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 D’Anna Middleton Lewis (DML VIN) is a partnership between the D’Anna family, Sam Middleton and Jordan Lewis. It focuses on single site regional Pinot Noir.
DML VIN wines are made from single vineyards, managed by passionate, dedicated growers. Our philosophy is simple. We try to produce wines of the highest quality from any given season. We want our wines to show beautiful fruit purity, focus and detail with a savoury, earthy edge.


DML VIN 2019 Vintage Release Offer

DML Mornington Pinot Noir 2019 $60.00 pb (10% off if ordered now)
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Interesting to taste after the Upper Yarra Pinot from the same producer. Made pretty much the same way, I believe, yet so different, as you’d expect. I like the Yarra better, in terms of personal preference, but hard to pry apart in terms of objective quality. Beautiful packaging.

Red cherry, plum, spice, a little samphire and thyme, a slight smokiness too, and dried roses. It’s fine, but offers more grunt and substance than the more delicate Yarra Valley offering, more grain and grip through the tannin,
poached strawberry and ripe pomegranate with a bit of crunch on a long finish. It’s lively and regional,  and so nicely turned out. Drink : 2020 - 2026+ 95 points Gary Walsh, The Wine Front

In late 2017, the opportunity came up to buy a parcel of grapes from a highly respected grower whose vineyard had a track record for producing outstanding Pinot Noir and with that DML VIN was born.  

2019 marks the second year we have made a Pinot from fruit grown in this particular vineyard. Compared with our 2019 Yarra Pinot this wine shows a slightly darker fruited, more brooding flavour profile.  Typical of Mornington Pinots,  there are spicey, gamey, secondary nuances that run through this wine, matching so well with the dominant primary fruit and adding complexity and interest. There is a chalky structure and grip on the palate, thanks to the harmonious balance of tannin and acid we strive for in all our wines. Sam Middelton

-Handpicked -100% destemmed, whole berries-14 days on skins, pumping over at the start of ferment then hand plunged -Combination of wild and inoculated yeast fermentation -20% new french oak 




DML Upper Yarra Pinot Noir 2019 $60.00 pb (10% off if ordered now)
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One of those wines where you’re not sure if you should put in the full stops, as per the label, or without, as per the website. Anyway, this is named for D’Anna, Middleton and Lewis. Two big names right there.

It’s very pretty and refined. All fresh raspberry and red cherry, floral perfume and a dusting of spice, kind of juicy, but nicely composed, expanding and
filling the mouth with flavour and gentle emery tannin, fresh and long through the finish. Wholesome feeling, classic styling, and just lovely to drink. . Drink : 2020 - 2027+ 95 points Gary Walsh, The Wine Front

In 2018, a long term grower in who Franco and Sam had known for many years with well-established and highly sought after vineyard in the Upper Yarra Valley that was planted in 1999 allowed us to buy a small parcel of grapes planted solely to MV6. With that the decision to make a DML Upper Yarra Valley Pinot Noir was made.

Sourced from an exceptional vineyard in the upper Yarra Valley.  This wine shows a lighter,  brighter primary fruit expression than that of its Mornington counterpart.  It’s dominated by cherry, strawberry and cranberry notes along with a hint of beetroot and cinnamon spice. The silky tannin profile is subtle but gives the palate precision, clarity and length. Expect this wine to reward patience over the next 5-10 years. Sam Middelton

-Handpicked -100% destemmed, whole berries  -14 days on skins, pumping over at the start of ferment then hand plunged -Combination of wild and inoculated yeast fermentation -20% new french oak

 Garagiste Wines, superb quality, outstanding value for money, a superstar.
Get Back: The Tuerong, and Le Stagiaire Releases—inc. the Limited Aligoté—

2019  Garagiste Le Stagiaire Chardonnay   $29.00/bt

(less 10%, in our New Releases Offer)
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From a vintage that yielded particularly bright and fleshy wines, this is another top drawer, pristine Mornington Chardonnay from the Garagiste stable. As is customary, Le Stagiaire Chardonnay is drawn mostly from Garagiste’s Merricks vineyard, with the balance coming from Balnarring and Tuerong. Barney Flanders doesn't make these wines specifically for this label—all his ferments start out as potential single-vineyard wines, so the single-site wines are barrel selections, with the remaining wines bottled under Le Stagiaire. This gives us some idea of how this label is able over-deliver, year in year out.

