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Winter 2017
Volume 11, Number 1

What Should I Do When.....?
 Many of the questions I get from new clients fall in the catagory of:
"What Should I Do When....?"

This sentence always ends with a dog doing something that we never want to see happen: my two dogs get in a fight, my dog nips my visitor, my puppy pees on the floor, my dog chases a deer etc. 

The one thing all of these situations have in common is that whatever you do at this point will have little effect. It's all just damage control.

That is why my usual answer is something along the lines of: "Well don't let that happen!!!!" 

Could This Fight Have Been Avoided If You Interrupted Sooner?

In dog training, timing is everything!

So it’s not what you do when your dog is acting out that matters, it’s what you do before! There is often a split second before your puppy squats to pee, your fearful dog decides he can’t get away and nips, your two dogs go at it etc, when you can still redirect them into more appropriate behavior. This is where training happens. Your dog learns that when he has to pee, he should run to the back door. Or when his brother is getting on his last nerve, he should sit and look at you and you’ll deal with it for him etc.

Do you have a dog who does something completely unacceptable? Can you think of a way to re-direct him to a more appropriate behavior before he loses his mind? Sometimes you need to put in some foundation training first (stays, watch me, and leave-it etc are all useful for redirecting). Once you have a toolbox, you just need to get your timing right.

You’ll know you’ve got your timing down when your conversation with your dog goes from “What did you do?!!!” to “Don’t even think about it!’. 

First Champion Agility Student!

Congratulations to Raquel Burke and Rottweiler Chance on earning their PACH (Preferred Agility Champion) on Saturday, February 4th. Raquel and Chance are the first team I've trained that have completed an agility championship. A huge accomplishment! 

Chance started his career in Puppy Pre-School and he still acts like I'm a long lost friend every time he sees me (good that I can still get a Rottie fix now and then!). Next Raquel and Chance started agility with me and trained through the Excellent level before taking a break to finish Chance's breed championship. For the last couple of years, they have devoted their time to agility competition becoming a super reliable team. Chance is one of those special teammates who earnestly tries his hardest every time he steps in the ring. He never loses his connection with Raquel.

One of the joys of being a dog trainer is watching those special relationships develop. Way to go Team Chance!

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Upcoming Obedience Classes
Seven weeks; $155

Indoor Classes:
8:00 Puppy Pre-School 
Tuesdays in Belle Mead 
starting March 7th 

Outdoor Classes:
Sundays in Belle Mead 
starting April 9th
4:00 Beginner  
5:15 Intermediate

Wednesdays in Rocky Hill
starting May 3rd
6:15 Beginner
7:30 Intermediate


Upcoming Agility Classes
Agility classes are held outdoors in Franklin Park. Intro classes are six weeks; $130.

Sundays starting April 2nd
9:45 Open/Excellent Agility
11:30 Level II Agility
1pm Intro to Agility

New Website Coming Soon!!!

It’s about time! My existing website has served me well and Google ranks it nicely, but it isn’t optimized for cell phones and it’s looking a little dated.

Photos: If you have a photogenic dog and would like to join in the process, I’m planning a photo shoot for this spring. Ever wondered what kind of photos a professional trainer could get of your dog? This is your chance to find out! Email me if you’d be interested or like us on FB and watch for an opportunity to sign up to participate.

Testimonials: I’m also looking for very short testimonials for the website. I have some lovely long ones on my current testimonials page, but I’m planning on including a rotating box at the bottom of the new home page with short quotes from happy clients. Have you been meaning to write a review on Yelp or to let me know how your dog is doing? Please let me know if I can use your quote with a first name and initial on the new website.

Like all small businesses, my clients are what make it all work! Thank-you for all of your support and referrals.

Did You Know: Why Does My Dog Race Around The House After a Walk?

Did you ever wonder why after coming back in the house after a nice long walk your dog races around like a crazy person? After all, you took him for a walk to get him some exercise so that he would calm down, but now he is wilder than before you left. That wasn't the plan!

There are a couple of reasons I think this happens. One is that leash walking requires a lot of self control for dogs. They would like to be running full speed and you are asking them to walk at a human (snail!) pace. So by the time they get home, they need to blow off some steam. The second reason is that they are excited by what happened on the walk. It's like when kids come home from an adventure and they are intent on telling you all about it: "We went on the roller coaster and then Joey wanted cotton candy but I wanted a hot dog and...." Eventually the kids crash and so will your dog, but it takes a little time for the excitement to wear off. 

Drop-in Policy: 
Graduates of Intermediate Obedience or CGC are welcome to attend classes at the same level on a drop-in basis. Just show up when it is convenient and pay only $10 per class hour. 

Complete 2016 schedule:
For classes for the rest of the year, please see our Google calendar.
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