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Join PATA now | May 4, 2016
Meet the speaker from
Indonesia: Visa free for 169 countries
Meet Haifeng Yan, Co-founder and COO of, a leading online leisure travel company in China that offers over 1,200,000 stock keeping units (SKUs) of packaged tours, covering over 140 countries worldwide.

An expert in mobilising China's online and offline platforms in the tourism industry, this is a session that you should not miss.
As of March 2, 2016, Indonesia now provides special short stay visa free facilities for tourists who are nationals of a total of 169 countries who wish to travel to Indonesia. Now is the perfect opportunity for you and your organisation to join us at PATA Travel Mart 2016 in Greater Jakarta, Indonesia from September 7-9. For more information about which countries are granted Visa Free Facilities, please visit this link.
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Pacific nations have so much to share with delegates at PAS 2016. In addition to the complimentary tours, Guam Visitors Bureau and PATA Micronesia Chapter have compiled an attractive selection of pre and post-event tours (self-paying) for delegates to immerse themselves in the beauty of neighbouring islands.
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Tony reflects on PATA’s impressive 65 years of history and also looks ahead to 2050.

Congratulations to PATA on 65 years of creating value through partnerships across the travel and tourism industry in Asia Pacific. A successful tourism industry takes a team effort. PATA’s work to bring governments and industry together has played an invaluable role in the development of Asia Pacific economies.

Travel in 2050

There is plenty to indicate that the current labels that we put on travel - business or leisure - will blur. Air travel is becoming more accessible to more people as average air fares fall and developing nations become more prosperous. Working arrangements are becoming more flexible, creating the potential for diverse and international career paths. This will push boundaries allowing people to explore more of the world, more deeply and over a longer period of their lives. Putting these two trends together points to air travel becoming much more a component of lifestyle than just a conveyance for business or leisure travel.
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65th Anniversary


Tony Tyler, Director General & CEO, IATA
The Connected Visitor Economy Bulletin - 5th edition 2016 now available


PATA Updates
Scripted by Sojern, the May edition of the VE Bulletin series reveals the ‘Games fever’ stimulated by the upcoming Rio Olympic Games in APAC and the deeper implications behind it. Japan, Australia and Thailand, supported by data in terms of the searching rate of Olympics- related topics and the percentage change before and during the Games, are proved to be the top three markets showing the highest levels of interest in attending this major global sporting event.
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Press Releases
PATA taking the lead to bring positive impacts


At PATA we empower our members to leave a positive impact on the surrounding environments in which they operate. This also means that as an organisation we must work to improve our own sustainability. This page provides the latest news on PATA’s own sustainability activities. Enjoy!
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PATA CEO Blog: Intimate Letter to Mother Nature
Dear Mother Nature. I'm writing to apologise on behalf of humanity and those who have contributed to your poor health. I condemn those who have done it consciously and I hope that they have started their journey towards redemption. For those committing such deeds unconsciously, and making you ill purely out of ignorance, I hope I can make a small contribution by sharing my knowledge and make them aware of how they are affecting you.
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Choosing conscious clothing : “The clothing industry is the second largest polluter in the world … second only to oil”
Key insights from PATAmPOWER

Destinations in South Asia see solid visitor arrivals growth in 1Q2016

India is reporting significant year-on-year growth in visitor arrivals (+10.0%) during 1Q2016. Sri Lanka also witnessed a significant surge in visitor arrivals (+22.1%) for the same period, driven by strong arrivals from Europe. Maldives is reporting more moderate year-on-year visitor arrivals growth (+4.3%) during this same quarter.

Find out more on latest international visitor arrivals at
PATA Publication

Now Available: Stepping Out of the Crowd

The second PATA report that focusses upon young travellers, Stepping Out of the Crowd, provides valuable insights into the behaviour of Asian Millennial travellers whilst also pushing forward on how the tourism sector can help enthusiastic young travellers to widen their fields of exploration and discovery in order to ease pressure on crowded visitor attractions.

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PATA Store or contact the publications team at

Global Travel Media

Global Travel Media is a free news service, which allows travel sellers to have the world’s tourism news at their fingertips. Global Travel Media has fast become one of the most respected daily tourism news services – now to nearly 64,000 online subscribers – it is equally influencing and strengthening destination and product awareness in all aspects of the industry’s core business sectors..

PATA NY Chapter: 37th Annual Asian American and Pacific Islander Celebration

You are invited to join PATA New York Chapter for a fabulous Dim-Sum lunch, shopping tour, street fair & performances. Sign up now as seating is limited. Read More.


Join Greenview to explore the innovations in sustainability for urban hotels

Join Greenview in Bangkok on Thursday May 12 at the Anantara Siam for an afternoon session on Innovations in Sustainability for Urban Hotels: Improving Experience, Community Engagement, and the Bottom Line. Greenview will present the latest global and regional trends on hotel sustainability in this enlightening seminar. Topics will address what practices are trending across hotels and how sustainability is helping hotels cut costs, increase overall satisfaction and loyalty for associates and guests. Eric Ricaurte, Founder & CEO of Greenview, will present innovative and tangible examples of actions hotels can undertake, and a landscape of the latest trends from around the world that are driving sustainability into the discussion at a strategic level, including the trend of green meetings. Read More.

MGTO joins mega travel fair in Dubai to tap into Middle East market further

Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) attended the recent Arabian Travel Market in Dubai to uncover the potential of the Middle East as a rising tourism market for Macao. The Office is also leveraging various platforms on the Internet to promote the destination and further expand international visitor markets. Read More.

Art comes to the club at InterContinental Bali Resort

As part of its ongoing commitment to corporate social responsibility, InterContinental Bali Resort is proud to support the charitable foundation ‘Chairity’ – Arts and Design Against Cancer. Chairity is a wonderfully beautiful fundraising idea; a collaborative platform for artists and designers to express their thought-provoking artwork on classical, European-styled, wooden armchairs. Read More.
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