The second sad bastard mix. You don't need to be a sad bastard, you just need to like music made by sad bastards.
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Sad Bastard Music Club

Volume three

Here's a story:

One day, I explicitly decided to listen to something peppy. Something upbeat. Something that would improve my mood and make me move around while I was working. In short, something that's very much the opposite of Sad Bastard Music. This is what my brain did while I was looking for stuff to listen to on Spotify:

Oh hey, there's a new Nick Cave album! I'll listen to that!


For the record, Nick Cave sits very firmly in the realm of Sad Bastards and his new album is brooding on just how sad a Sad Bastard can really be. You do you, Nick, you do you.

For all your other sad bastard cravings, here's a new mix. No Nick Cave on this one, though.
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P.S. ಠ_ಠ is my very favorite emoticon. It communicates the right amount of disdain, sarcasm, disapproval and boredom in only 3 characters. Maybe I'll make it the official symbol of the Sad Bastard Music Club, something to put on a 5 foot flag and put in front of your house on holidays to show your Sad Bastard Music appreciation (and show your subtle disapproval and mockery of your neighbors)...

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