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Caterpillar  Canapé

Here in the third dimension we are just beginning to grasp the essence of Wonderland’s fourth dimension fare. It seems the first wave arrived in 1859 when Alyss appeared in London.  
To ease the pain of exile,
Alyss wrote about and sketched her birthday cake and favorite treats in a recently discovered journal.
She appreciated the effort on the part of the Liddells, but birthday cakes in Wonderland were so much better.
There are so many more worthwhile treats  than candy toilets.
Food on Earth was a Nightmare for Alyss!

Above Wonderland Art by: Catia Chien
As food gets weirder and ever more wonderful...
it seems obvious that some big phat waves of Wonderland IMAGINATION must be hurling us toward the crazy food cart nom nom nom shore of Fourth Dimensional Food! 

File under: Circle of Life…Tuk-Tuk-Gasifier

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