The winemaking: all fruit was hand-sorted in the vineyard and winery, then whole-bunch pressed, with the cloudy juice transferred to a mixture of 500-litre puncheons to ferment wild. The wines were matured on their lees in barrel for eight months before blending. Barney’s wines have gotten finer and finer, and this is a terrific example. Plenty of pulpy fruit (nectarine, peach, citrus pith) but also loads of driven freshness and just enough complexity from the lees. Really first-rate Chard and terrific value to boot

2018  Garagiste Le Stagiaire Pinot Noir $29.00/bt

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(less 10%, in our New Releases Offer)

The wines that make up this terrific value blend could quite easily have been bottled as single-vineyard wines. Balnarring and Tuerong make up the bulk of the blend, with a little whole-bunch Merricks adding lift and complexity. Across the blend, the grapes were sorted then de-stemmed (a small percentage was fermented with 10% whole bunches), and then fermented in concrete using indigenous yeast, with minimal hand plunging and 22 days on skins. The wine was then aged for ten months on gross lees in puncheon, concrete and foudre (5% new). Bottled unfined and unfiltered. The note below sums up this deliciously sappy and juicy Pinot well.

“Wow, this is a great pinot noir. Has an almost electric pulse. Bright, cranberry and pomegranate fruit, taut and fresh, a web of charry-reductive tannins but so judiciously found. Sinew and pucker, wine drawn long, it’s one for the very elemental and savoury pinot lovers. Complex and compelling wine.” 94 points, Mike Bennie, The Winefront


2019  Garagiste Tuerong Aligoté        $36.00/bt

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(less 10%, in our New Releases Offer)

With just three plantings, Australia’s roll call for Aligoté makes for pretty short reading. There are small parcels in the Whitlands area and in the Margaret River (at Blind Corner), and then there’s the mother-vineyard on the Mornington Peninsula, which supplied the cuttings for the two above vineyards. We asked Barney for some detail and he summed it up with: “Way better and way cheaper than Burgundy.” We’ve got some friends in the northern hemisphere that might take issue with the first part of that sentence, but still, it is very good—and the second claim cannot be denied.

This is cropped from a mere three rows of 30-year-old vines rooted in the sandy grey loams of Tuerong (someone had some serious vision!) The grapes were hand-harvested and whole-bunch pressed to a single, one-year-old demi-muid for a natural ferment, then nine months resting on ferment lees. “A subtler, more savoury and spicier white than the Chardonnays—looks awesome at the table.” is how Flanders describes his smallest batch wine. It’s a lovely example and very true to the variety. Expect lovely lemon curd and kernel-like fruit as well as a lick of creamy lees and then some driven, sappy freshness. Great to see this variety perform so well in Australia.

“Precision Instrument” Zalto Stemware and Decanters On Sale

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“If you’re looking for glasses and your budget tiptoes into hand-blown territory, though, these are, truly, the best I’ve ever used.” Andrew Jefford,
Buy a set of Zalto wine glasses. A good glass does not just dramatically alter the perception of a wine’s taste and smell, sometimes improving it two or three or more fold, it is also an object of beauty in itself. Zalto are the glasses with which wine pros are currently obsessed.”  Victoria Moore, The Telegraph

“Lovely to handle – featherlight, very fine-rimmed and curiously flexible...compared to the Riedel Sommelier range they’re very reasonably priced.”  Fiona Beckett,
“Its stem was bouncy, balanced and fine as a violin bow, light as a hummingbird’s bones. Its rim was as honed as my favorite knife. This wasn’t merely a wine glass; it was a precision instrument that bordered on the spiritual...” Alice Feiring,

While hand-blown crystal glasses of this quality are never going to come cheap, the prices here are typically far lower than the closest competition on the market. This is because Zalto do not spend any money on marketing (check out their Instagram page if you need proof!) Any success that Zalto has enjoyed has been based purely on the quality of the glasses, not the quality of the promotional work.

Zalto do not necessarily recommend specific glasses for specific wine styles, despite what the names suggest. In fact, they think this idea is crazy and we tend to agree. How can there be a Pinot Noir glass, to take one example? Which Pinot Noir? Which country, which region, and at what age? Every wine is unique and what Zalto propose is that you should use the shape of glass you feel (or find through experience) works well with a particular wine or wine style at a particular stage of development. For example, you might find you enjoy young J.J. Prüm in the ‘White Wine’ glass, but prefer the same Riesling with age in a ‘Universal’. Or not. In general, the more air, or space, a wine needs, the bigger the glass. But largely it comes down to personal preference. Nonetheless, we have tried to give some idea of what we have found to work well in each glass.

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Sample glasses orderable below, but we have almost the entire range in stock, and can get the entire range if others of interest (eg, I LOVE the Zalto beer glass, its a staple for me)

Zalto Champagne Glass 6 pack $360
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This glass maximises both the aroma and palate of fine sparkling wines. The super thin glass allows the finest of mousse and a long lasting bead. Gives the sparkling wines of the world a noblesse, while bringing out their best of their regional character.

