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April 2011

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Julie Beadle-Brown - 2 Day Course

Brenda Smith Myles - 2 Half Day Seminars

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Two Day Course with UK Expert - Julie Beadle Brown 
Understanding and Supporting Children and Adults on the Autism Spectrum
Next week - Mon 18 and Tues 19 April 
Yarraville Club, 135 Stephens Road, Yarraville

Julie Beadle-Brown MA, PhD, CPsychol, is a psychologist and senior lecturer in learning disabilities at the Tizard Centre at the University of Kent, UK, with almost 20 years experience working with children and adults with autism and their families. She is also adjunct associate professor at the School of Social Work and Social Policy at Latrobe University.

This two day course, run by Autism Victoria in conjunction with Latrobe University, will provide participants with a complete picture of the characteristics of autism spectrum conditions including the implications for both support and quality of life.

Day 1: The first day will focus on helping participants to understand autism and how it affects those who are on the autism spectrum. The course will explore the triad of impairments as well as some of the additional issues such as sensory processing differences and sensory sensitivities. it will also look at the strengths of people with autism and briefly at the impact on the family.

Day 2: The second day will focus on the SPELL framework and look at the benefits and strategies that can be used to implement the framework. In doing so, the course will examine the use of structure, postiive approaches and expectations, empathy, low arrousal approaches and links between the individual, the family staff in different settings and mainstream society.

Who should attend?
This course is aimed at people working with adolescents and adults who are on the spectrum and at the parents and families supporting individuals on the spectrum.

Cost (inc GST)
                                                   1 day                      2 days
Professionals                         $100                      $180
- Autism Victoria Members   $  40                       $  70
- Non-members                     $  50                       $  80

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Two Half Day Seminars with Brenda Smith Myles
Session 1: Behaviour interventions for individuals with high functioning ASD
Session 2: The Hidden Curriculum - understanding how unwritten information impacts the individual with an ASD
Friday 6 May - Yarraville Club, 135 Stephens Road, Yarraville

Brenda Smith Myles is a consultant with the US Ziggurat Group and Chief Program Officer for the Autism Society of America. She is the recipient of the 2004 Autism Socity of America's Outstanding Professional Award and the 2006 Princeton Fellowship Award.

Session 1: From 9am to 12noon, Brenda will talk about behaviour interventions for individuals with high functioning ASD, including program planning for individuals using the Ziggurat Model and the Comprehensive Autism Planning System.

Session 2: From 1-4pm, she will talk about the "Hidden Curriculum" - understanding how unwritten information can impact the individual with and ASD, including skills, actions, modes of dress and so on, with examples from home, school and the community.

These seminars will be of particular interwst to teachers and others working in the education environment.

Cost (inc GST)
                                                   1 session          2 sessions
Professionals                         $75                      $140
- Autism Victoria Members   $15                      $  25
- Non-members                     $20                      $  35

More Information and Link to Registration Form

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