YOU can do HARD things!! 

Ever have one of those days... those moments... those seasons where, through tears, you cry out, "I just can't do this anymore..."?

Me too.

And granted, sometimes you need to NOT do something anymore when it's unholy, unhealthy, or harmful to you. 

But when it's something God has called you to - a marriage that isn't abusive but it's just really, really hard or a job that is tough but you know it's God's will - you CAN do it! You can KEEP ON doing it.

This coming Sunday, I'm kicking off a new message series called You Can Do Hard Things! I'll share Sunday about the things that often hold us back, like fear or repressed pain. Then, over the rest of the series, we'll talk about some of the things that God says you CAN do even though they're hard, like

  • You Can Wait on God’s Perfect Timing
  • You Can Make Peace with Difficult People
  • You Can Win the Fight for Your Wholeness
  • You Can Stand Against the Darkness
  • You Can Make It Through Your Hardest Days
  • You Can Speak the Truth to People in Love

If you know someone who might say they're at the end of their rope trying to live the life God has called them to live, bring them with you Sunday! 

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I can't wait to gather with you Sunday!!

Pastor Brandon

Pastor Brandon
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