Zalto Burgundy Glass 6 pack $360
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The wide bowl in this glass gives maximum surface area, allowing the different components of the wine to open up and 'show' with great precision. Particularly good for enhancing the sweeter, fruit characteristics of a wine. As the name suggests, this is recommended for: Pinot Noir/Burgundy, but also Nebbiolo, Barbera, Chardonnay and Grüner Veltliner.

Zalto Bordeaux Glass 2 stem pack $120
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This work wonders on wines rich in structure and fruit concentration and for wines high in tannin. Broader-based than most 'Bordeaux' glass styles its unique design accentuates and brings harmony to a wine's potency, concentration, extract and tannins. While is comes particularly recommended for Bordeaux, Brunello di Montalcino, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Shiraz etc, it actually works brilliantly with Nebbiolo and Pinot, too. Don't let the name fool you into thinking this is a one-dimensional stem.

Zalto Mystique Decanter $135
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Designed for all full-bodied red wines, in particular young powerful red wines that require a bigger surface/air ratio for the enhanced exposure of the wines individual characteristics and finer nuances. Also ideal for decanting magnums.

Northern Italy, Piemonte, one of the world's great wine regions

The unique and stunning wines of  Giuseppe Traversa

Traversa, like Roagna are two of my favourite Barbaresco producers. Both producers could be classified as 'ultra traditional' and they make wines like it was made 50-100 years ago. No new oak, large barrels with respect to tradition being the key. Anthony D'Anna

Cellar which was founded in 1834 by great-grandfather Giacomo, is situated on one of most beautiful hills in Neive land, the hill of Canova. Being surrounded by its own vineyards, this farm has been recently brought back to its old splendours through a careful restoration work; it is made up of a wine-making room, a bottling room, an old cellar of 1800 years used for red vintage wines ageing and a tasting room.

The Cantina sits atop the brow of the hill with fantastic views of Neive on one side and Coazzolo on the other. Farm is made up of two farmsteads: the paternal one is located on Canova hill where cellar and their Vineyards are situated as well.

The motherly one was built at the end of 1800 on “Starderi” hill and it was preserved and lovely restored by those people who were always living in, to create a Farmhouse being surrounded by amphitheatre of historical vineyards.

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Totally delicious and unique, sparkling Nebbiolo!

Bottled 03/12/2018. It’s Nebbiolo from Starderi.  Importer: Mondo Imports
Red cherry, strawberry, aniseed, golden Xmas cake, with a bit of spice and lift. Cherry soda kind of thing, and while it has some sweetness, it feels dry and has an earthy and complex character to go. Some grip and light fine bubbles, finish is perfumed, all sweet cherry, and again that dried herb and new leather complexity.
It’s quite a thing. An adventure. And really so enjoyable, not least for its charisma and point of difference. Drink : 2019 - 2024 93 points Gary Walsh, The Wine Front

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TRAVERSA BARBARESCO 'STADERI' 2015: $75.00 per bottle.

From one of the great vineyards of Neive, with some of the most beautiful labels. Often quirky wines where often the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, or something like that. Importer: Mondo Imports

Quite intense in 2015, with richness and intensity giving what could almost be described as ‘sweet fruit’. It’s floral and spicy, ripe dark cherry, liquorice, wild mint, and a sort of resinous/woody top note. Medium-bodied, brightness of acidity,
a slight edginess to that, fine firm powdery tannin, succulent long finish. Invariably interesting wines, though this one feels quite long term to me.Drink : 2022 - 2030+ 94 points Gary Walsh, The Wine Front

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Multitude of Wines available now from in and around my favourite region, Piemonte. The superb 2016's are now being released, and tricking in to Australia.

I won't be sending this mailing list endless Barolo Offers, as, of course, it won't be of interest to all.

Rest assured though, if these wines are of interest to you, let me know, read regularly, or send me a request, I'll bet I can fill it.

email me your interest, wish list or order

We sold, (and I bought FOR MY CELLAR), a lot of the superb multi Barolo Cru Sordo 2016 releases, plus their delicious 'Second Label' Gioso Wines. Thanks to those of you who bought, but ALL of these are still available, so let me know if you are interested. May still be able to do a pre-arrival type price!

Just now pre-arrival available on the superb wines of Giovanni Rosso from 2016, luscious and classy!

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Huge and delicious range of wines from Alte Piemonte, including superb releases from Super stars Le Pianelle , Le Piano, Casa Vinicola Scarpa and so many more.

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