suspense, and excellently acted by its three non-professional leads, the film will keep you guessing right up until the end whether they will make it across the border. The film also provides an opportunity to discuss current issues around migration and social justice with your students. 

Watch trailer here
Find the Into Film resource here



Sitting in Limbo  • 1h29  • BBC Pre watershed version • Suitable S5-S6 • Modern studies • History •  Social justice •  Global citizenship 

After living and working in the UK for 50 years, a Jamaican-born man finds himself being wrongly detained and threatened with deportation by the Home Office. This BBC drama offers a glimpse into the real-life experience of Anthony Bryan and his personal struggle to be accepted as a British Citizen. 

Watch trailer on BBC here

Have a look at The Anti-Racist Educator's brilliant learning resources including school resources on Windrush Day here



Maiden• 1h37min • 12 • Suitable S1-S6 • Advisory: infrequent strong language, reference to sexism • Social studies • Health and Well-being  

Maiden is the inspirational story of how Tracy Edwards, a 24-year-old cook on charter boats, became the skipper of the first ever all-female crew to enter the Whitbread Round the World Race in 1989. Tracy’s dream was opposed on all sides: her male competitors thought an all-women crew would never make it, the chauvinistic yachting press took bets on her failure, and potential sponsors rejected her, fearing they would die at sea and generate bad publicity. But with the support of her remarkable crew she went on to shock the sport and prove that women are the equal of men. 

Watch trailer here

Free Solo • 1h40min • 12 • Suitable S1-S6 • Advisory: infrequent strong language • Environmental studies • Social studies: Geography  • Health and Well-being  

Free Solo is a stunning and intimate portrait of free soloist climber Alex Honnold, as he prepares to achieve his lifelong dream: climbing Yosemite's 3,000ft high El Capitan Wall... without a rope. Celebrated as one of the greatest athletic feats of any kind, Honnold’s climb set the ultimate standard: perfection or death. Succeeding in this challenge places his story in the annals of human achievement. This documentary will have you on the edge of your seat as Honnold climbs up El Capitan. 

Watch trailer here


Mary and the Witch's Flower • 1h43 • U • Suitable P1-P7 • Advisory: very mild threat • Health and well-being • Literacy and English 

12 year-old Mary is staying in the countryside with her Great-Aunt Charlotte. There she discovers a flower of magical powers that only blossoms every seven years. After the flower brings a nearby broomstick to life, Mary finds herself whisked away to a mysterious place called Endor College, a school of magic. A dazzling, mystical adventure film based on Mary Stewart’s classic children’s book ‘The Little Broomstick’.

Watch trailer here
Find the Into Film resource here 


In My Blood It Runs • 1h24 • PG • Suitable S1-S6 • Advisory: Footage of state violence, contains discussions of substance abuse, suicide ideation • Health and well-being • Modern studies • Geography • Social justice • Global citizenship

This intimate observational documentary offers a compassionate portrait of Dujuan, a 10yr-old Aboriginal boy in Alice Springs, Australia, struggling to balance his Arrernte/Garrwa history, culture, and identity with a state education - and provides a fantastic resource for teachers, headteachers and other education practitioners looking to decolonise the curriculum.

Watch trailer here

Together Films are making the film available for FREE for in-school or online screenings for staff, students and/or parents. They also have lesson plans available. Get the film here

You can also watch Take One Action! Festival's brilliant Q&A with the filmmaking team here 


Do you know any students who are thinking of studying film or TV?  Show them this resource!

Our EIFF Youth Film Course Showcase is on our Youtube channel – where key universities and colleges provide the low down on their film and TV undergraduate courses. A great resource for pupils interested in studying film and TV after high school. 

Watch on YouTube

The session is BSL interpreted and subtitled. 

For further information, please contact




Our colleagues at Into Film have exciting opportunities for pupils and teachers to further engage with film in the classroom. 


  • The popular Teaching Literacy Through Film CPD is now available on Into Film's new online teaching platform. Have a look here.

Please do pass on this newsletter to any colleagues who might be interested. Thank you and see you very soon!  

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