Those who have been following the travels of Hatter Madigan may recall these lively heroes, kooks, she devils and shamans. 
Do you have a favorite?
Here are some ideas for Halloween Costumes!

Magda Pushikin and Hatter

Intrepid Russian journalist Magda Pushikin pursues the mystery of Alyss alongside Hatter M.

Baroness Dvonna

The brutal overseer at a girl’s orphanage where Imagination is DRAINED and bottled.

Girl #42
  Why is it impossible to drain Girl #42’s Imagination?  Does she have a direct link to Wonderland?

Sister Sally

Sister Sally Heals!  Hatter believes he may have found Alyss in a sideshow carnival!

Philomena ArkPhilomena Ark is an agent at the Bureau of Illuminated Forces charged with helping Hatter track the antidote to Black Imagination. Stand back!  She has a rayrifle!

Realm Shaman for the White Flower Tribe

Realm, shaman for the White Flower Tribe may be the closest to a Wonderland Queen that Hatter will ever find on Earth.

Lil' Dick

Eager to succeed in business, Lil’ Dick falls in with the criminal ways of Chinatown madam Missy Tong. 

Missy TongMissy Tong rules Chinatown in 1870 San Francisco.


Nekko the teen queen Zen master that guides Hatter on the strangest trip of his life.

Mystery Woman

Coming Soon! The mystery woman who will lead Hatter to Alyss…

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